I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 265 - Fate That Has Existed For A Long Time, Disconnected From Heaven's Secrets

Chapter 265 - Fate That Has Existed For A Long Time, Disconnected From Heaven's Secrets


Get near him?

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes and did not hesitate as he cast the Eight-step Sword Lunge and shot over.

The Tianxia Map could absorb souls and his World Internalisation could absorb spirit energy. He had no reason to fear a close-range battle.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji appear in front of him, Huangquan Drake King was delighted.

“This boy is incredibly arrogant! He doesn’t know the power of a Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal at all!” Huangquan Drake King disdainfully thought to himself. Zhou Xuanji was indeed quite powerful and shocked him, but he was not afraid of him.

His eyes gave off immense killing intent as he gripped his skeletal bone staff with his right hand and small yellow dragons came out of the three skeletal heads on the staff.

“Attack, use your most powerful sword technique!” Emperor Hanlan shouted, and Zhou Xuanji directly used Ancestor Dragon Sword.

Huangquan Drake King felt as if his Astral Spirit had taken an immense blow, and he felt quite dazed.

“Roar!!” A dragon’s roar exploded out as a five-clawed golden dragon ripped Huangquan Drake King apart. It devoured Huangquan Drake King’s soul, which was absorbed by the Tianxia Map.

The five-clawed golden dragon returned to human form, and Zhou Xuanji landed on the ground.


The heavens and earth were silent, to the point that a needle dropping could be heard.

The Huangquan Hundred Devils and Huangquan Twin Devils were completely dumbfounded.

What had they just witnessed?


This couldn’t be!

Even Zhou Xuanji was given a big shock; Huangquan Drake King had died, just like that?

In that moment, he had felt a strange energy enter his body, causing his speed to exponentially explode.

It was not the Tianxia Map’s power.

It was Emperor Hanlan!

Zhou Xuanji instinctively looked at Emperor Hanlan’s remnant soul but saw that it was flickering like a dying flame as if it would dissipate at any moment.

“Boy, that attack used up most of This Emperor’s strength. This Emperor will sleep for a while, and I’m not sure when I will awaken again. From now on, you will have to rely on yourself.”

Emperor Hanlan’s voice floated into Zhou Xuanji’s ears, making him feel stunned.

“Why did you help me?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

Just because he was the owner of the Ancient God Sword and the Tianxia Map?

“This Emperor wants to live…” Emperor Hanlan replied, his aura incredibly weak. Before he finished speaking, his remnant soul dissipated.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and sank into his thoughts.

“The Drake King is dead!” A Huangquan Devil hurriedly shouted, and the others were so scared that they hurriedly ran.

Zhou Xuanji immediately chased after them; these fellows could help him become more powerful!

The Huangquan Twin Devils ran away the fastest; they used evasion techniques, making it impossible for Zhou Xuanji to pursue them.

After Zhou Xuanji had absorbed the spirit energy for three Huangquan Devils, the others had already disappeared.

He stopped, and the Tianxia Map’s power dissipated.

He did not feel any discomfort; after all, he was abundant with spirit energy.

It was just that after losing all of that power, he felt a kind of emptiness.

He sent his consciousness into the Tianxia Map and found that Huangquan Drake King had not completely died. His soul was imprisoned inside, unable to leave the Tianxia Map.

“You stinking brat, you can’t restrict This King! This King will break out sooner or later!

“This King will rip you into 10,000 pieces!”

Huangquan Drake King roared in exasperation within the Tianxia Map, extremely furious.

Zhou Xuanji ignored him.

His current self was indeed unable to directly kill Huangquan Drake King; after all, the difference in their cultivation was too great. However, it was impossible for Huangquan Drake King to escape from the Tianxia Map unless Zhou Xuanji let him out.

“The day that I break through to the Great Realization stage is the day you die,” Zhou Xuanji disdainfully thought to himself. If Huangquan Drake King could strengthen his own cultivation within the Tianxia Map, then he would be able to gain a small advantage.

However, with just a soul left, how could Huangquan Drake King cultivate?

“You really defeated Huangquan Drake King. As expected, you really exist outside of destiny,” Feng Kule appeared in front of Zhou Xuanji and said in a low voice.

His gaze was full of apprehension.

Who could see through someone even fate could not bind?

“How does it feel to be slapped in the face?” Zhou Xuanji calmly asked, feeling inwardly pleased.

This old fellow had told him that he was certainly going to die.

And now?

He had survived!

Even though it was not through his own power, since things turned out like this, what could Feng Kule do about it?

Fen Kule fell silent, not knowing what to say.

Lin Changge flew over and landed beside Zhou Xuanji, his entire body trembling.

“Heavens! You really killed Huangquan Drake King!

“How did you do it?

“Was it the Tianxia Map?”

He continuously asked in excitement, looking at Zhou Xuanji in worship.

Not only had Zhou Xuanji obtained the legacy of an ancient Sword Emperor, but he had also obtained the Tianxia Map!

In other words, as long as he did not die prematurely, he would definitely become first in the world!

At that moment, Lin Changge suddenly wanted to kneel down and take him as his teacher!

Zhou Xuanji waved his hand and turned and walked towards Great Zhou.

He had suffered severe injuries after this battle, but with the Tianxia Map and the Holy Light Redemption Sword, he had already recovered as if nothing had happened.

Seeing this, Lin Changge gasped in amazement; he was completely subdued by Zhou Xuanji’s manner!

In his heart, he had already takenthe Ancestor Dragon Sword as the most powerful sword technique!

The scene of Zhou Xuanji ripping apart Huangquan Drake King was already carved into his mind.

Feng Kule looked at Zhou Xuanji’s back, wanting to say something but hesitating.

“The Tianxia Map’s power is different from people’s expectations.”

At that moment, an indifferent voice sounded into the ears of the three people.

They all looked over and saw a man standing above the ruins 100 meters away.

He was wearing a woven rush raincoat and was wearing a conical bamboo hat. He was looking down slightly, making it impossible to see his true appearance.

“Who are you, sir?” Lin Changge asked in a low voice. He raised his sword, preparing to fight.

He had not noticed that person arriving at all; this meant that this person’s cultivation was far above his.

Feng Kule frowned and pinched his fingers as he divined.

His face suddenly became pale, and he cried out as he coughed up a large mouthful of blood.

His legs weakened, and he stumbled back three steps and crashed to the ground as he started to recover from his injuries.

Zhou Xuanji’s expression was strange; why did this old fellow act like Daoya Old Man?

However, this meant that this person’s background was not simple.

“The Tianxia Map does not suit you; you cannot release the Tianxia Map’s true power. If this treasure falls into Yang Di’s hands, he will be able to attain great enlightenment and ascend as a god,” the man ignored Lin Changge and Feng Kule as he said slowly.

His voice did not contain any emotion, as if he did not place the Tianxia Map in his eyes.

Yang Di!

Zhou Xuanji frowned. Wasn’t the meaning behind these words that he was inferior to Yang Di?

“Once news of the Tianxia Map is made public, you will become the enemy of all heroes in the world. Even the human Sanctums will hunt you down. I want to see if you can live to contend with Yang Di.

“Do your best, young man.”

After speaking, the man disappeared, as if he had never been there.

Lin Changge cursed in a low voice, “Weirdo, he came just to say a few words of mockery?”

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and continued to walk towards the Great Zhou Royal City.

He did not take that man’s words to heart.

That person came and went with no signs, and it was difficult to judge how strong he was.

However, one thing was for sure—before he faced Yang Di, that person most likely would not act against him.

Feng Kule opened his eyes and looked terrified as he said, “Fate that has existed for a long time, disconnected from heaven’s secrets, could that person be…”

The more he thought the more he became afraid. He hurriedly got up and quickly left in the opposite direction.