I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 261 - Chapter 261 – Two Dragon Battle, Divine Dragon Against Blue Dragon

Chapter 261 - Chapter 261 – Two Dragon Battle, Divine Dragon Against Blue Dragon


Zhou Xuanji stood on the Thunderclap Sword and quickly flew into the air above the Royal City.

Looking at the ruins of the Royal City and the hundreds of thousands of trembling people, the killing intent in his eyes became even denser.

He stopped and looked at Huangquan Drake King’s massive body and said, “Old bug, do you dare to fight with me in the sky?”

He was worried about collateral damage.

Hearing this, the Huangduan Twin Devils and Huangquan Hundred Devils were infuriated.

This boy really thought he could deal with all of them?

“You’re seeking death!”

“Why would the Drake King need to act? We’re enough to murder you!”

“That’s right! Cripple him!”

“We can’t allow him to die so easily; we have to make him suffer a fate worse than death!”

“Ridiculous, you dare to fight with the Drake King?”

The Huangquan Hundred Devils mocked Zhou Xuanji. All sorts of derogatory phrases came out of their mouths, and they were not in a hurry to act at all.

Zhou Xuanji was expressionless as he said coldly, “A group of ants. I can kill all of you without even using a sword.”

Even though his voice was soft, it clearly traveled into everyone’s ears.

The Huangquan Hundred Devils became even more furious and took out their weapons.

They looked at Huangquan Drake King, seeking permission to fight and surround Zhou Xuanji.

“This King will fight with him; you can all watch!” Huangquan Drake King’s voice sounded out. Following this, the ground violently swayed.


The clouds in the sky churned as wind blew and the massive Drake King started to leave the ground.

The blue dragon was dozens of feet wide, and his body was at least 1,000 feet long. He was like a boundless mountain range or a long river, giving off a majestic domineeringness.

A terrifying dragon head with cold eyes and horns that gave off icy lights appeared, looking incredibly terrifying.

“Zhou Xuanji, your talent is peerless, but it’s a pity that you still have to die. This King has seen many geniuses before, but no one remembers them after they’re dead,” Huangquan Drake King said coldly as he looked at Zhou Xuanji.

Seeing this, Lin Changge felt cold sweat all over his body. Facing Huangquan Drake King’s gaze, who could remain calm?

The hundreds of thousands of captives felt incredibly worried for Zhou Xuanji.

If it was them, they would not even have the courage to fight if they were facing the Huangquan Drake King.

At that moment, countless legendary swords appeared behind Zhou Xuanji.

Crimson Dragon Sword, Frost Wave Sword, Bloodbath Sword, Tiger Roar Sword, Windcutter Sword, Swineculling Sword, Golden Rock Sword, Heaven Sound Sword, Hell King Sword, Residual Image Sword, Thunderclap Sword, Formless Sword, Furious Ape Sword, Chicken Slaying Sword, Water Driving Sword, Falcon Sword, Magnetic Sword, Ghost Curse Sword, Bookcutter Sword…

All of the swords had dragon-shaped sword qi around them and continuously trembled and hummed.

Apart from the Thunderclap Sword beneath his feet, there were 59 swords hovering behind him. They each had different auras, creating a majestic scene.

Zhou Xuanji raised his right hand, and the Sky Extinguishing Sword flew into his hand.

After gripping this sword, his aura seemed to completely change.


Sword qi exploded out and rushed into the sky, destroying the sea of clouds above. A vast might swept throughout the heavens and earth, causing hundreds of thousands of people to stare with wide eyes.

Such powerful might…

Lin Changge was given a big fright; he had never thought that Zhou Xuanji’s strength would be so terrifying.

Zhou Xuanji raised the Sky Extinguishing Sword. pointed it at Huangquan Drake King, and said, “Using the weak to threaten your enemies; you don’t qualify to be called an expert, nor do you deserve to be fifth in the world!

“Dragons are overlords that soar in the nine heavens, grand and majestic. The term dragon is not something a bug like you is qualified to have!”

After saying this, he roared and suddenly turned into a five-clawed golden dragon!

Ancestor Dragon Sword!

His dragon body rapidly expanded and quickly became 500 feet long. Golden light shined over his body, and even though it was not as big as the Huangquan Drake King’s body, it had a holy air about it.

Seeing this, everyone felt dumbfounded.

Zhou Xuanji had turned into a dragon!

The Huangquan Drake King and Huangquan Hundred Devils and Huangquan Twin Devils were also stunned.

It had to be admitted that the five-clawed golden dragon seemed much more awe-inspiring than the Huangquan Drake King.

It felt as if a divine dragon was facing off against an ordinary dragon.

“True dragon… how is it possible?!” Huangquan Drake King could not remain calm and roared furiously.

After speaking, he ferociously charged towards Zhou Xuanji.

A 1,000 feet long dragon was simply terrifying, and he seemed completely unstoppable. The Huangquan Drake King’s charge created a powerful gale that swept through the ruins of the Royal City, and hundreds of thousands of captives cried out, pressing themselves against the ground to avoid being swept away.

Zhou Xuanji also moved!

The two massive dragons collided in the air. In that moment, a powerful light exploded out from between them, illuminating the heavens and earth.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

The two massive dragons rushed high into the sky, ferociously twisting and turning, using their horns and tails to attack each other. Countless dragon scales continuously crashed down to the ground.

Thunderclouds gathered and berserk winds blew about, and it was as if a calamity was about to descend.

The people and demons on the ground could not see the battle clearly, and they could only feel shaken.

“That boy’s already so powerful?”

“Despicable… if we faced him, we wouldn’t have any hope in winning!”

The Huangquan Twin Devils’ expressions were grim as they gritted their teeth.

They had wanted to end Zhou Xuanji themselves, but it seemed like that was a foolish hope.

Fortunately they had faced Zhou Xuanji before he had become so powerful.

“So strong… So strong…” Lin Changge was so excited that his entire body trembled and his hands gripped into fists.

At that moment, he felt an unbelievable sense of worship towards Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji was only 28 years old!

To be able to fight on even footing with the fifth in the world at such a young age and create such a shocking sword technique, he suddenly wanted to take him as his teacher!

Over at Great Zhou’s side, the people were incredibly excited. Some were furious and some were delighted!

“Sword God Zhou is so powerful! Just as always, he triumphs in every battle!”

“Kill him! Take revenge for our Great Zhou!”

“Heavens, Zhou Xuanji can really fight with Huangquan Drake King?”

“Rubbish! When has he ever lost before?”

“Compared to him, the Sword Monarch, who ran away, is just a fart!”

“Our hope has come!”

Hundreds of thousands of captives shouted out, cheering Zhou Xuanji on. Even Zhou Chengxin and Princess Lingling did so.

Xitan Changshi was so delighted that he wept. His hands were clasped together as he muttered, “His Majesty, do you see this? The age of prosperity you were looking forward to has really come!”

Back then, the Great Zhou’s Empress not being able to kill Zhou Xuanji was something that Emperor Yan of Zhou had planned.

Even Zhou Xuanji assassinating the Great Zhou’s Empress was something that Emperor Yan of Zhou had predicted, and he had told Xitan Changshi to not get involved.

Of course, none of this was important anymore.

Emperor Yan of Zhou had once told Xitan Changshi that he was not doing this for his personal affections but for Great Zhou’s future.

As such, she had never explained it to Zhou Xuanji before.

Zhou Xuanji had long since realized this, and he had never asked about it.

Huangquan Drake King suddenly spewed out surging flames that looked like a massive river. They violently slammed into the five-clawed golden dragon, sending him flying to the horizon.

At that moment, lightning suddenly erupted out, dispelling the flames.

The Thunderclap Sword was on Zhou Xuanji’s forehead, causing lightning to wrap around his body.

The dozens of other legendary swords quickly flew towards Huangquan Drake King, and the dragon-shaped sword qi formed dozens of golden dragons that roared as they flew over, creating a grand scene.

“What kind of sword technique is this?” Huangquan Drake King roared, his voice filled with rage. Zhou Xuanji challenging him in the form of the five-clawed golden dragon was the greatest humiliation to him.