I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 255 - Chapter 255 Yang Di Appeared

Chapter 255 - Chapter 255 Yang Di Appeared


“If I don’t go, Great Zhou will be destroyed,” Zhou Xuanji looked at Xian Xianghua and said solemnly.

“Then let Great Zhou be destroyed. That’s not your business. Why are you pretending to be benevolent?” Xian Xianghua frowned and said.

The courtyard was silent. Everyone looked at them nervously and did not even dare to breathe loudly.

Zhou Xuanji stood up, and they looked at each other in the eyes. Neither backed down in their attitude.

“I’m not pretending to be benevolent. I promised them. If I’m not principled enough to keep my words and just live for the sake of staying alive, then I’ll be like rats and carrions. What’s the meaning of living, then?” He said softly with determination, but he did not move Xian Xianghua.

“But you will die. If you die, what meaning does a promise have?”

Xian Xianghua retorted.

Why is this brat so stubborn?

Zhou Xuanji asked back, “How do you know that I will surely die?”

“I’ve lived in the Northern Wilderness Region for twenty-eight years. If I always did things that I was not confident in, do you think I could stay alive until now?”

Now that he had already broken through to Spirit Refinement and had two Heavenly Soul legendary swords in hand, he was already very powerful!

Moreover, he still had time to grow in power!

He was someone who took promises seriously.

If Great Zhou was destroyed because of him, it might become a bane that haunts him in his cultivation.

Once a man breaks his principles, there would be no end to breaking his faith. It was not about once or twice. It was about none and countless times.

Xian Xianghua was moved by the expression in his eyes. She sighed and could only give up on her persuasion.

The others were convinced by Zhou Xuanji as well.

That was the Sword God Zhou they knew.


Never avoid provocations!

“I believe in our Revered Teacher,” Xiao Jinghong spoke. A tinge of fervency could be seen in his eyes.

He had already begun to look forward to seeing how Zhou Xuanji would defeat Huangquan Drake King.

The others spoke their mind as well and cheered Zhou Xuanji on.

Xian Xianghua was in a rage. She snorted coldly and stomped her feet, but she did not speak further.

However, Zhou Xuanji’s words really moved her heart.

“This brat really has the demeanor of the world’s top cultivator.”

Xian Xianghua thought to herself as she gazed at Zhou Xuanji.

Two hours later.

Zhou Xuanji gathered everyone together and told them about Huangquan Drake King.

He planned to head to Great Zhou alone while everyone else stayed put to wait for him.

With Ning Zifeng around, it was unlikely that anyone would be of threat to them.

The group did not object. Although Jiang Xue was worried, she knew she could not change Zhou Xuanji’s mind. She could only urge him to take care.

“After I leave, you should minimize excursions outside. Even if you go out, don’t tell others your names. Our enemy’s intelligence capability is much better than we could imagine,” Zhou Xuanji instructed. After that, he left on his sword and disappeared into the horizon instantly.

Looking at the direction of his departure, Xian Xianghua flicked her sleeves and snorted before heading back to her room to heal herself.

Huang Lianxin wrapped her arm around Jiang Xue’s, smiled, and said, “Don’t worry, we must believe in him. My prediction is that one year later, news about him defeating Huangquan Drake King will spread all over the Northern Wilderness Region.”

Looking back, there were so many battles that everyone thought Zhou Xuanji would surely lose, and yet he won them all.

So what if Huangquan Drake King was ranked fifth?

Jiang Xue sighed and said, “Of course I believe in him. I’m just worried that he will suffer. ”

Great Zhou.

The royal city that used to flourish and prosper had now turned into ruins. Smoke was still rising from across the royal city.

Inside the collapsed houses, people could be faintly seen. They hid inside and did not dare to come out like hateful spirits in despair.

On the remnant of the royal palace, a massive dragon sat. Its dozens-of-meters-wide body was covered with khaki scales, and its claws were even bigger than the palace. It extended its head into the clouds, and its two whiskers were like two bands that tied the heavens and the earth together.

Before this massive dragon, everyone shuddered.

It was like the most gigantic living creature in this world.

It was Huangquan Drake King!

Huangquan Twin Devils stood on top of a palace below him and looked into the billowing clouds, an expression of amazement on their face.

“The Drake King’s internalization of Qi is really impressive. It feels like the ocean sucking in all rivers.”

“Of course. I sense that the Drake King has become more powerful. He might be able to get a higher ranking in the next World Millennium Duel.”

“That is for sure. Xian Xianghua is useless now. Jiang Wudi can hardly be of any threat.”

“Do you think Zhou Xuanji dares to come?”

“He loves his face so much, why would he not come?” The two demonic cultivators chatted. When they mentioned Zhou Xuanji, they gnashed their teeth.

Because of Zhou Xuanji, they had failed so many times. Zhou Xuanji had already become the biggest enemy in their hearts.

Their hatred for him would not be satisfied even if they killed Zhou Xuanji.

At this moment, a group of demonic cultivators walked over from their side, standing guard over Zhou Chengxin, Xitan Changshi, and other people who were in power in Great Zhou.

In Huangquan Path, demonic cultivators mixed with demons. As such, Huangquan Drake King was considered a neutral force, but he chose to side with Jihuang Demon Lord this time.

Zhou Chengxin was in great despair. His tattered emperor robe and his unkempt hair made him look like a beggar.

He was escorted to Huangquan Drake King and was forced to kneel down.

At this moment, he did not look like Great Zhou’s Emperor at all.

“The Emperor of Great Zhou, I have sent out orders to invite Zhou Xuanji for a fight. If Zhou Xuanji does not come, you will watch the end of Great Zhou. I will let you die last,” Huangquan Drake King’s voice came, his mighty voice shaking the sea of clouds.

Having heard him, Zhou Chengxin’s face was pale like paper.

He had personally witnessed how powerful Huangquan Drake King was.

He was like a god descending onto their world, invincibly powerful!

Although Zhou Xuanji’s talent was unprecedented, he was still too weak compared to Huangquan Drake King.

They were in a totally different league.

“If you have any ways to lure Zhou Xuanji to come and fight, I can leave Great Zhou lingering on its last breath, and I will leave as well,” Huangquan Drake King’s voice came again. His massive body was like a divine mountain, unshakably domineering.

Zhou Chengxin looked up and fell into a dilemma.

He had no idea how to contact Zhou Xuanji.

If he could, he would have already asked Zhou Xuanji for help.

A wolf demon suddenly appeared beside Zhou Chengxin and cupped his fist, “Drake King, news from Yang Di’s side. He has come out of his isolation and declared that he would walk in the world for a hundred years.”

Yang Di!

Huangquan Drake King’s massive body shook.

Top rank in the world!

This title was sufficient to suffocate him.

He did not speak but fell silent as though he was in deep thought.

At the same time.

News about Huangquan Drake King taking Great Zhou hostage to force Zhou Xuanji to ask Zhou Xuanji for a duel had already spread.

On the human side, everyone was berating him for how shameless Huangquan Drake King was. How could Zhou Xuanji defeat him?

The demons were mocking Zhou Xuanji and dared him to come, and they trampled on the morale of the humans.

Soon, the world once again turned their attention to Zhou Xuanji.

Under the clear blue sky, the ocean waves rushed onto the beaches and reefs.

Jiang Wudi stood on a piece of reef rock and frowned. A white-shirted man, who had an ordinary look but elegant demeanor, half-knelt behind him.

“Huangquan Drake King is really shameless,” Jiang Wudi said disdainfully after hearing the white-shirted man’s report.

He began to think about whether to help Zhou Xuanji.

That guy’s talent was really horrifying. He wanted to use his talent to cause the Jiang Clan to prosper.