I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 257 - The Sword God Descends

Chapter 257 - The Sword God Descends


Chapter 257: Chapter 257 The Sword God Descends

Looking at the crazed Jihuang Demon Lord, Xuanhe Divine Monk did not speak a word.

But his heart was filled with disdain.

Ever since ancient times, how many powerhouses had not believed in fate but eventually bowed in submission to it.

Moreover, no matter what perspective he took, he did not think that Jihuang Demon Lord had any chance to defeat Yang Di.

Jihuang Demon Lord looked up at him fiercely, which made him tremble in fear.

“If I cultivate the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique, can I surpass Yang Di?”

Facing his imposing question, the monk was stunned.

Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique!

That was the ultimate legendary technique that solidified Tanhua Sect’s grounds for tens of thousands of years. In the world currently, only Xian Xianghua knew it.

No wonder he wanted to kill Xian Xianghua. It was for the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique.

“If the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique is really as powerful as the legends, then along with your own divine abilities, you might surpass him.”

Xuanhe Divine Monk muttered, which brightened Jihuang Demon Lord’s eyes. He immediately disappeared on the spot.

He could not wait to catch Xian Xianghua.

Xuanhe Divine Monk shook his head and mumbled, “Even if you obtained the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique, you need time to master it. Yang Di will not stay put and wait for you.”

After that, he closed his eyes and divined Zhou Xuanji.

Ever since Zhou Xuanji followed the evil side, he loved divining Zhou Xuanji. Although he could not successfully divine him, he was not willing to give up.


Zhou Xuanji flew on his sword and folded his arms before his chest with a deep frown.

He was thinking about World Reincarnation.

Now that he used the World Internalization more frequently, his understanding of World Reincarnation was becoming deeper. However, it was still too difficult to totally master it.

World Reincarnation was a little like returning the opponent’s attacks on the opponent himself.

Once he mastered it, his battle power would increase tremendously.

Unless the enemy’s cultivation was far beyond him, he would never be defeated.

Whenever he thought about this, he became excited.

He thought about this as he flew past mountains and rivers toward Great Zhou.

Along the way, he could see corpses of both the humans and the demons. It was tragic.

This great war had already been going on for a few years. Even if it ended right now, the population for both races would be decimated, and neither could be considered the winner.

Based on Zhou Xuanji’s estimation, it would take him half a month more to reach Great Zhou.

Juemo Wasteland was in front of him.

Back then, he came to Juemo Wasteland for the first time to assassinate the Empress of Great Zhou.

After that, he encountered Lin Guanyu, who pursued him for his life.

Looking back, those memories seemed like things that had happened a long time ago.


He flew into Juemo Wasteland.

In the wasteland, a battle was ongoing. Since Great Zhou, Great Chen, and Great Shang were all near the wasteland and Great Zhou was occupied by Huangquan Drake King, cultivators from around the world tried to rescue Great Zhou.

During the war, they fought not just for the survival of their own race but also for their own fame.

Heroes were created by their situations. This was indeed true.

At the center of the battlefield, two imposing figures were fighting ferociously.

One of them was Ta Tianchen!

The other one was a Ninth Rank great demon who had blood-colored hair and horrifying black armor. His sharp horn thrust out from his scalp, and his body was as massive as a hill. With a devil-like face, the demon wielded two giant axes, and his blood-colored cape danced in the wind.

He was more powerful than the Ninth Rank great demons that Zhou Xuanji had encountered before.

This was most likely a peak Ninth Rank demon.

Facing him, Ta Tianchen was not at a disadvantage. The two of them fought toe to toe.

Amongst the cultivators who were battling the demon army, some were from the upright sects. They had likely formed a temporary alliance.

Huang Ming and Xiahou Gongji were among them

Xiahou Gongji, the accompanying elder of Ta Qixue. Back then, just like Huangquan Drake King, Ta Qixue took an empire as a hostage to threaten Zhou Xuanji for a duel, but he died in his battle with Zhou Xuanji. Xiahou Gongji was punished because of this and went through endless pain. He was only released when the war between the two races broke out.

Huang Ming was Huang Lianxin’s ancestor by blood and was the top prodigy in the Xinhao Sect. Ever since Zhou Xuanji rose to power, he locked himself up most of the time to focus on cultivation.

“Ta Tianchen, why are you so weak? And you still intend to challenge the Drake King? What a joke! No wonder the Xinhao Sect cannot deal with Zhou Xuanji!” The blood-haired great demon laughed wildly. He swung his axes like the wind and with such tremendous strength that they could break mountains and lakes.

Ta Tianchen looked bitter. Both of his palms were torn, but he was still persevering.

If he was defeated, everyone beneath him would die for sure.

Most importantly, he would lose all his fame.

“Huangquan Blood Devil, you are just a dog under Huangquan Drake King’s command. What gives you the confidence to be so arrogant?” Ta Tianchen cursed furiously. Even if he were to lose the fight, he must not lose in terms of talking.

On the other side.

Zhou Xuanji landed on a mountain top and watched the battle unfold from afar.

What a coincidence!

He squinted his eyes, and a murderous aura emanated from his eyes.

The Xinhao Sect wanted his life. He remembered this grudge.

How fortunate was it that he could settle this grudge today once and for all.

After the thought, he flipped his right hand, and the Ancient God Sword appeared.

The Thunderclap Sword levitated in front of him. He leaped up and stood on the sword. Instantly, heavenly lightning enveloped his body, and he charged into the battlefield in the form of lightning.


Ta Tianchen and Huangquan Blood Devil jumped away instinctively. They looked toward the direction in which the air-piercing sound came from.


The Ancient God Sword pierced into the Huangquan Blood Devil’s chest while the Thunderclap Sword penetrated Ta Tianchen’s chest. The heavenly lightning struck him forcefully and enveloped him.

The two powerful cultivators opened their eyes wide as Zhou Xuanji’s silhouette appeared in their sight.

“It’s you!” Ta Tianchen cried out with bloodshot eyes.

Huangquan Blood Devil had also recognized Zhou Xuanji because the Drake King had passed Zhou Xuanji’s portrait to all his subordinates.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and activated World Internalization, holding on to the Ancient God Sword in his hand. Instantly, Huangquan Blood Devil’s demonic energy rushed into Zhou Xuanji.

“What’s happening?”

Huangquan Blood Devil felt great fear. He instinctively wanted to dodge, but he realized that he could not break free from the Ancient God Sword.

It was as though two invisible hands had grasped him tightly and immobilized him.

At this moment, numerous legendary swords appeared around him.

Baiyu King Sword, White Dragon-bone Sword, Sky Extinguishing Sword, Truth Sword, Holy Light Redemption Sword, Snakeskin Sword, Frost King Sword, Heaven’s Wrath Sword, Greedy Ghost Sword, Stoking Sword, Great Mercy Sword, Abyss Demon Sword, Cloud Wind Sword, Shadow Light Sword, Buddha-Destroyer Sword, Dumb Sword, Nightmare Bane Sword, Right-Wrong-Justice Sword, Dusk Sword, Elegant Sky Starry Sword…

Dozens of legendary swords charged toward Ta Tianchen, which forced Ta Tianchen backwards without any means to retaliate.


Everyone on the battlefield was shocked. Both sides stopped fighting, and everyone was looking into the sky with great fear.

Seeing so many legendary swords in the air, they immediately thought of the same person.

“Unparalleled Way of the Sword in the Northern Wilderness, Comparable to the Ancient Sword Emperors… Zhou Xuanji!” A demon cried out shockingly. It was like a bomb that caused the entire battlefield to burst into a huge commotion.

Zhou Xuanji is really here!

Could he be heading toward Gret Zhou to challenge Huangquan Drake King?

Seeing that the situation was not right, Huangquan Blood Devil wanted to eject his astral spirit. Still, the Tianxia Map’s suction on his astral spirit was so powerful that he could not eject quickly.

Feeling the endless amount of demonic energy flowing into his body and being converted into spirit energy, Zhou Xuanji’s eyes squinted.

It seemed that he could break through to Spirit Refinement Level Four with the Huangquan Blood Devil.