I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 269 - Chapter 269 The Formation Against The Eighth Rank In the World

Chapter 269 - Chapter 269 The Formation Against The Eighth Rank In the World


“There are countless demons in Skyfall. That Ninth Rank demon is called Fenyu Dragon King. From today onwards, you have to call him Dragon King. Understood?” Xiao Jinghong threw Xu Yang a stare and instructed him.

If he were to offend Fenyu Dragon King and was stomped to death, it would be such a pity for Xiao Jinghong. After all, this brat was the Sword Noble’s first disciple.

Xu Yang nodded and asked excitedly, “I heard from Martial Uncle Zhao that our Grand-Teacher subdued the Dragon King with the Ancestral Dragon Sword. Was it an impressive sight?”

The more he knew, the more he could boast in front of his juniors.

Xiao Jinghong answered all of Xu Yang’s questions. Of course, he did not reveal Zhou Xuanji’s secrets to him.

For example, how Zhou Xuanji obtained so many legendary swords.


Zhou Xuanji, Jiang Xue, Xian Xianghua, and Daoya Old Man walked ahead in a row.

Someone who could talk so casually about Yang Di and the Tianxia Map must not be simple. He might be related to the Haotian Sect,” Xian Xianghua said softly. Her eyes were filled with confusion.

How was it that she did not know such a person?

Daoya Old Man uttered, “It might be more than that. Feng Gule was himself a legendary land god. Back then, he taught Xuanhe and me for a while and was like a half-teacher to us. A person that even Feng Gule could not divine must be far more ancient than the Haotian Sect. ”

When mentioning Xuanhe Divine Monk, he could not help but look sorrowful.

Zhou Xuanji looked back and saw that Zhang Kuanglan’s hands were still tied. His leash was in the hands of a disciple.

The Thunder Demon Sovereign looked very miserable. He was emaciated, and his eyes looked blankly ahead.

During the year that he was not around, Zhang Kuanglan endured all kinds of torture and became more reserved when speaking.

Zhou Xuanji looked contemplative and felt that Zhang Kuanglan could be used.

To make him a container for spirit energy was really too wasteful of him.

“You are already ranked fifth in the world. When we reach Skyfall, you should start cultivating the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique,” Xian Xianghua said to him telepathically. Zhou Xuanji heard her and frowned slightly.

He already had the World Buddha Art, so he was not interested in the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique.

Moreover, to cultivate another energy technique might lead to conflict, and it would also take extra time.

It would not make someone more powerful to have multiple energy techniques.

“We will see how,” Zhou Xuanji mumbled. Back then, in the Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake, she had suggested on many occasions that she teach him her energy technique, to which he rejected multiple times.

However, she would not give up.

After leaving the small town, they strolled toward Skyfall. They did not move quickly because they had to teach the disciples along the way.

Zhou Xuanji planned to take the shortest route. If he encountered talents suitable for the Sword’s Way, he would recruit them as well.

In his heart, it would be best to get ninety-nine second-generation disciples.

Nine was the ultimate number after all.

Zhou Xuanji was deep in thought as he turned his attention to the Huangquan Drake King inside the Tianxia Map. The Drake King was no longer threatening him but was charging up. However, it was a pity that he could not escape the Tianxia Map at all.

Zhou Xuanji checked on the Drake King once every day.

He planned to kill the Drake King when his cultivation surpassed the Drake King’s.

He would not relent!

Ning Zifeng began teaching sword techniques to the second-generation disciples, and the seventy-three disciples practiced sword techniques together in unison, looking very impressive.

They were practicing, and all of them were already familiar with sword moves. The entire scene looked awesome.

Time passed quickly.

After three months, they had passed by five cities and recruited seven more disciples.

After that, they entered the demons’ territory and hardly saw any cultivators.

News about Zhou Xuanji leading a group of disciples had already spread. The demons saw such a great number of sword cultivators and quickly hid.

Following Daoya Old Man’s suggestion, they began moving quickly. All of them began flying on their swords and no longer practiced the sword along the way.

Xian Xianghua had told them before that Jihuang Demon Lord wanted to defeat Yang Di even more than her.

After knowing Zhou Xuanji had the Tianxia Map, the Demon Lord would surely turn his attention toward Zhou Xuanji.

Along the way, Zhou Xuanji had been thinking about a way to defeat Jihuang Demon Lord.

Although he could defeat Huangquan Drake King, it was because he relied on Emperor Hanlan.

And now, Emperor Hanlan had fallen asleep and Xian Xianghua was seriously injured. It was a considerable difficulty to deal with Jihuang Demon Lord.

Even if he returned to Skyfall, Jihuang Demon Lord would come for him there.

This day.

They were stopped by a great demon.

“Eighth in the World. Nether Ghost. ”

Xian Xianghua squinted her eyes and mumbled to herself.

Beneath them stood a seemingly borderless forest. A silhouette was levitating in front of the party a thousand meters away.

He was wearing a gold-laced blood robe and a crown of bones. His eyes looked hideous on his finely-haired face. A pair of beast ears could be seen from his brown hair, and his seven tails danced wildly behind his back like pythons.

Nether Ghost!

He was from an ancient fox race and was hugely talented. In the world now, he was ranked third among the demons, right behind Jihuang Demon Lord and Huangquan Drake King.

He locked his sight on Zhou Xuanji with a greedy look.

“Even Huangquan Drake King is dead. You, the mere eight rank, dare to come?”

Daoya Old Man mocked. He pretended to be calm, but he held fear in his heart. They knew the truth regarding how Zhou Xuanji slew Huangquan Drake King after all.

“Oh yeah?” Nether Ghost laughed coldly, “But I want to try. ”

After that, he walked toward Zhou Xuanji and the rest.

For the Tianxia Map, he dared to take the risk!

Once he obtained the Tianxia Map, he could surpass Jihuang Demon Lord and become the new sovereign lord of the demons!

“Ranked eighth? Is a dumb demon like you coming to seek death? ”

Xu Yang laughed wildly. He was even holding his tummy as he spoke, as though his laughing acupoint was activated.

The other disciples followed him, as well.

They did not know the truth; they only knew the fact that Zhou Xuanji was ranked fifth.

How could someone rank fifth in the world be afraid of someone ranked eighth?

Moreover, the fourth rank in the world was with them as well!

Facing the wild laughter of the second-generation disciples, Nether Ghost frowned slightly.

He had heard about the details of the fight. Zhou Xuanji was totally suppressed by Huangquan Drake King at the beginning. The Drake King even killed thousands of people in front of Zhou Xuanji, forcing him to activate the Tianxia Map.

This meant that the Tianxia Map’s power could not be used easily.

So he came to take a risk.

Seeing from these people’s attitudes, they apparently thought that Zhou Xuanji could kill him easily.

He was a little hesitant.

Without speaking a word, Zhou Xuanji swung his right hand. Dozens of legendary swords appeared above him and got into formation.

Seeing this, Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and the others were all worried.

Is he really going to fight?

Once things got real, it would be big trouble!

But they did not know that Zhou Xuanji was merely intimidating Nether Ghost.

The real mistake was to attack straight away and not try to intimidate with words.

For example, if Xian Xianghua were in her peak state, whoever dared to offend her would end up dead.

If she was severely injured, she would only intimidate.

To make it look real, Zhou Xuanji straightaway formed a formation.

Hades God-slaying Formation!

It was his first time using the formation, so he felt a little anxious.

Billowing spiritual Qi of the heavens and the earth gathered. Strands of black sword Qi began oozing from the legendary swords. The strands interwove and formed a black hole with a diameter of a few hundred meters.

In an instant, an evil pressurizing force swept across the heavens and earth. Xu Yang and the other second-generation disciples shut their mouths in fear immediately.

Xian Xianghua and Daoya Old Man opened their eyes wide.

The wave of evil aura sent chills down Nether Ghost’s spine. He turned and fled immediately, transforming into a ball of black cloud and disappearing into the horizon.