I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 270 - Chapter 270 The Devil Was Horrifying

Chapter 270 - Chapter 270 The Devil Was Horrifying


He just escaped like that?

Zhou Xuanji laughed mockingly. Nether Ghost was merely a paper tiger.

Or, it might be because of the World Fool Sword’s influence.

He raised his right hand and was prepared to dismiss the formation.

Next, his expression froze.

‘Why can’t I do it?’ He thought in his heart, shockingly.

The Hades God-slaying Formation had already formed, and streaks of lightning were already shooting out from the dark hole like dragons soaring. It looked hideous and frightening.

“What is this sword formation? ”

Beixiao Wangjian asked curiously with eyes opened wide.

Zhao Congjian said excitedly, “It must be a sword formation that our master practiced previously. Back then, he did not tell us what sword formation it was. He has finally revealed it!”

Back then, Zhou Xuanji had mastered the Hades God-slaying Formation before the second-generation disciples, which attracted their admiration.

“Xuanji, he has fled already. You can dismiss the formation,” Jiang Xue said. The Hades God-slaying Formation was really freaky, which frightened her.

Not only her, Huang Lianxin and the other female disciples were in fear as well.

Xian Xianghua, Daoya Old Man, and Ning Zifeng’s faces were full of dread.

Such a wicked formation!

“Hades God-slaying Formation! How can that be! How did you get to know this formation? And you can construct the formation by yourself?” Zhang Kuanglan cried out in a strange voice suddenly. Everyone turned around and saw fear written all over his face.

Hades God-slaying Formation?

The name of the formation sent chills down everyone’s spine.

“Hades God-slaying Formation? Is that the ancient evil formation that had been lost for ten thousand years already? Legend has it that it could summon devils from Hades for battle. Each time the formation is constructed, devils will come and massacre the human world. Even the one who summoned them can hardly control them.”

Xian Xianghua frowned as she mumbled to herself, looking suspiciously at Zhou Xuanji.

The others heard and turned to look at him shockingly.

Zhou Xuanji said calmly, “I learned this from the Tianxia Map.”

The Tianxia Map had been passed down for countless eras. It was not uncommon for some traditions to be passed down.

He felt a sudden headache.

If he were to summon a world-shattering devil, what should he do?

“The Tianxia Map?”

Zhang Kuanglan opened his eyes wide. He always felt something was wrong, but he could not figure it out no matter how hard he thought about it.

Not only him, even Xian Xianghua and Daoya Old Man felt as though they had forgotten something.


At this moment, a horrifying roar came from the sword formation, which caught everyone’s attention.

A massive visage that looked terrifying appeared from the sword formation. The human face was covered in blood and looked flayed. The bloodshot eyeballs that seemed to be dropping off were filled with hatred and murderous intent.

Everyone was stunned, including Zhou Xuanji.

The face itself was already hundreds of meters wide. How enormous would the whole body be?

Most importantly, that face was just too terrifying.

The blood-faced devil scanned Zhou Xuanji and the others with his eyes. His gaze made everyone shudder, and no one dared to look back at him.

Facing such a gaze, Zhou Xuanji felt that the devil was something that he could not defeat.

He felt even more pressure than when he faced Huangquan Drake King back then.

Which meant that…

This devil was even more powerful than Huangquan Drake King.

Zhou Xuanji was covered in cold sweat. This is big trouble!

At this moment.

The blood-faced devil turned into a crimson beam, flew out of the sword formation, and disappeared into the horizon.

The group was stunned.

He left just like that?

Zhou Xuanji frowned. Could the devil be chasing after the enemies that he wanted to kill?

The person he wanted to kill the most was Jihuang Demon Lord, as well as the Nether Ghost they encountered just now.

“What should we do next?” Daoya Old Man asked. Then, he frowned at his own question.

What is happening?

Why was he asking Zhou Xuanji?

His mind was in a mess, and his emotions were stirred up. He was apparently not in a good mood.

“Let’s continue our journey,” Zhou Xuanji stored all his legendary swords and said.

It would be big trouble if the devil were to come back for them.

Xian Xianghua, Daoya Old Man, Ning Zifeng, and Zhang Kuanglan suddenly felt awakened in their mind, as though the clouds were removed to reveal the sun.

They did not overthink it and thought that it was because of the Hades God-slaying Formation.

The group continued full speed ahead.

Nether Ghost landed on a hill and wiped the cold sweat off his brow.

“Luckily, I fled quickly,” he muttered.

The Hades God-slaying Formation just now was too horrifying. He had rarely seen that kind of evil aura all his life, which made him confused.

What’s hiding inside?

Zhou Xuanji must have used this formation to kill Huangquan Drake King.

He sat down with his chin, propped by his hand, and began to think.

He did not notice that on the top of a hill behind him, a bloodied and massive face appeared, which was even more gigantic than the hilltop.

The two eyeballs stared at him fixedly and were filled with murderous intent.

Nether Ghost felt that something was wrong and turned around to look instinctively.

And he was then gobbled up by an enormous mouth.

Zhou Xuanji and the others flew on their swords. They flew past mountains and lakes, and finally they could see the silhouette of Skyfall appearing on the horizon like a pillar connecting the heavens and earth.

Beixiao Wangjian heaved a sigh of relief and said, “We are finally here. It’s quite odd. Has Jihuang Demon Lord already given up on killing our master?”

Ever since they encountered Nether Ghost, eight days had passed.

They did not encounter any great demons, much less Jihuang Demon Lord.

“He might be busy dealing with Yang Di,” Xian Xianghua speculated. Although she was defeated by Jihuang Demon Lord, she still did not see Jihuang Demon Lord as someone worthy of respect.

Zhou Xuanji looked ahead and said, “Let’s cultivate for a hundred years. Wait until the second-generation disciples mature and we shall create our own sect. ”

A hundred years. How high would his cultivation be by then?

Cough cough!

I cannot think like that!

My face was slapped every time I made such decisions.

Ning Zifeng asked, “Will Lin Changge come? ”

In the party, no other sword cultivators posed any threat to him other than Zhou Xuanji. He needed a comparable rival.

At his words, Zhao Congjian and Xiao Jinghong squinted their eyes.

The name Exquisite Sword Mind was familiar to their ears.

They were merely geniuses of the Sword’s Way in Great Zhou while Lin Changge was the famous prodigy in the Sword’s Way across the entire Northern Wilderness Region.

They looked forward to meeting such a prodigy.

“Who knows,” Zhou Xuanji replied casually, as though he did not care whether Lin Changge came.

Half an hour later.

They landed on the peak of Skyfall.

Fenyu Dragon King, Dade Bear Monarch, Haotian Boar King, Liuwu Wolf Demon, and Jingtian Eagle were waiting for them on the peak. When they saw Zhou Xuanji, they all knelt down, cupped their fist, and cried out, “Congratulations, master, for ranking fifth in the world!”

The exhilaration and admiration could be seen from their eyes.

Zhou Xuanji climbed too quickly!

He was ranked fifth even before he turned thirty-years-old. He was even more overpowered than Yang Di.

As long as he could continue to grow, he would surely become the world’s top cultivator!

How could they not look forward to their future following such a master?

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “Get up and report to me about Skyfall’s situation.”

Then Xiao Jinghong, Han Shenbo, Beixiao Wangjian, and Han Shenbo brought the curious second-generation disciples down the mountain. They were escorted by Dade Bear Monarch in case they were attacked by some demons.

Zhou Xuanji resided on top of the mountain, so the disciples were naturally allocated in the lower regions.