I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 268 - Twenty-Nine Years Old. Hades God-slaying Formation.

Chapter 268 - Twenty-Nine Years Old. Hades God-slaying Formation.


Chapter 268: Chapter 268 Twenty-Nine Years Old. Hades God-slaying Formation.

Zhou Xuanji traveled full-speed ahead. Within three days, he crossed Juemo Wasteland.

Along the way, he encountered battles between the two races and settled them with absolute power. Instantly, all kinds of rumors about Zhou Xuanji began to spread in the vicinity of Juemo Wasteland. This made the demon army retreat quickly and not dare to draw near.

He wanted to visit Chen Bantian in Great Chen as well. That guy had awakened the Yellow Dragon’s bloodline in him, and Zhou Xuanji was not sure how he was doing.

After Chen Bantian took over the throne, he planned to get Great Chen to provide for his sect, just like Great Zhou. His sect would support Great Chen, making it a win-win situation.

However, after some thought, he decided not to travel about recklessly because both demons and humans were talking about him everywhere.

The Huangquan Path was leaderless after the fall of Huangquan Drake King. Jihuang Demon Lord was even more furious and declared that he would find Zhou Xuanji and kill him.

Jihuang Demon Lord’s power was much greater than Huangquan Drake King’s. Even if Zhou Xuanji killed Huangquan Drake King, Jihuang Demon Lord did not fear the new fifth rank in the world.

After knowing that Zhou Xuanji had obtained the Tianxia Map, he wanted to kill Zhou Xuanji even more.

Once he snatched the Tianxia Map, he believed that he would have the power to stand up against Yang Di.

And so, the entire demon race began to hunt Zhou Xuanji down.

If anyone were to encounter Zhou Xuanji, they must quickly retreat and notify the Demon Lord of Zhou Xuanji’s whereabouts.

Zhou Xuanji did not encounter any obstacles along the way.

Half a month later.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached twenty-nine years old. Gacha begins! ”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Amethyst] World Fool Sword, Hades God-slaying Formation! ”

The Sword Spirit’s voice resounded in Zhou Xuanji’s mind, which made him stop immediately.

Hades God-slaying Formation!

Another sword formation!

He was delighted. He had already tasted the sweetness of the Hundred Star Sky-Covering Sword Formation’s power. Now that he had obtained another sword formation, how could he not be happy about it?

He was not in a hurry to learn it. Instead, he took out the Heaven Fool Sword and continued ahead.

Three lines of words appeared before his eyes:

Sword Name: World Fool Sword

Grade: Amethyst

Description: This sword is made of a mysterious magnetic ore. Once the sword is drawn, the intellect of all living beings within a thousand-meter radius will be damaged. It will also be difficult for them to control their emotions. These effects do not affect the Sword Owner.

Zhou Xuanji blinked to make sure that he was not seeing things.

Damage their intellect?

Decrease their control over their emotions?

Damn. The Sword Spirit is a genius!

He felt delighted and began to inspect the World Fool Sword.

The sword looked like an ordinary iron sword. Compared to other legendary swords, it seemed very conventional.

He swung it a few times and did not sense any special power within.

It seemed like the World Fool Sword could only damage the enemies’ intellect.

No one was around for him to test the prowess of the World Fool Sword, so he began inquiring the Sword Spirit about the Hades God-slaying Formation.

“Hades God-slaying Formation is a formation that summons devils from Hades. Devils harbor intense murderous intent toward the target of the Sword Owner. Even if your enemies are deities or celestial beings, these devils would dare to kill them. How powerful these devils are depend on the Sword Owner’s fortunes and power. At any point in time, their duration will not last more than an hour.”

The Sword Spirit’s explanation made Zhou Xuanji’s eyes lit up.

“How about the upper limit of their power?”

“Depends on the Sword Owner’s fortunes. Usually, the formation will not be able to bewitch devils that surpass the Sword Owner by far. Of course, there are some exceptions occasionally.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded. If he was fortunate enough, he might be able to deliver ultimate destructive moves with the formation.

Although he only received one legendary sword for his twenty-ninth birthday, it was not too bad because he had received a sword formation.

He felt happy about it and immediately began to travel full-speed ahead.

Another half a month later.

He finally returned to the small town in which Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, and the others were at.

The entire town welcomed him with cheers. The second-generation disciples were even crying out his name.

Soon, he saw Jiang Xue.

This girl did not care about all the people around them and jumped into his arms straight away.

He touched her silky hair and smiled. “Why? You miss me? ”

“Yeah,” Jiang Xue looked up and replied sincerely.

After that, with everyone’s escort, he returned to the courtyard.

Facing the questions of his trusted companions, he did not attempt to hide anything. He told them all his encounters.

However, he did not tell them about Emperor Hanlan. He only said to them that there was an emperor inside the Tianxia Map.

Or else, he had to explain how he came to get the Ancient God Sword.

“Lin Changge? Fifth Level of Great Realization? Exquisite Sword Mind?” Ning Zifeng frowned and mumbled to himself. This guy only remembered Lin Changge.

He had a feeling that this person would become his enemy for life.

He would not be an enemy because of a grudge but as a rival.

According to what Zhou Xuanji had said, Lin Changge had the Exquisite Sword Mind, and his talent was equivalent to him in the Chaos Tide Sea. They both admired the Ancestral Dragon Sword.

“Next, we should return to Skyfall. The matter about the Tianxia Map will attract greater disasters,” Daoya Old Man suggested to Zhou Xuanji. He hoped that this brat would not become too conceited. To continue battling recklessly was not something good.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “Yang Di is already returning. If he wants to reign supreme over the Northern Wilderness Region, it will not be long before the demons are defeated.”

“We shall move out tomorrow morning.”

Zhou Xuanji went to find Xian Xianghua because he wanted to train the World Buddha Art next.

In recent years, he often absorbed spirit energy and demonic energy. Although his cultivation snowballed, he somehow felt that his foundation was not firm.

There were no good short cuts in this world for sure.

How could it be that easy to both cultivate fast and build a firm spiritual foundation?

The group heard him and was glad.

There were already dozens of second-generation disciples who were very talented. If they were to cultivate a few decades, they could stand alone in the world. Then, they would move on to recruit the next generation of disciples. Only when that happened could his sect be considered as passing down the tradition.

It would be hard to manage if there were too many disciples.

Zhou Xuanji counted a total of seventy-three second-generation disciples.

After he left for Great Zhou, Xiao Jinghong and the others began recruiting another wave of talented disciples.

At night.

Zhou Xuanji rested on Jiang Xue’s thigh and enjoyed her massage.

“Xuanji, the man in woven rush raincoat you encountered previously… could he be Heaven?” Jiang Xue asked curiously. They could infer from that man’s words that he did not have much fear for Yang Di.

Zhou Xuanji mumbled with closed eyes, “How do I know? ”

The man in a woven rush raincoat was unfathomable. Or, he could be an immortal powerhouse like Zhang Kuanglan.

That man was not interested in the Tianxia Map. If he wanted to kill Zhou Xuanji, he would have already done it.

Jiang Xue continued to think about it.

During the time when Zhou Xuanji was away, Daoya Old Man taught her divination. Although she was still an amateur, she become very curious whenever she encountered a mysterious and powerful person and would even want to divine that person.

However, she was not good enough to do it.

Zhou Xuanji began receiving the memory of the Hades God-slaying Formation.

A massive wave of memory rushed into his mind, which made him tremble.

“What happened? ”

Jiang Xue asked, but Zhou Xuanji did not respond.

She looked carefully and thought that he had fallen asleep.

She gently touched his face and remembered their past, which dazzled her.

“In the blink of an eye, you are already so big.”

In the room, the candlelight danced in the wind. It was silent.

Morning came.

Zhou Xuanji and the others packed up and left.

Everyone in the small town bid them farewell. Some of the second-generation disciples were from this town after all.

“How many demons are at Skyfall? How powerful is a Ninth Rank great demon?” Xu Yang came up to Xiao Jinghong and asked excitedly. As the senior among the second-generation disciples, he had to know so that he could continue to act smart before the rest.