I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 256 - Chapter 256 Ranked 42nd In The World

Chapter 256 - Chapter 256 Ranked 42nd In The World


“Clan Chief, other than Huangquan Drake King inviting Zhou Xuanji for a duel, there’s another thing,” the white-shirted man said, which broke Jiang Wudi’s train of thought.

“What is it?” Jiang Wudi asked, but he was still considering whether to help Zhou Xuanji in his heart.

If he did not, Zhou Xuanji would surely die in Great Zhou if he charged in alone.

“Yang Di is coming back into the world.”

The white-shirted man replied. With this, Jiang Wudi’s expression changed drastically, and he looked back with a serious expression.

“Is this true?” He asked deeply.

Yang Di!

He was someone that was unrivaled in the world!

Even if Jihuang Demon Lord and Huangquan Drake King worked together, they could not defeat Yang Di.

“All major forces received the news and are making their moves secretly. Within three years, Yang Di will walk in the world once again and will likely interfere with the war between the two races,” the man replied again. His eyes were sparkling and were apparently shocked by Yang Di’s reputation.

Top rank in the world. Who would dare to disrespect him?

Jiang Wudi waved his hand to send the white-shirted man away.

The man disappeared on the spot.

Jiang Wudi stared at the horizon and continued contemplating.

A long while later.

He suddenly opened his eyes wide. He saw something rushing toward him from the horizon, sweeping up two waves that were dozens of meters high on each side.

The scorching sun shined brightly.

In a wilderness that was covered with demon corpses, numerous cultivators were scattered around. Some of them were lightly injured while others’ injuries were terrible.

Their eyes were all concentrated in the same direction.

A massive tiger demon was lying on the top of the hill. The tiger demon had already turned back to its original form and was covered in blood.

A man stood on the demon’s chest. And that person was Zhou Xuanji.

Sensing that his demonic power was withering, the tiger demon cried out with gritted teeth and bloodshot eyes, “Zhou Xuanji… My Lord will kill you eventually… He will make your death unbearably painful…”

The tiger demon’s energy was being sucked away, and he understood that his fate was sealed.

A ninth rank demon monarch like him died in such a pathetic way.

He was filled with hatred!

Zhou Xuanji looked down at him and said indifferently, “Don’t worry. Jihuang Demon Lord will soon follow after you. You guys can keep each other accompanied in the underworld.”

After that, the Ancient God Sword appeared in front of him. The sword landed and pierced through the tiger demon’s throat, destroying his soul.

Zhou Xuanji took the tiger demon’s storage ring as well, before looking down at the cultivators at the foot of the hill and saying, “You can leave.”

After that, he transformed into a stream of sword light and disappeared into the sky.

The cultivators burst out into commotion instantly.

“Is that really Zhou Xuanji?”

“He’s so powerful. Huwang General was killed by him just like that!”

“That is a Ninth Rank demon, the same level as a Great Realization cultivator. But he could hardly withstand ten moves from Zhou Xuanji.”

“He is more merciful than the heavens. We must remember!”

“From today onwards, everyone who dares to shame and mock Zhou Xuanji is a devil and an enemy of mine!”

The cultivators were so excited that they began to cry out of joy. Their cries and cheers resounded across the entire wilderness.

On the other side.

Zhou Xuanji found a secluded forest and began to break through.

He already absorbed Potian Demon Monarch and Shihou Demon Sovereign’s demonic energy before. Now, with this Ninth Rank demon and his cultivation, he already had an opportunity for a breakthrough.

There were no divine tribulations when overcoming the levels of the Spirit Refinement stage.

Within half a day, he broke through successfully and reached Spirit Refinement Level Two!

After breaking through, he continued his journey.

He planned to search for powerful demons along the way and empower his cultivation by absorbing their demonic energy. By doing so, he would eliminate enemies for humanity along the way.

In the central region of the Northern Wilderness Region, there were battles everywhere. Each battlefield had a high ranking demon.

Other than great demons, he would attack any cultivators who were evildoers.

And so.

Half a year passed quickly.

Zhou Xuanji killed 12 Eighth Ranked demons, three Ninth Ranked ones, and countless demons and evil cultivators.

His cultivation reached Spirit Refinement Level Three successfully.

The entire Northern Wilderness Region was discussing him.

“Which great demon did Zhou Xuanji kill today?”

“I feel that Zhou Xuanji will overturn the war by himself.”

“What’s with his tactic? Defeating them one by one? How is that a heroic way of doing things?”

“Zhou Xuanji does not dare to deal with Huangquan Drake King, so he can only sneak around attacking the demons.”

“A hero of the human race, who dares to slander him again?”

“Canghai Ziggurat has announced the updated list of the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred. Zhou Xuanji ranked 42nd.”

Both the demons and humans were talking about Zhou Xuanji. The humans were expectant, while the demons were in fear.

Even though Jihuang Demon Lord ordered them to retreat at the sight of Zhou Xuanji, few could escape from his hands.

This was even harder to reinforce because the battlefields were too widely dispersed.

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji had successfully raised his ranking to 42nd in the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred.

He was only 28 years old!

28 years old Spirit Refinement cultivator!

Unrivaled across the Great Realization stage!

On the Northern Wilderness Genius Ranking, he was like the bright moon. Compared to him, the others were like faint stars.

In the world today, Zhou Xuanji was definitely a hugely reputed hero.

His fame could be compared to Jihuang Demon Lord, Huangquan Drake King, and Xian Xianghua.

But the good days did not last long.

Because the person who ranked first in the world was already back.

All kinds of rumors spread across the Northern Wilderness Region and straight away covered the talk about Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji had no idea of this, but he would not care even if he knew.

With news about Yang Di overshadowing his, it was easier for him to continue his endeavor.

As he traveled around, killing enemies and empowering himself, Zhou Xuanji was moving closer and closer to Great Zhou.

To prevent the demons from realizing that he was heading toward Great Zhou, he kept changing his route and making his traces hard to decipher.

In a dim dungeon.

Jihuang Demon Lord stood before the gate of the cell and stared fiercely at Xuanhe Divine Monk.

“You still haven’t divined it successfully?” He asked deeply. His murderous aura shot forward like arrows, making the monk shudder.

After knowing Yang Di’s return, Jihuang Demon Lord had been very anxious in his heart.

Zhou Xuanji was massacring his subordinates everywhere, and now that Yang Di had arrived, how could he not feel anxious.

“I can’t. Yang Di is too powerful. He is more powerful than he was at the previous World Millennium Duel. He already has the power to ascend,” Xuanhe Divine Monk said with gritted teeth. Jihuang Demon Lord asked him to divine many things, and one of them was the weak points of Yang Di.

Jihuang Demon Lord asked with a frown, “Then what about the Ten Thousand Year Prince? Can he stand against Yang Di?”

In the legends, the Ten Thousand Year Prince was almost an omnipotent figure. Once the Prince was born, he was invincible and became a Great Emperor.

Although Zhou Xuanji was devilishly talented, he still needed time to grow.

“I really don’t know where the Ten Thousand Year Prince is. I only know that he was already born among the living in the Northern Wilderness Region. However…”

Xuanhe Divine Monk sighed. He could sense that Jihuang Demon Lord was already bedeviled.

And Yang Di was the reason.

“However, what?” Jihuang Demon Lord grasped the cell gate tightly and roared furiously. The entire underground space shook violently.

Xuanhe Divine Monk took a deep breath and said, “Yang Di will unite the entire Northern Wilderness Region. This is an unavoidable fate. He will become the next Great Emperor after the Hegemon Sword Emperor. He will live eternally and forcefully ascend to the Upper Realm. His will shall never wither.”

Jihuang Demon Lord heard this and frowned. He did not yell but became silent.

The underground cell was silent once again.

After a long while.

He said with gritted teeth, “I don’t believe in fate. Yang Di will eventually be defeated by me. The only one who can conquer the Northern Wilderness Region is me!”

Ranking second in the world was not a glorious thing for him. It was a shame because he was older than Yang Di. When he was fighting with Xian Xianghua for the ranking, Yang Di was not even born yet. How could he willingly be surpassed by someone younger than him?