I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 262 - Yellow Springs Descends From The Sky

Chapter 262 - Yellow Springs Descends From The Sky


“Ten-thousand Sword Dragon Incantation! A peerless sword technique that you know nothing about!” Zhou Xuanji said as he coldly harrumphed. His body trembled and he once again shot at Huangquan Drake King.

He looked quite calm and confident, but he inwardly felt quite shocked. This old dragon’s power was simply terrifying!

Every time they clashed, he felt as if he might lose his dragon form at any moment; the reputation of the fifth in the world was not for nothing!

“Ten-thousand Sword Dragon Incantation? In this world, apart from This King, there are no other True Dragons!” Huangquan Drake King furiously roared. Intense flames blazed around his body, and his aura crazily increased.

His body suddenly trembled and countless dragon scales turned into sharp blades that shot towards Zhou Xuanji.

Countless holes appeared in the clouds, and Zhou Xuanji’s lightning was unable to block these dragon scales. Soon, his dragon form was dispelled.

He returned to his original form and blood leaked out of his lips. He held the Sky Extinguishing Sword in his right hand and the Ancient God Sword fell into his left hand.

It was the first time he had simultaneously wielded two Heavenly Soul legendary swords!

A faint image appeared around Zhou Xuanji’s body.

Empire Hanlan!

The remnant soul of an ancient Great Emperor!

Zhou Xuanji’s aura once again rose; he could feel his spirit energy being quickly depleted. Fortunately, the Tianxia Map was continuously providing him with large amounts of spirit energy.

This unprecedented strength made him feel somewhat dazed.

With both swords in his hands, he could not help but feel invincible!

“What are the origins of your swords?” Huangquan Drake King asked in a low voice. As soon as the Ancient God Sword had fallen into Zhou Xuanji’s hand, his aura had greatly increased. How could he not wonder about it?

Zhou Xuanji condescendingly laughed and raised his swords as he rushed over.

Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps!

He was like a ray of cold light that tore apart the sky!

Huangquan Drake King’s neck was cut open and blood spurted out.

Zhou Xuanji appeared behind him, his hands slightly trembling and feeling immense pain in the webbing between his thumbs and forefingers.

This fellow’s skin was way too hard!

Huangquan Drake King immediately turned and stared.

The dozens of legendary swords hovering above Huangquan Drake King’s head scattered into a circle.

Hundred Star Sky-Covering Formation!

The swords were quite far away from each other, but they were still unable to cover Huangquan Drake King’s entire body.

Countless traces of sword qi descended like a torrential downpour, ferociously slamming into Huangquan Drake King’s body.

Huangquan Drake King roared in pain as the sword qi blasted him, making it difficult for him to escape from the Hundred Star Sky-Covering Formation.

“Yellow Springs Descent!” Huangquan Drake King tilted his head back and roared, and the surging of a massive amount of water could be heard from above, causing Zhou Xuanji to instinctively look up.

There was a black hole above the sea of clouds, from which turbid yellow water poured out and flooded towards Zhou Xuanji. Countless evil spirits came out of the water, wreaking havoc in the heavens and earth.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and muttered, “What kind of magical technique is this?”

He immediately cast Heavenly Lights. The sun and moon were in front, with stars behind, and they overlaid each other as they rushed to meet the Yellow Springs.


Powerful light shined in the air above the Royal City as everyone looked up, looking incredibly shocked.

Was this really a level that cultivators could reach?

Even Xitan Changshi and Lin Changge could not help but gulp.

In front of these two attacks, everything in the world seemed incredibly small.

The Yellow Springs had unstoppable momentum and destroyed the Heavenly Lights, and it continued on towards Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji leapt and quickly evaded the Yellow Springs, but countless evil spirits sprang towards him.

Zhou Xuanji cast Sky Dominating Divine Sword, each sword strike incredibly domineering. Sword qi swept out in all directions, reducing wave after wave of evil spirits to dust.

At that moment, Huangquan Drake King suddenly exploded out with spirit energy, forcefully breaking the formation and sending dozens of legendary swords spinning away.

“Zhou Xuanji, you indeed have the ability to sweep across the Great Realization stage, but This King is a Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal. In front of This King, you are like someone trying to resist a cart with one’s bare arms; you overestimate yourself!” Huangquan Drake King wildly laughed. He could see Zhou Xuanji’s limit.

Zhou Xuanji was truly powerful, but in front of him, he was not much!

Huangquan Drake King turned and dove into the Yellow Springs, and his massive body became smaller and smaller.

A terrifying might that caused all creatures to shudder erupted out, and the Yellow Springs roiled as countless bubbles appeared then popped.

A human figure could be faintly seen in the Yellow Springs. It was Huangquan Drake King—he had gone into human form.

The Yellow Springs water moved aside, revealing Huangquan Drake King’s body. He was wearing an orange robe. His face was fair and dignified and had dragon’s horns growing out of it, and he was wearing a crown. He had draconic eyes that were bright and full of expression, and as he raised his right hand, the Yellow Springs water formed a staff. There were three skeletal heads on the top of the staff, making it look incredibly eerie.

The corners of Huangquan Drake King’s mouth lifted up as cold laughter continuously sounded out.

He did not waste any words and smashed the staff towards Zhou Xuanji.

In that moment, the Yellow Springs water formed massive and ferocious yellow dragons that charged at Zhou Xuanji.

Facing the tumultuous yellow dragons, Zhou Xuanji did not panic. He once again cast Sky Dominating Divine Sword and destroyed a yellow dragon.

The dozens of legendary swords flew around him, helping him defend against the attack as well.

Zhou Xuanji then used the Ten-thousand Sword Dragon Incantation, battling against the Huangquan Drake King using magical techniques.

The two of them were 1,000 meters apart, and sword qi and yellow dragons rampaged against each other, creating a shocking scene.

“Can Zhou Xuanji win?”

“I feel that Huangquan Drake King is too powerful… is this the power of the fifth in the world?”

“Is that the Yellow Springs from the legends?”

“The Yellow Springs of the Underworld, the resting place of vengeful ghosts…”

“It’s hard to say, the rest of the Huangquan Path has not acted yet.”

“You have to win!”

The Great Zhou captives all discussed nervously, as if it was themselves who were fighting.

This battle concerned their life or death, so they were naturally even more afraid than Zhou Xuanji.

Lin Changge also felt incredibly nervous for Zhou Xuanji.

“You can’t die here…” He gritted his teeth as he muttered to himself, staring at the sky above the Royal City. He was worried that he would miss a critical moment in the battle.

He suddenly thought how laughable it was for him to think he could come and assist Zhou Xuanji.

With how powerful Huangquan Drake King was, he could not fight with him at all.

If he acted, he would instead burden Zhou Xuanji.

At the same time, Feng Kule stood at the summit of a mountain as he watched this battle.

Zhou Xuanji’s performance and strength caused him to feel quite startled.

“Apart from the Tianxia Map, what other cards does this boy have up his sleeve?” He felt quite confused because he could tell that Zhou Xuanji had not yet used the Tianxia Map.

However, with Zhou Xuanji’s current strength, it would be very difficult to defeat Huangquan Drake King.


Zhou Xuanji was slammed flying back by a yellow dragon. He quickly activated Golden Invincibility and lightning wrapped around him, stabilizing his body.

His gaze became savage as he madly swung his swords ahead.

His two swords were like wind, and countless traces of sword qi rushed out, causing onlookers to feel dazzled.

It was as if there were countless rays of white light shooting into Huangquan Drake King.

Huangquan Drake King did not evade because he had the Yellow Springs water protecting him.

He gave a disdainful smile as his body suddenly disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and instinctively swung his sword behind him.

However, Huangquan Drake King was even faster. A yellow dragon shot out, sending Zhou Xuanji flying.

In that moment, Zhou Xuanji felt as if his organs had been burned, and he felt a sweetness in his throat. He almost coughed up a mouthful of blood but he forced it back down.

“Now you’ve experienced This King’s true power!” Huangquan Drake King coldly laughed as he swung his bone staff with his right hand.

Just as Zhou Xuanji stabilized his body and prepared to counterattack, he suddenly found that his hands and feet were grabbed by two pitch-black evil spirits.

These evil spirits only had the top halves of their bodies while the lower halves of their bodies were just smoke. Their expressions were savage, as if they wanted to eat Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji frowned; his lightning was actually unable to harm these evil spirits.


Zhou Xuanji’s chest suddenly split open as a white bone claw stabbed through it, creating a horrifying sight.