I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 264 - Great Emperor Acts

Chapter 264 - Great Emperor Acts


“Since time immemorial, everyone who had obtained the Tianxia Map could rule the world.

“Our Huangquan Path discovered the Tianxia Map first but it was taken by you, you brat. Do you know how great your crime is?

“This King is going to tear your body into 10,000 parts and turn your bones to dust, but even that would not be enough for you to atone for your sins,” Huangquan Drake King said as he coldly laughed and flew towards Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji had not obtained the Tianxia Map for too long, so Huangquan Drake King did not believe Zhou Xuanji could use the Tianxia Map to kill him.

‘Looks like I can only break my promise,’ Zhou Xuanji inwardly sighed. He had already done all he could; surely he couldn’t just give up his life here.

He felt incredibly sullen!

However, he had already expected that he might fail.

It was just that he did not want to leave behind any regrets and at least had to do his best.

The Sky Extinguishing Sword and Ancient God Sword once again fell into his hands, and Emperor Hanlan’s remnant soul appeared on him, causing his aura to surge.

Huangquan Drake King was already on his kill list.

He hated him even more than Jihuang Demon Lord!

“What? Are you scared?” Huangquan Drake King mocked. Without him needing to give orders, the Huangquan Hundred Devils and Huangquan Twin Devils appeared in the surroundings, cutting off any points of escape for Zhou Xuanji.

All of them savagely laughed as they looked at him as if they were looking at a caged beast.

“If you hand over the Tianxia Map, This King will give you a chance to be my slave!” Huangquan Drake King said as he laughed. Zhou Xuanji’s talent was indisputable, and if he could be used by him, that would naturally be for the best.

Once he had the Tianxia Map, no matter how good Zhou Xuanji’s talent was, he would not be able to surpass him.

Zhou Xuanji deeply breathed in, preparing to fight his way out of the encirclement.

“Tianxia Map?” A voice suddenly sounded out in his ears.

He instinctively looked back and saw Emperor Hanlan’s deep eyes looking at him.

He was stunned.

This fellow had his own consciousness?

“Who would have thought This Emperor would be able to see the Tianxia Map again. Boy, since you borrow This Emperor’s power, you are essentially This Emperor’s legatee. How can you be bullied by a bug like this?” Emperor Hanlan’s voice once again sounded out, his voice filled with an arrogance that looked down on all creatures.

Huangquan Drake King stopped and frowned as he looked at Emperor Hanlan and asked, “Who are you?”

He had thought that Emperor Hanlan was Zhou Xuanji’s sword spirit, and he had never thought that he had his own consciousness.

Emperor Hanlan ignored him and continued to look at Zhou Xuanji.

“Boy, This Emperor will show you the Tianxia Map’s power in order to prevent the Tianxia Map from being shamed!”

As Emperor Hanlan spoke, Zhou Xuanji felt the Tianxia Map within his body start to rampage.

His eyes widened; could it be that Emperor Hanlan was an owner of the Tianxia Map in the past?

The Sword Spirit said that the Supreme Legendary Sword System had absorbed many remnant souls, and Emperor Halan was one of them.

He had never thought that Emperor Hanlan was one of the previous owners of the Tianxia Map.

Then again, that made sense.

The Ancient God Sword possessed the remnant souls of nine ancient powerful beings, but it just so happened that the first one it summoned was Emperor Hanlan.

Was it because of the Tianxia Map’s existence?

A terrifying power came out of his right hand and entered the Ancient God Sword.

The Ancient God Sword violently trembled and hummed, and the blade gave off a powerful light, turning into a sword of light. Its aura was extremely powerful, causing the rocks in the surrounding to tremble.

“This is…” Huangquan Drake King’s eyes widened, a look of shock within them.

The Huangquan Twin Devils and Huangquan Hundred Devils were also given a big fright.

From Emperor Hanlan’s tone, it seemed like his background was not simple at all.

Could it be that this fellow was connected to the Tianxia Map?

Zhou Xuanji’s expression slightly changed. Sensing this massive power, even he could not help but feel incredibly alarmed.

The Tianxia Map’s power!

“Hurry up and attack! We can’t let him continue to get stronger!” The Huangquan Twin Devils roared and charged at Zhou Xuanji.

The Huangquan Hundred Devils followed.

Nearly 100 experts who had at least Spirit Refinement cultivation prepared to cast magical techniques, wanting to kill Zhou Xuanji on the spot.

Zhou Xuanji swept out with his sword, using Sky Dominating Divine Sword!

A terrifying sword qi exploded out, and before the Huangquan Hundred Devils were able to use their spirit energy, they were sent flying back by the sword qi and coughed up blood.

Ten or so of them were turned to dust on the spot!

The Huangquan Twin Devils’ cultivations were higher and were able to agilely dodge.

Zhou Xuanji used the Eight-step Sword Lunge and quickly arrived behind one of the Huangquan Devils. He stabbed out while using World Internalisation, absorbing that person’s spirit energy.

Using the Tianxia Map’s power, he was able to absorb that Huangquan Devil’s spirit energy in an instant, while also absorbing his soul. That fellow was unable to even say anything before he fell.

Following this, Zhou Xuanji continued to attack the other Huangquan Devils.

The Tianxia Map suppressed their souls and absorbed their spirit energy, making it so that the other Huangquan Devils did not discover this strangeness.

“So powerful! This feeling…”

Zhou Xuanji was unable to suppress his excitement; with the power from the Tianxia Map, his speed greatly increased—it was now far superior to the speed of Great Realization.

He could do as he wished!

Right now, he felt that he could really do as he wished!

The pressure that Huangquan Drake King gave him greatly decreased.

Seeing him slaughter the Huangquan Hundred Devils, Huangquan Drake King could not just idly watch. He immediately charged at Zhou Xuanji.

In less than five breaths of time, Zhou Xuanji had killed four Huangquan Devils.

Mysteriously and inexorably, he felt that his comprehension of World Reincarnation had increased as well.


Huangquan Drake King smashed his staff down, but Zhou Xuanji evaded it. The staff smashed into the ground, splitting it open and causing Yellow Springs water to spurt out.

The Huangquan Hundred Devils ran and hid, but Zhou Xuanji’s target was them. Even with Huangquan Drake King present, the Huangquan Devils fell one after another.

“How did this boy suddenly become so powerful?”

“It’s the Tianxia Map! He’s using the Tianxia Map’s power!” The Huangquan Twin Devils cried out in shock. They were both furious and fearful, and they did not go up to fight.

Countless evil spirits appeared in the mountains, flying in from all directions at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji used his absolute speed to evade them.

He did not stop to absorb the evil spirits, because once he stopped, he would be caught by Huangquan Drake King.

“Everything feels so slow…” Zhou Xuanji thought as he searched for Huangquan Devils.

Zhou Xuanji’s blood ran quicker in excitement!

He had never thought that the Tianxia Map’s power would be so great!

No wonder everyone said whoever obtained the Tianxia Map would rule the world!

It was not just because of the World Buddha Art!

“Hurry up and attack that bug! Your body can’t withstand the Tianxia Map’s power for a long period of time!” Emperor Hanlan’s voice sounded in Zhou Xuanji’s ears as he spoke telepathically.

Zhou Xuanji came back to his senses and looked at Huangquan Drake King.

A Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal!

AN existence that surpassed the Great Realization stage!

He did not know if the Tianxia Map could help him kill Huangquan Drake King.

Even if he couldn’t kill him, he still had to do it!

Zhou Xuanji gripped his two Heavenly Soul swords and rushed at Huangquan Drake King.

Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps!

Huangquan Drake King only saw a flash of sword light before his throat was cut open, and blood spurted out like water from a fountain.

He instinctively held his neck and turned as he swung his staff, but he hit nothing.

Zhou Xuanji appeared ten meters away, coldly looking at him.

“Is this the power of the Tianxia Map?” Huangquan Drake King greedily asked, his gaze burning.

Zhou Xuanji’s own strength could only sweep across the Great Realization stage, but he could now injure a Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

If Huangquan Drake King could obtain the Tianxia Map, how powerful would he become?

“Get near him.” Emperor Hanlan’s voice once again sounded in Zhou Xuanji’s ears. It was incredibly cold and filled with killing intent.