I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 260 - Certainly Die

Chapter 260 - Certainly Die


Night fell.

Jiang Xue was internalising qi and cultivating in the courtyard. Beside her sat Huang Lianxin, Xian Xianghua, and the female second generation disciples.

The atmosphere was quite heavy, and the roars of wild beasts and cries of birds sounded out in the forest around the little town.

Jiang Xue slowly opened her eyes, her eyebrows deeply furrowed.

“Don’t worry, Master will definitely return safely,” Huang Lianxin said as she opened her eyes and comforted Jiang Xue.

They had already heard that Zhou Xuanji had killed Ta Tianchen and Huangquan Blood Devil. This meant that Zhou Xuanji’s battle with Huangquan Drake King was drawing closer and closer.

Jiang Xue nodded and gloomily sighed, “But there’s always a rock suspended in my heart. Without us, if he’s completely spent after the battle, who will take him away?”

In previous battles, every time Zhou Xuanji had won, he would be completely exhausted and even faint sometimes. Fortunately, with their help, he was able to survive each time.

This time, he was by himself. If he fainted, would he be eaten by demons?

Every time she thought of this, she could not help but feel uneasy.

“Focus on cultivating. The reason why he didn’t bring you all was because you can’t keep up with him,” Xian Xianghua’s voice sounded out coldly, causing Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin’s expressions to fall.

Xian Xianghua walked over to Jiang Xue and bent down as she lightly asked, “My Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique is an incredibly rare and peerless energy technique; do you want to learn it? I can teach you.”

Jiang Xue felt quite stunned and instinctively felt wary.

She had heard of the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique before; it was a supreme technique of the current age, and it could allow one to become undying.

Both the Ancient Diablo and Xian Xianghua had reached first in the world because of it.

“What ulterior motives do you have?” Jiang Xue asked warily. There was no such thing as a free meal, and Xian Xianghua was definitely plotting something.

Xian Xianghua’s eyes curved as she smiled and lightly spoke a sentence.

Jiang Xue glared with wide eyes, becoming so angry that her cheeks puffed out.

The moon was bright and there were not many stars in the sky.

Zhou Xuanji and Lin Changge rested as they internalized qi under a tree. In front of them was a bonfire, illuminating the grassy area and trees in the surrounding ten meters.

Neither of them spoke.

Tomorrow, they would head to Great Zhou’s Royal City and fight to the death with Huangquan Drake King. Both of them had much on their minds.

“Do you have complete certainty in victory?” Lin Changge slowly opened his eyes and asked.

“No,” Zhou Xuanji calmly replied, causing Lin Changge to frown.

“Why are you acting so rashly then?”

“Because I don’t want to lose, nor will I lose.”

“What kind of logic is this?”

“If you understood, you’d be the forty-second in the world.”


Lin Changge felt speechless, and he once again closed his eyes, not bothering to continue talking.

They spent the rest of the night without talking.

When the first ray of sunlight swept across the land early in the morning, the two of them opened their eyes and got up as they went forwards.

As they walked out of the forest, both of them raised their eyebrows.

In front of them, there was a figure standing on a hill, silently looking at them.

It was an elder who held a golden compass and wore an old Taoist robe.

Feng Kule!

The person behind the Tianxia Map!

Of course, Zhou Xuanji didn’t know this.

Feng Kule looked at Zhou Xuanji with a complicated gaze. That gaze contained emotions of reluctance, anger, hatred, expectations, and other emotions.

“Who are you, sir?” Lin Changge coldly asked. This person had been waiting for them and they did not discover him; he most likely did not have good intentions.

Feng Kule spoke slowly, “My name is Feng Kule and I’m just an ordinary person among the countless beings in this vast world. However, I sometimes have fortuitous encounters and can divine people’s fates.”

Another existence who could perform divination!

First Daoya Old Man, then Daoseeker, and now Feng Kule.

They were each more pretentious than the next.

“Then what do you want by standing in our way?” Lin Changge asked discourteously. He did not like Feng Kule’s style.

Feng Kule looked at Zhou Xuanji and said, “If you go with your current strength, you will certainly die.

“Don’t go on, turn back. Back then, Huangquan Drake King also faced a decision like this. He became afraid and was thoroughly humiliated. However, he became powerful and washed away his shame; he wants you to experience the humiliation he experienced back then.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned; this fellow was trying to persuade him to give up.

However, from his tone, he did not seem to be on Huangquan Drake King’s side.

“How can one easily give up on the lives of an Empire?” Lin Changge asked in a low voice. He suspected if this person was one of Huangquan Drake King’s people and had come to lower their morale. That way, if they feared for their lives and turned back, it would boost Huangquan Drake King’s renown in the Northern Wilderness.

“The difference between life or death depends on a single thought from you. You possess a supreme treasure, and if you die like this and the supreme treasure falls into Huangquan Drake King’s hands, that will be a grave sin,” Feng Kule continued to speak, ignoring Lin Changge as he continued to look at Zhou Xuanji.

Supreme treasure!

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes; how did this old man know he had the Tianxia Map?

He immediately thought of those maps.

Could those maps have been spread by Feng Kule?

Even Daoya Old Man had been unable to divine the location of the Tianxia Map, and apart from Zhou Xuanji’s most trusted companions, no one knew that he had the Tianxia Map. As such, he could not help but wonder this.

“No one can stop me from going to Great Zhou,” Zhou Xuanji said with a resolute tone, leaving no room for rebuttal.

After speaking, he leapt up and passed Feng Kule.

Lin Changge followed behind him, but when passing by Feng Kule, he turned and looked at him.

This fellow was incredibly unfathomable; just who was he?

Why had he never heard of Feng Kule before?

The two of them quickly disappeared over the horizon.

Feng Kule turned and looked in the direction they had left in, remaining silent for a while.

“You dare to fight with fate. Zhou Xuanji, I want to see if you can overcome your predestined fate,” he said in a low voice. He was not angry and instead felt much expectation.

Within Great Zhou’s Royal City, hundreds of thousands of captives knelt together, including Zhou Chengxin, Xitan Changshi, and others. All of them had magic cast on them, and they strengthlessly knelt there.

The captives all looked incredibly fearful, and there was despair in their eyes.

In their eyes, Zhou Xuanji had no chance of victory!

Around and above them were many Huangquan cultivators and demons standing guard.

The Huangquan Twin Devils and dozens of figures stood in front of Huangquan Drake King.

The Huangquan Hundred Devils!

Because of the war between the two races, only 89 of them remained, but they were still a terrifying force.

Their expressions were all different: Some had mocking looks on their faces, others had condescending ones, some had doubtful ones, and some had furious ones.

They were all waiting for Zhou Xuanji to arrive!

“If Zhou Xuanji dares to come, I’ll tear his body apart and take revenge for big brother Blood Devil!”

“Unlikely, he might not come.”

“Perhaps he’s hiding somewhere and trembling.”

“Would he dare to come after seeing our army?”

“What a joke, how can Zhou Xuanji compare to the Drake King?”

The Huangquan Hundred Devils discussed among themselves. They all felt disdain towards Zhou Xuanji.

Of course, if they had to fight one on one with Zhou Xuanji, their attitude would be completely different.

At that moment, two sounds of the air being torn could be heard as Zhou Xuanji and Lin Changge flew over on swords.

Everyone turned to look over.

“Huangquan Old Bug, didn’t you want to challenge me? Today, I’ll use your life to tell the world who I am.

“I am the Sword Emperor of the current age!”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice sounded throughout the heavens and earth, filled with killing intent.

He was laughing incredibly wildly, making the Huangquan evil cultivators and demons feel furious.