I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 254 - Chapter 254 The Battle of Fate

Chapter 254 - Chapter 254 The Battle of Fate


The group was stunned, including Zhou Xuanji.

The plotline is not right!

Yang Di wanted to reign over the Northern Wilderness Region and unite the human race because Zhou Xuanji appeared?

Shouldn’t it be that Zhou Xuanji would replace Yang Di as the main character?

Xian Xianghua snorted coldly and asked, “What about him? What’s his fate?”

Since she was defeated by Yang Di three times, she did not like him and would not want Yang Di to get all the prestige.

She did not even allow others to proclaim Yang Di’s prowess.

“I cannot see through him. He does not seem to exist in this world, which is why I’m the most curious about him,” Daoseeker shook his head and said. Just when he finished speaking, he teleported to Zhou Xuanji’s face. Zhou Xuanji sharpened his look out of fear and almost attacked Daoseeker.

Such speed!

There must be more to this guy than the Great Realization stage!

He must have used spells similar to the Qi Obscuring Incantation.

Ning Zifeng drew his sword and stood between Daoseeker and Zhou Xuanji. “Old taoist, you better don’t act recklessly,” he said deeply.

Xian Xianghua, Jiang Xue, Daoya Old Man, and the others were also ready for battle. They surrounded Daoseeker.

“I’ve said it before. I will not hurt anyone,” Daoseeker replied as he sized Zhou Xuanji up thoughtfully.

The second-generation disciples, on the other hand, were nervous. They finally realized that Daoseeker was unfathomable.

“I will keep watch over you. I look forward to seeing what kind of clashes will happen between you and Yang Di. Both of you have Monarchial Violet Qi, and he is rather special. If everything goes smoothly, he will become a legend to be sung among the human race in tens of thousands of years. He will become the Northern Wilderness Region unprecedented Great Emperor.”

Daoseeker said casually, which made Xian Xianghua rather unhappy.

Can you stop boasting about Yang Di?

Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes. Is Yang Di that powerful?

He did not feel fear but was more excited and motivated.

If this were so, then he would be fighting against someone comparable to the Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way. Yang Di’s achievements could even surpass the Nine Emperors.

“Young man, your path ahead will be arduous.”

Daoseeker smiled. As he finished speaking, he disappeared into thin air and did not leave any trace.

Everyone was stunned.

Zhou Xuanji fell into deep thought.

“Is he… a celestial being?”

A second generation disciple asked carefully. His words were filled with reverence.

Who could come and go so easily before Zhou Xuanji and Xian Xianghua except for celestial beings?”

“Celestial your head! He’s just a pretender!” Chongming Demon Monarch berated.

After that, he tucked his neck and scanned his surroundings, just in case that Daoseeker was still nearby.

“Xuanji is mysterious, indeed. Back then, when I divined that we would be killed, only Xuanji was among us. No matter how I divined this brat, I could not get a glimpse. It seems like back then, when I changed his fate, he was given an extremely extraordinary fate.”

Daoya Old Man rubbed his chin as he spoke his thought.

When Zhou Xuanji was just born, Heaven did not allow him to live because he was reincarnated. So, he chose to go against Heaven to change his fate and made secret Heaven’s will for him.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head in a smile and said, “Stop overthinking it. Let’s take one step at a time. Treasure what we have now and become as powerful as we can.”

So what if it was Yang Di!

His aim was never Yang Di!

He aimed to ascend!

He aimed to become invincible!

The group nodded. They chatted as they moved ahead.

“What are you doing there still! Continue to practice your sword techniques!”

Ning Zifeng, who was in a bad mood, cried out, which frightened the second-generation disciples to quickly raise their swords and continue practicing.

Daoseeker’s appearance was like a shadow that veiled their hearts.

They foresaw that Yang Di would appear soon.

The war between the two races seemed to already be coming to an end.

“A few more recruitments and we should head back,” Daoya Old Man suggested. Although Zhou Xuanji was powerful, he still needed time to catch up with Yang Di.

Zhou Xuanji did not answer him.

He was not worried about losing to Yang Di.

He was worried that after he grew powerful enough, Yang Di would already ascend.

Yang Di was already the top cultivator in the world three consecutive times.

It was likely that he had lost interest in the Northern Wilderness Region.

A month later.

Zhou Xuanji and his companions stopped over a small town. Xiao Jinghong and the others were recruiting disciples while he drank wine and was deep in thought.

He was thinking about World Reincarnation.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached twenty-eight years old. Gacha began!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner has obtained, “[Amethyst] Wind Folding Sword, [Gold] Water Short Sword, and [Gold] Volcanic Sword.”

The Sword Spirit’s voice broke his train of thought.

Next, lines of words that only he could see appeared:

Sword Name: Wind Folding sword

Grade: Amethyst

Description: This sword was forged with wind stone. It can absorb the wind and charge it up for an attack!

Sword Name: Water Short Sword

Grade: Gold

Description: A peerless dagger. After its sword Qi enters the enemy’s body, it can transform into powerful water that corrodes the enemy’s blood.

Sword Name: Volcanic Sword

Description: The sword was formed by a volcano. It contains within itself the power of a volcano. This sword can be upgraded by absorbing volcanoes.

Three legendary swords!

Each had their own ability, and two of them could be leveled up.

Yet, he was not surprised.

He was no longer at Foundation Building or Enlightening.

Gold legendary was no longer helpful in empowering him. While the Amethyst swords could empower him a little, they were far weaker than Glorious Gold and Heavenly Soul ones. The latter could help him defeat enemies that had a higher cultivation than him.

The higher one’s cultivation stage goes, the vaster the difference.

The difference between two levels in Spirit Refinement was like the difference between the early stages of cultivation.

What was worth mentioning was that the Thunderclap Sword had been successfully upgraded.

It jumped over Amethyst and became a Glorious Gold legendary sword from a mere Gold one!

How powerful was the heavenly lightning of a heavenly tribulation!

Zhou Xuanji took out the three legendary swords and familiarized himself with them.

At this moment.

Zhao Congjian ran into the pavilion suddenly and half-knelt before him.

“Master, bad news,” he said deeply with a worried look.

Zhou Xuanji touched his sword and asked, “What is the bad news?”

Xiao Jinghong, Ning Zifeng, and Beixiao Wangjian, who were evaluating the disciples, looked back.

“Huangquan Drake King has charged into Great Zhou and resides in the royal palace. He swore to fight you. If you don’t find him in a year, he will burn down and destroy the entire Great Zhou Empire!” Zhao Congjian said with gritted teeth. His eyes were filled with fury.

Huangquan Drake King again!

Such a bad penny!

Zhou Xuanji stored up the three legendary swords into his Supreme Storage. “No human Sanctums reinforced Great Zhou?” He asked.

Huangquan Drake King wanted to hold Great Zhou hostage against him!

Back then, he promised to assist Great Zhou after all. If he didn’t go, he would be unfaithful to his own words and draw hatred from countless people in Great Zhou.

Such a despicable and shameless scheme!

No wonder he could be ranked fifth in the world!

“Red River Valley was defeated and could only retreat,” Zhao Congjian replied. It was not that the Sanctum did not bother but that they were not powerful enough.

Zhou Xuanji began to contemplate.

They were such a great distance away from Great Zhou. If he were to bring the entire group of people, it would be difficult to even reach Great Zhou in one year. Even if he reached Great Zhou, he could hardly protect his second-generation disciples.

If he were to head over alone, Huangquan Drake King and Jihuang Demon Lord might ambush him in Great Zhou.

However, he had to go.

As a man, he must keep his word!

“You cannot go. Huangquan Drake King ranks fifth in the world and has exceeded the Great Realization stage. He has countless powerful cultivators under his command. You are heading to your death if you go!” Xian Xianghua appeared beside Zhou Xuanji and said fiercely.