I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 259 - Chapter 259 - Huangquan. World-shaking.

Chapter 259 - Chapter 259 - Huangquan. World-shaking.


The Five-clawed Gold Dragon soared above the sea of clouds majestically.

Lin Changge followed behind him on his sword. Looking at the Ancestral Dragon, he did not speak for a long time.

A long while later.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Are you so shocked that you don’t know what to say?”

Whether he was the Exquisite Sword Mind or some kind of devilish genius, he would surely be stunned before the Ancestral Dragon Sword.

Lin Changge swallowed his saliva and nodded slowly.

“You… You are actually a long worm…”


His words almost made Zhou Xuanji vomit blood. He cried out furiously, “This is the Ancestral Dragon! This is my sword technique, called Ancestral Dragon Sword, which allows me to transform into the Ancestral Dragon!”

You dared to insult the Ancestral Dragon!

If he were to encounter the dragon race in the future, he would surely tell them about this so that they would hunt down Lin Changge!

“Ancestral Dragon Sword…”

Lin Changge mumbled to himself, frowning. He was shocked in his heart.

There really was such a sword technique?

Zhou Xuanji transformed back into his original form.

He turned and glanced at Lin Changge. “Do you want to learn?” He asked.

“I want to,” Lin Changge took a deep breath and said.

“Be my disciple or sword slave, and I will teach you. This is my sword sect’s special sword technique. Outsiders will not be able to learn this,” Zhou Xuanji said

. The Ancestral Dragon Sword was a Heaven Grade sword technique. There was almost no sword technique that could be compared to this. Or at least, he had yet to see one.

Lin Changge fell silent.

Zhou Xuanji was not in a hurry. Wait till he settled his battle with Huangquan Drake King, he believed that this guy would be moved.

He had mastered so many sword techniques that almost no one in this world could compare with him.

He really lived up to the title Master of the Sword’s way.

The two continued ahead.

After witnessing the Ancestral Dragon Sword, Lin Changge did not laugh as much.

The Five-clawed Gold Dragon was so mighty and imposing that it made him shudder.

If he were to learn such a sword technique, he could challenge cultivators above the Great Realization stage.

His heart began to pump faster at the thought of this.

However, how could he forsake the Hegemon Sword Sect just like that?

Great Zhou’s palace.

Huangquan Drake King was still resting. His head was above the clouds and breathed mist. Spiritual Qi of the heavens and the earth rushed into his body.

A demonic cultivator appeared in the ruins. He paid his respect by kneeling before the Drake King. “Drake King!” He said, “Zhou Xuanji has arrived at Juemo Wasteland. Both Huangquan Blood Devil and Ta Tianchen were slain by him. He must be coming for the duel. However, he will likely attack sneakily.”

With this, Zhou Chengxin, Xitan Changshi, and the others who were imprisoned near the ruins were all shocked.

Zhou Xuanji is coming?

“He really will not forsake us!”

Princess Xuanya, whose face was covered with dirt, cried out excitedly. Ever since Huangquan Drake King occupied Great Zhou, the members of the royal family were all turned into prisoners. If not for the fact that they no longer needed to eat, they would have been more miserable.

Beside her, Princess Lingling was stunned as well. In Great Zhou, she was given a post-mortem marriage to Zhou Xuanji. Although they had never met, others still treated her as Zhou Xuanji’s wife. Even Zhou Chengxin treated her well.

She really looked forward to Zhou Xuanji’s coming, but her rationality told her that it was impossible.

Huangquan Drake King was ranked fifth in the world. Although Zhou Xuanji was powerful, he had yet to reach that level of power.

However, she had not expected Zhou Xuanji to come for real!

The State General, Xitan Changshi, was as excited. His whole body trembled, and he mumbled to himself, “Your Majesty, you are right…”

He remembered the words of Emperor Yan of Zhou, and his eyes were filled with hope once again.

The current Emperor of Great Zhou was excited as well. He could no longer care about his dignity as the emperor. He clenched his fist and tears could be seen in his eyes.

If Great Zhou were to really end in his hands, he would be too ashamed to meet his ancestors.

The other generals and officials were also exhilarated.

“Really? Then let him come. No matter what kind of schemes he has, he will die before absolute power and experience something worse than death!”

Huangquan Drake King’s laughter reverberated across the heavens, causing the clouds to billow.

And it enveloped the royal city like a nightmare.

Hearing this, Zhou Chengxin, Princess Xuanya, and the others’ excitement were doused with ice water.

If Zhou Xuanji were to die, they would die for sure too.

Huangquan Drake King was so ruthless that he would not let Great Zhou live.

“Gather the Huangquan Hundred Devils. I want them to witness how the world’s top genius begs for mercy before me!”

Huangquan Drake King spoke again, and the people of Great Zhou cried out in shock instantly.

Huangquan Hundred Devils!

The anchoring power of the Huangquan Path. The weakest of them were either Eight Rank or Spirit Refinement cultivators. Huangquan Blood Devil was one of them.

“Yes, Master!”

The demonic cultivator accepted the order and left quickly.

Huangquan Drake King did not speak again and continued to absorb the spiritual Qi from his environment.

Zhou Chengxin’s face was pale as paper. With the Huangquan Hundred Devils summoned, the Drake King had definitely decided to kill Zhou Xuanji.

He suddenly felt that the sky was going to crumble on him.

At Great Zhou’s border.

Zhou Xuanji looked at the broken city wall and frowned a little.

Great Zhou was in a poorer state than he had imagined.

“Other than the Hunyuan Empire, the borders of the other empires were all conquered.”

Lin Changge sighed. The human race had reached the point of life and death. He was very anxious too, but he was not powerful enough to turn the tide.

However, he did not lose his composure because he had received the news.

The top rank of the world was coming back!

Yang Di was a human, after all. How could he ignore the war?

“Let’s continue,” Zhou Xuanji said before flying toward Great Zhou’s Royal City.

Lin Changge was stunned a little. He quickly caught up and asked, “Aren’t you going to strategize a bit? It’s very disadvantageous for us to charge head-on. Why don’t we talk it out.”

Although he was the Hegemon Sword Sect’s top prodigy, he was not conceited. Before doing anything, he would always have a good plan.

“No matter how good your plan is, you have to face the entire Huangquan Path,” Zhou Xuanji said without even looking back.

He had thought about it before, but he could get no reinforcements. Instead of worrying himself sick, it was better to charge head-on.

With the Tianxia Map and his numerous legendary swords, he dared to charge into Huangquan and face the multitudes of enemies alone.

Lin Changge sighed. He suddenly regretted a little.

Why did he take the needless initiative to help this guy?

But when he thought about it from another perspective, if this battle was a success, wouldn’t he be famous across the world?

He felt excited just at the thought of it.

And so, the two persons flew toward Great Zhou’s Royal City without turning back.

And the Battle of Great Zhou’s Royal City began officially!

Both Ta Tianchen and Huangquan Blood Devil were powerful cultivators who were famous in the world. Yet, both of them were killed without even the power to retaliate!

“Ta Tianchen was the Sect Lord of Xinhao Sect!”

“I’ve heard that Zhou Xuanji was not injured at all. He killed the two enemies with ease!”

“That’s too overpowered. Is he really ranked just 42nd?”

“So what if he’s powerful. Huangquan Drake King ranks fifth in the world. Great Zhou is like a piece of paper before him.”

“If Zhou Xuanji can continue to develop, would he become the top rank in the world?”

After the news was spread out, the world was shocked.

Just how powerful was Zhou Xuanji really?


He appeared at Juemo Wasteland. Was he going to accept Huangquan Drake King’s challenge?

In a short time, both humans and demons turned their attention from Yang Di to Zhou Xuanji and Huangquan Drake King.

Soon, world-shaking news would spread all across the Northern Wilderness Region.