I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 263 - Chapter 263 – Tianxia Map Exposed

Chapter 263 - Chapter 263 – Tianxia Map Exposed


Seeing the bone claw stab through Zhou Xuanji’s chest, all of the captives from Great Zhou became terrified.

Was he going to lose just like that?

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji cast Six-path Sword Shadow, killing all of the evil spirits around him.

His chest shook, forcing the bone claw out of his body, and the wound healed at a rate visible to the naked eye.

His face was pale and he felt inwardly shaken.

If he had not activated Golden Invincibility, he would have been heavily injured and perhaps would have lost there.

After all, what he cultivated focused on strengthening his body and defenses, rather than regeneration.

“Afraid now?” Huangquan Drake King mocked. Thinking of how Zhou Xuanji was Xian Xianghua’s husband, killing intent shot out of his eyes.

In this life, the person he hated the most was Xian Xianghua.

That old demonic woman was ruthless and merciless; only by making her suffer would he be happy!

Additionally, there was another reason why he sought Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji deeply breathed in and brought his legendary swords to his side in order to defend against any sudden attacks from the evil spirits.

Just then, he had not sensed anything before being injured.

He was so far away from Huangquan Drake King, and yet he was still unable to see how those evil spirits had moved.

Could it be that they crossed yin and yang to move?

Zhou Xuanji activated the Tianxia Map, and his aura slightly changed.

Seeing that Zhou Xuanji did not say anything, Huangquan Drake King condescendingly laughed and continued to attack.

Hundreds of evil spirits appeared around Zhou Xuanji out of thin air, inundating him.

These evil spirits were all very powerful, and if he was an ordinary Spirit Refinement cultivator, they would have ripped him apart. Even a Great Realization stage cultivator would have found it difficult to defend.



The evil spirits suddenly gave off wretched howls, and following this, they were absorbed by Zhou Xuanji.

Huangquan Drake King’s eyes widened and cried out, “How is this possible?”

He could not believe this and continued to unleash magical techniques.

Thousands of evil spirits once again locked down Zhou Xuanji and sprang towards him.

“You mere ghosts want to harm me?” Zhou Xuanji condescendingly laughed. With the Tianxia Map, he could directly absorb all of the evil spirits.

These evil spirits all possessed spirit energy, and the Tianxia Map helped him turn them into pure spirit energy that made him stronger.

After absorbing thousands of evil spirits, he directly broke through.

Spirit Refinement Level Five!

Some strange memories from the evil spirits flashed in his mind.

Fortunately Zhou Xuanji had often experienced these foreign memories when receiving sword techniques, or he might have been lost in them.

Sensing the change in Zhou Xuanji’s aura, Huangquan Drake King’s eyes widened.

This boy had used his evil spirits to break through!

He immediately became infuriated!

“Boy! You’re seeking death!” Huangquan Drake King came in front of Zhou Xuanji with a single step and swung out with his staff.

He was simply too fast and Zhou Xuanji could not dodge in time, much less absorb his spirit energy. He was sent flying back by the skeletal staff.

A mouthful of blood spurted out of Zhou Xuanji’s mouth, spraying into the air.

He flew back 10,000 meters and crashed into a mountain range, landing beside a small lake. The ground beneath him cracked and countless pieces of broken rocks shot out everywhere like bullets.

He felt as if his body had been torn apart and crushed, and his Golden Invincibility was canceled.

The Great Zhou captives fell silent, all of them staring frozen as if they had been struck by lightning.

The Huangquan Path’s people and demons cheered.

“The Drake King is mighty!”

“Didn’t I say so? How can Zhou Xuanji compare to the Drake King?”

“Such domineering power. Zhou Xuanji can’t hold on at all!”

“This is the Drake King, completely peerless and invincible!”

“I feel that the Drake King can contend for first place at the next World Millennium Duel!”

The Huangquan Path’s evil cultivators and demons started to cheer on the Huangquan Drake King as if he was already unrivaled in the world.

At that moment, Huangquan Drake King raised his left hand and tens of thousands of the captives from Great Zhou rose up, looking panicked.

This caused the rest of the captives on the ground to feel incredibly anxious.

“Stop! What are you doing?” Xitan Changshi furiously roared. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had no strength and all of his spirit energy was used up, he would have rushed up to fight Huangquan Drake King to the death.

Huangquan Drake King ignored him, looked at Zhou Xuanji in the distance, and said coldly, “Zhou Xuanji, don’t you want to save them? Today, I’ll have you watch them die one by one!”

After speaking, he threw the tens of thousands of captives into the Yellow Springs.

The captives wailed, and after entering the Yellow Springs, their fleshly bodies rotted at a speed visible to the naked eye. It was too cruel to watch.

At that moment, the heavens and earth were filled with their screams.



“Despicable!” Zhou Chengxin smashed his fists against the ground; he felt as if his chest was going to explode from fury.

He hated Huangquan Drake King so much!

He hated himself even more!

It was because he was useless that these people had died horribly.

The other Great Zhou captives also fell into immense despair and terror.

They did not beg for mercy because they had already begged.

Death was not scary, but knowing that death was about to come and yet they were powerless to stop it was the most terrifying thing.

Moreover, they would suffer immense pain while dying.

“Zhou Xuanji, are you still going to endure it? Or is it that you can’t control that kind of power?” Huangquan Drake King laughed. After casually killing tens of thousands of people, his eyelids had not even flickered.

In the distance, Zhou Xuanji lay at the bottom of the crater, his white clothes in tatters. He was covered in blood and the tens of legendary swords lay scattered around him.

He desperately wanted to get up but could not.

“This fellow… so he knows I have the Tianxia Map. He wanted to force me to use the Tianxia Map so he can steal it…” Zhou Xuanji’s gaze was icy, and his desire to kill Huangquan Drake King reached its peak.

The Holy Light Redemption Sword flew to his side and stabbed into his right arm, healing him. The Tianxia Map also provided him with boundless spirit energy.

He slowly got up and started to think about how to deal with the situation.

Huangquan Drake King was much stronger than he had expected, but he had the confidence to run away. However, if he ran, he might as well have not come.

He looked at the Huangquan Hundred Devils.

He could use these fellows to become stronger, but Huangquan Drake King would not just sit by and watch.

“He who obtains the Tianxia Map will rule the world. Zhou Xuanji, the Tianxia Map has not revealed the godly might that it has in your hands. It’s better to give the Tianxia Map to me,” Huangquan Drake King wildly laughed, sending everyone into an uproar.

Tianxia Map!

The Great Zhou’s people were also stunned.

Zhou Xuanji had the supreme treasure of the legends, the Tianxia Map?

The Huangquan Hundred Devils’ breathing became ragged.

Even though they all served Huangquan Drake King, they all had their own thoughts and ambitions.

If they obtained the Tianxia Map, with enough time, they would definitely be able to surpass Huangquan Drake King.

To be able to reach their heights, who didn’t have some ambition?

Zhou Xuanji deeply frowned; this fellow had actually announced this to everyone. Even if he obtained it, wasn’t he afraid of everyone in the world attacking him for it?

“It’s a pity that in the end, the Tianxia Map is still going to fall into Huangquan Drake King’s hands,” Feng Kule said as he shook his head, looking incredibly worried.

He was not a match for Huangquan Drake King and could only watch on.

Once Huangquan Drake King obtained the Tianxia Map, the world would definitely suffer a calamity.

On the other side, Lin Changge was also feeling incredibly anxious.

He gritted his teeth and flipped his right hand, and a scroll appeared in his hand.

He yelled at Huangquan Drake King, “Bastard, do you dare to fight with me?”

However, Huangquan Drake King ignored him and flew towards Zhou Xuanji.