I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 267 - Fifth in the World

Chapter 267 - Fifth in the World


Chapter 267: Chapter 267 – Fifth in the World

The number one sword cultivator in that region?

Great Realization stage cultivation?

Lin Changge was greatly startled. The Northern Wilderness had all kinds of legends about foreign lands.

Back when he was young, he had felt quite curious about foreign lands.

He had never thought that Zhou Xuanji had already taken in a powerful sword cultivator from a foreign land!

“You’re not lying to me?” Lin Changge frowned as he asked. If it was just as Zhou Xuanji had said, taking him as his master would not be shameful.


Why am I thinking such strange thoughts?

I’m Exquisite Sword Mind, the descendant of the Hegemon Sword Emperor!

Lin Changge deeply breathed in, tossing aside the chaotic thoughts in his mind.

“Do you think I’m a liar?” Zhou Xuanji asked disdainfully, looking like he didn’t care at all.

Seeing this, Lin Changge started to worry.

He desperately wanted to learn the Ancestor Dragon Sword.

That five-clawed golden dragon was incredibly mighty, and he even dreamed of learning it.

Zhou Xuanji did not speak anymore; now that he had teased Lin Changge’s appetite, he was bound to bite the bait sooner or later.

Following this, they started to journey about in Great Zhou. Whenever Zhou Xuanji encountered demons, he would absorb all of their demon energy and chase them away.

Zhou Xuanji did not slaughter all of the demons he came across because he had Ah Big, Small Er, Chongming Demon Monarch, and the little black snake. Because of them, he did not hate demons like normal people.

At the same time, news of Zhou Xuanji killing Huangquan Drake King was like a meteor falling to earth, shaking the world!

The Northern Wilderness went crazy!

The forty-second in the world had killed the fifth in the world!

When people heard about this, none of them believed it at first!

When they found out that Zhou Xuanji had the TIanxia Map, they all became incredibly shocked.

He who obtained the Tianxia Map would rule the world!

Almost everyone in the Northern Wilderness knew about this legend; could it be that Zhou Xuanji had used the Tianxia Map to kill Huangquan Drake King?

Soon, massive waves were lifted in the human and demon races.

“Zhou Xuanji has already grown to be the fifth in the world? He’s only 28 years old!”

“Heavens, is this a joke?”

“A 28 years old fifth in the world… this is even more heaven-defying than Yang Di!”

“Zhou Xuanji has the Tianxia Map? No wonder he is so powerful.”

“Is Zhou Xuanji so ridiculously overpowered because of the Tianxia Map?”

“If we obtained the Tianxia Map, could we sweep across the world like him?”

Various Empires, Sanctums, Kingdoms, and Sects were discussing this.

The seventh day after the battle, the Canghai Ziggurat released a new edition of the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100.

Huangquan Drake King’s name had been wiped away.

Zhou Xuanji’s name had taken a great leap!

“The first, Yang Di, the ancient Emperor who dominated both in ancient times and now!”

“The second, Jihuang Demon Lord, the sovereign Lord of the demon race, who is unparalleled in the world!”

“The third, Yang Wudi, who subverts the Yin and Yang and uses a Qilin Zither!”

“The fourth, Xian Xianghua, Tanhua in the human world, Asura in Hades!”

“The fifth, Zhou Xuanji, the Sword Emperor of the current age, owner of the Tianxia Map!”

Within a mountain forest, inside a small town.

Jiang Xue, Daoya Old Man, Xian Xianghua, Zhao Congjian, the others, and dozens of second generation disciples were gathered around. They all looked at Han Shenbo excitedly as he told them about the new Northern Wilderness’ Top 100.

“The Canghai Ziggurat has listed master as fifth in the world, the Sword Emperor of the current age, the owner of the Tianxia Map!

“Fifth in the world—he’s only one rank behind Sect Lord Xian!”

Han Shenbo was so excited that his entire body trembled, and he didn’t notice Xian Xianghua’s cold glare.

You can boast about Zhou Xuanji, but why do you need to rub it in for me?

Xian Xianghua had never taken being fourth in the world as a glorious thing, but she was quite happy for Zhou Xuanji.

‘This boy’s growth speed is so fast! If this goes on, how long will it take for him to surpass me?’ Her eyes shined as she thought about this with anticipation.

Ning Zifeng said excitedly, “That was a Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal. He was killed by master just like that?”

He knew of the stage above the Great Realization stage.

He had seen the might of a Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal in the Chaos Tide Sea—it was unbelievably powerful.

“Xuanji has truly surpassed everyone’s expectations,” Daoya Old Man said as he sighed in amazement. He had guessed that Zhou Xuanji would be able to contend with Huangquan Drake King, but he had never thought that he could actually kill him! Killing the fifth in the world was so difficult that perhaps even Xian Xianghua could not do it!

If Xian Xianghua knew what he was thinking, she would definitely attack him.

How could she not be able to kill Huangquan Drake King in a one on one fight?

“Now you can feel at ease, right?” Huang Lianxin said to Jiang Xue as she covered her mouth and lightly laughed. During this period of time, this girl had always been worried about Zhou Xuanji, and it was rare to see her smile.

Jiang Xue nodded and asked Han Shenbo, “Was Xuanji injured?”

Everyone came back to their senses; after such a big battle, how could Zhou Xuanji not be injured?

“Perhaps, but the injuries most likely were not severe. He’s clearing out demons in Great Zhou and should be coming back soon,” Han Shenbo said. If Zhou Xuanji was severely injured, how could he be running about?

Hearing this, Jiang Xue let out a sigh of relief.

Within the wilderness, there was a canyon dividing the ground.

On either side of the canyon stood a figure, who were Daoseeker and the man in the woven rush raincoat.

Both of them had met Zhou Xuanji before. One was curious about Zhou Xuanji’s fate, while the other felt that Zhou Xuanji was not worthy of the Tianxia Map.

Daoseeker narrowed his eyes and looked at the man in the woven rush raincoat and asked, “I didn’t know that you were paying attention to Zhou Xuanji as well. What do you want?”

His tone was quite serious as if he was quite wary towards the man in the woven rush raincoat.

“Can’t you divine what I want to do?” The man crossed his arms as he pulled down on his conical bamboo hat, his tone as calm as it always was.

Both of them faced off against each other; it was evident that they knew each other.

“I thought you were interested in Yang Di; why don’t you go and pay attention to him?” Daoseeker once again asked, looking at the man with an examining glance.

The man in the woven rush raincoat said casually, “He’s already number one in the world, why do I need to continue to pay attention to him? If I get close to him, he’ll sense me.”

Hearing this, Daoseeker frowned.

Yang Di was that powerful?

“Zhou Xuanji has the Tianxia Map and with how talented he is, he has reached Spirit Refinement Level Five at 28 years of age. He also has Monarchial Violet Qi. Say, do you think he’s the Ten Thousand Year Prince or the Child of Destiny?” The man in the woven rush raincoat asked, sounding curious.

Daoseeker coldly harrumphed and turned to leave, only saying, “Neither. I advise you not to pay too much attention to him, or else you’ll bring a whole lot of trouble to yourself.”

The man in the woven rush raincoat did not try to stop him and continued to think on the spot.

One month later, Zhou Xuanji and Lin Changge were within a forest outside Great Zhou’s border.

“Have you decided if you want to take me as your master or part ways?” Zhou Xuanji smiled as he glanced over at Lin Changge and asked.

He was not someone Lin Changge could fight against him, so neither of them had mentioned the ten year agreement.

“This matter is very important; I must discuss it with my father first,” Lin Changge said as he sighed. These days, Zhou Xuanji would purposefully show off the Ancestor Dragon Sword every day, making him desperately desire it.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “If you decide to accept, come and find me at Skyfall.”

After saying this, he walked off and left.

Looking at his back, Lin Changge gloomily sighed, and he turned into a ray of sword light and sped off.

After leaving the forest, Zhou Xuanji flew towards the south at his quickest speed.

Now that the Tianxia Map had been exposed, he should return to Skyfall and focus on cultivating.