I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 266 - Chapter 266 – Time Waits For No One

Chapter 266 - Chapter 266 – Time Waits For No One


Within the ruins of Great Zhou’s Royal City, hundreds of thousands of captives trembled in fear.

They looked into the distance—dust rose in spirals, and because of the mountains and distance in the way, they could not see the state of the battle.

The Huangquan Path’s evil cultivators and demons also felt quite nervous.

Why was there no noise anymore?

Before, the Huangquan Drake King would wildly laugh, but now that was gone.

Who had won?

“If even he loses… let’s just bite our tongues and end our lives ourselves,” Princess Xuanya lowered her head as she said in a trembling voice.

Rather than being tortured to death, it was better to quickly end one’s own life.

No one heard her because the others had already fallen into terror.

As people, who could truly face death?

At that moment.

“Zhou Xuanji has come back!”

A demon cried out, causing all the humans and demons to be sent into an uproar.

If Zhou Xuanji returned, what did that mean?

The Huangquan Path’s evil cultivators and demons all stared. When they saw Zhou Xuanji and Lin Changge’s figures, they were so scared that they felt as if their souls were flying out of their bodies.

“The Drake King is dead! Hurry and run!”


“Zhou Xuanji’s back! Hurry and run!”

“How is this possible? How can the Drake King lose? Where are lord Huangquan Twin Devils and Huangquan Hundred Devils?”

“They’re all dead! That’s definitely the case! Or they’ve already run away!”

In that moment, the Huangquan Path’s members all scattered, running for their lives.

Zhou Xuanji did not chase after these minions.

Now that Huangquan Drake King was dead, the Huangquan Path had suffered a terrible blow. Even if they could choose a new leader, that person most likely would not have the courage to make trouble for him!

Soon, he came over to Zhou Chengxin, and the hundreds of thousands of captives around him felt incredibly excited and grateful. They had passionate looks on their faces, and most of them were crying with joy.

Now that they had faced life and death, Zhou Xuanji’s positions in their hearts had greatly risen to the point that he was like a god to them.

“You… really did it…” Zhou Chengxin’s eyes were red, and facing his little brother, he could not control his emotions as tears streamed down his face.

Zhou Xuanji was expressionless. He took out the Holy Light Redemption Sword and pierced Zhou Chengxin’s shoulder, causing everyone to cry out.

What was he doing?

Zhou Chengxin was given a big fright, but in the next second he felt that something was off.

“My spirit energy… is recovering?” He cried out in surprise, causing everyone to let out a sigh of relief.

Zhou Xuanji did not completely heal him, and after helping him recover part of his spirit energy, he walked towards others.

He healed most of the Ministers and Generals, leaving the rest of the captives to them.

Soon, the ruins of the Royal City regained signs of life.

“Is Huangquan Drake King really dead?” Xitan Changshi walked over to Zhou Xuanji and asked nervously, afraid that Huangquan Drake King had escaped.

With how vicious Huangquan Drake King was, he would definitely return.

Lin Changge said disdainfully, “Of course he’s dead, I saw it with my own eyes. He was ripped apart by Brother Zhou, and even his soul could not escape.”

Hearing this, Xitan Changshi and the people around them all sighed in relief.

Zhou Xuanji was that powerful?

Princess Xuanya, Princess Lingling, and the other Princesses all looked at Zhou Xuanji with worship in their eyes.

Now that Zhou Xuanji had killed the fifth ranked in the world, didn’t that mean Zhou Xuanji was the new fifth ranked in the world?

“The Tianxia Map has been exposed and in the future I need to draw a clear line between all of you and myself in order to not involve Great Zhou,” Zhou Xuanji said, making everyone feel quite nervous.

Their greatest support was Zhou Xuanji, so how could he draw a line between them?

“Great Zhou is not afraid to oppose the whole world!”

“That’s right!”

“You are part of Great Zhou! Anyone who wants to make trouble for you is making trouble for the Great Zhou!”

“What’s there to be afraid of? Great Zhou men are not afraid of having many enemies.”

“Stay in Great Zhou, we’ll use all of our resources to help you become stronger.”

The Ministers and Generals all spoke. Now, Great Zhou had most likely become the weakest Empire and could be devoured by other Empires. They had to tightly hold onto Zhou Xuanji.

Without Zhou Xuanji, they would definitely die!

It was better to put their lives on the line!

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t completely cut off the Great Zhou. Now that the human race and demon race are at war, the various Sanctums and Empires will protect you. Soon, I will start my own sect. When the time comes, I will leave a few positions for Great Zhou. As I become stronger, my sect will become a Sanctum to support Great Zhou.”

Starting a sect!

Everyone was startled. They had never thought that Zhou Xuanji had such great ambition.

My sect will become a Sanctum to support Great Zhou!

Zhou Chengxin deeply breathed in and said, “Since that’s the case, we can’t continue to make trouble for you; we’ll leave it at that. In the future when you come to Great Zhou, we’ll definitely treat you well.”

In front of Zhou Xuanji, he did not use royal pronouns, as this throne had been given to him by Zhou Xuanji.

“All of you can start settling down again. I’ll head to various parts of Great Zhou and help you clear out demons,” Zhou Xuanji said as he nodded before turning and leaving, while Lin Changge followed behind him.

Before Zhou Chengxin and Xitan Changshi could try to get them to stay, the two of them had disappeared over the horizon, looking like immortals flying away.

“For Great Zhou to have a person like this, it is the fortune of Great Zhou,” Xitan Changshi said as he sighed, his eyes filled with respect.

He deeply respected Emperor Yan of Zhou!

Princess Xuanya pulled Princess Lingling along and giggled as she said, “Should we go to his sect and seek the Dao?”

As Princesses, their fate would be to get married into marriage alliances.

If they did not have a connection with Zhou Xuanji, Zhou Chengxin would not have allowed them to live peacefully in the Royal City this entire time.

After meeting Zhou Xuanji, it was very difficult for them to be interested in other men.

“Okay!” Princess Lingling blinked with her beautiful eyes as she laughed. Even though her voice was soft, there was a trace of determination with it.

She wanted to work hard and cultivate, changing her fate like Zhou Xuanji did by becoming a peerless expert everyone respected!

In the air, Zhou Xuanji and Lin Changge advanced on their swords side by side, talking while they flew.

“Just how did you obtain the Tianxia Map?

“I heard you obtained the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s legacy, as well as the Sky-sundering Sword Emperor’s legacy?

“Can you give me one?”

Lin Changge tossed aside his cold and proud demeanour from before, turning into a chatterbox who did not stop speaking.

Zhou Xuanji looked ahead and said, “Nothing will be a problem if you become my sword slave. You can learn any sword technique you want!”

Sword slave?

Lin Changge was stunned and asked, “Didn’t you say I could be your disciple before?”

There was a massive difference between a disciple and a sword slave.

If news of this was spread, being a sword slave would not sound good.

“You said it yourself, that was before. Now that I’ve revealed my true strength, the price has increased. You no longer deserve to be my disciple,” Zhou Xuanji calmly said as he glanced at him, inwardly feeling quite pleased.

If he could take in Lin Changge, his sect would already have two Great Realization stage sword cultivators.

With Lin Changge and Ning Zifeng’s talent and accomplishments in the Way of the Sword, they could already start their own sects.

In the Northern Wilderness, in terms of the Way of the Sword, they could rank within the top five.

Lin Changge looked quite depressed and started to consider his options.

With how much of a genius he was, how could he become someone else’s sword slave?

“When I become first in the world, you won’t even have the qualifications to become my sword slave. Remember, time waits for no one; no opportunities will continue to wait for you. I already have a Great Realization stage sword slave who comes from a foreign land. He’s the number one sword cultivator in that region,” Zhou Xuanji said slowly as if he was Jiang Ziya fishing.