I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 258 - Take A Good Look. Don’t Blink!

Chapter 258 - Take A Good Look. Don’t Blink!


Chapter 258: Chapter 258 Take A Good Look. Don’t Blink!

“What is this demonic technique?”

Huangquan Blood Devil was aghast and shuddered.

He could not understand at all why Zhou Xuanji was merely at Spirit Refinement but was not weaker than him in terms of spirit energy.

He did not know that at this moment, Zhou Xuanji had activated the Ancient Emperor’s possession.

Emperor Hanlan!

With the remnant spirit possessing him, he received the power of a Great Emperor!

Together with the World Buddha Art, which Great Realization cultivator could stand up to him?

Soon, Huangquan Blood Devil’s demonic energy was sucked dry, and Zhou Xuanji took the opportunity to break through to Spirit Refinement Level Four.

While he was breaking through, the Huangquan Blood Devil quickly took the chance to eject his astral spirit and escape.

Zhou Xuanji waved his right hand, and the Ancient God Sword shot towards the demon with Ranged Sword Propelling.


Huangquan Blood Devil’s astral spirit exploded on the spot, and he was fully dead.

Zhou Xuanji took his storage ring and then destroyed his body with heavenly lightning.

The entire process was quick. Warriors from both races below were stunned in awe and did not dare to believe their own eyes.

“How could he be so… powerful…” Huang Ming mumbled to himself with a trembling voice with his eyes opened wide.

Seeing from their perspective, Zhou Xuanji killed Huangquan Blood Devil like he was squashing an ant.

Before him, Huangquan Blood Devil seemed so weak and tiny. The demon did not even have the chance to retaliate.

Ta Tianchen was shocked by him. How powerful is this brat?

He was already passive in fending against the dozens of swords. If Zhou Xuanji were to attack him, he would surely be defeated.

Having decided that it was not time to care for his face, Ta Tianche turned to run immediately.

“Want to flee? Ta Tianchen! The Xinhao Sect sought for my life many times! It’s time that you pay for what you have done!”

Zhou Xuanji’s icy voice came, which sounded as though it came from the underworld. Everyone who heard him shuddered.

Having heard him, Ta Tianchen’s scalp turned numb, and he was just about to cast spells when Sword Qi came toward him like a tidal wave!

Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps!

He felt excruciating pain as though his flesh was being torn to shreds. Zhou Xuanji appeared in front of him and slashed toward him backhanded


Ta Tianchen’s head flew, and his blood splattered across the sky.

Zhou Xuanji’s right hand slammed the Ancient God Sword into Ta Tianchen’s chest as he began to suck in his spirit energy quickly.

Ta Tianchen quickly regrew his head, but when he felt that his spirit energy was being drawn out from him quickly, he became anxious.


Before he could even finish speaking, his head was cut off once again by the Thunderclap Sword.

After that, he regrew his head again but it was cut off. After repeating this five times, he was prepared to eject his astral spirit but was prevented from doing so by the Tianxia Map’s suction.

His heart fell into the abyss of despair.

“It’s the end of my life!”

He sighed miserably in his heart and did not even have the chancemin to ask for mercy.

Soon, his body lost all strength. Zhou Xuanji took Ta Tianchen’s storage ring before striking him with heavenly lightning to destroy both his spirit and body.

This marked the end of a prominent evil cultivator.

Zhou Xuanji looked at the storage ring intently as he tried to soothe the billowing spirit energy inside him.

There was a time where he saw Ta Tianchen as an enemy that was hard to defeat.

And now, he slew him easily.

The battlefield was silent.

Both demons and humans were shaken.

How long had it been since Zhou Xuanji had appeared? He had already killed the most powerful person in both armies!

This is too… farfetched, right?

At this moment, his voice came, “Demons, leave or face the merciless wrath of my legendary swords!”

Dozens of legendary swords were levitating in the sky. Their ear-piercing resonance reverberated across the heavens and the earth.

The demons were so frightened that they fled immediately.

All the cultivators knelt down and thanked Zhou Xuanji for his assistance.

Xinhao Sect’s demonic cultivators were still silent. They did not dare to make any noise, much less act to avenge Ta Tianchen.

Zhou Xuanji smiled, withdrew his sword, and left. He continued heading toward Great Zhou.

From the beginning to end, he had never looked at Huang Ming and Xiahou Gongji at all.

The two persons were already not fit to enter his eyes.


Huang Ming clasped his fist tightly. He was raging in his heart and reluctant to face the truth.

There was a time when he looked down upon Zhou Xuanji, and now…

He swore that he would catch up to Zhou Xuanji and let the world know that he can be as good as Zhou Xuanji!

On the other side.

Zhou Xuanji flew toward Great Zhou directly.

His cultivation had reached Spirit Refinement Level Four already, and he was very familiar with the Ancient God Sword.

The Tianxia Map had already stored up an abundant amount of back up spirit energy, which was enough for him to use as he pleased for a long time.

He did not believe that he really could not fight Huangquan Drake King head on!

At this moment, he sensed that someone was following him.

He stopped immediately and looked back.

A young man was flying toward him with extreme speed.

It was the Hegemon Sword Sect’s Exquisite Sword Mind, Lin Changge.

Back then, in Juedi Cliff, the two had promised a duel at the Hegemon Sword Sect in ten years.

‘This guy also has Great Realization stage cultivation,’ Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes and thought. No wonder he was so confident to give him ten years.

Lin Changge came up to Zhou Xuanji quickly and adjusted the fringe before his forehead. “Brother Zhou, you are going so fast. I could barely catch up with you,” he said with a smile.

When he met Zhou Xuanji again this time, the expression in his eyes had changed.

He was no longer as arrogant, and there was a tinge of fervor.

“Why are you following me?” Zhou Xuanji asked. He had a good impression of Lin Changge. At least this guy was forthright and generous.

Lin Changge said, smiling, “Didn’t Huangquan Drake King ask you for a duel recently? I’m here to help you. I’m ranked seventy-seven on the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred now, so I should be qualified to help you.”

Ranked seventy-seven on the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred?

Zhou Xuanji was quite surprised. The previous time he had heard about Lin Changge from Daoya Old Man, he had not yet entered the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred. And now, he was ranked seventy-seven straightaway?

It seemed that the legendary Exquisite Sword Mind was not as simple as he thought.

“No need. Don’t involve yourself with such troubles,” he shook his head with a smile and said.

Lin Changge’s goodwill was most likely because he took Zhou Xuanji as his rival and did not want him dead.

“I’ve been loitering around Great Zhou for a long time, and I have finally found you. Don’t let my effort go to waste. Why don’t we have a good duel after we defeat Huangquan Drake King together?” Lin Changge asked with burning passion in his eyes. Among all the sword cultivators, only Zhou Xuanji was qualified to fight him.

As for his father, he could only respect him.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and was a little hesitant.

“Why don’t we do this. When the time comes, you observe first and help me restrict other powerful cultivators so that I can deal with Huangquan Drake King alone,” Zhou Xuanji uttered. Having heard that, Lin Changge nodded with a smile.

Then, the two of them flew toward Great Zhou and chatted along the way.

“I heard that you were planning to create a new sect?” Lin Changge asked curiously. News about Zhou Xuanji recruiting disciples had spread across the region.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “Why, you want to join us? My sword sect will surpass the Hegemon Sword Sect. The opportunity will not come a second time.”

This guy’s talent was not less than Ning Zifeng’s. It would be good to take him in as his sword slave.

With three Great Realization cultivators in his sect, his sect could become a top powerhouse in the human race. However, it was still far away from becoming a Sanctum.

To become a Sanctum, he needed a firm foundation.

“What can you teach me?” Lin Changge said with a faint smile. To subdue him, defeating him alone was not enough.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head in a smile and gave him a sharp look. “Take a good look!” He said, “Don’t blink!”

Lin Changge was stunned. What is he going to do?

Zhou Xuanji sped up tremendously, and countless sword Qi emanated from his body. He transformed into the Five-clawed Gold Dragon and soared in the sky.

The massive dragon-body stirred the sea of clouds into motion. His gold dragon scales were shining brightly like the sun. Lin Changge was in great awe of him.