I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 253 - Chapter 253 Seeking the Way. Divining the Fate

Chapter 253 - Chapter 253 Seeking the Way. Divining the Fate


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“Don’t try to trick me. If you want to avenge your teacher, you have to rely on me. And those disciples of yours, I’m the one who decides whether they live or die.”

Jihuang Demon Lord looked down on the Divine Monk and mocked him.

He had other uses for the monk, which was why he did not kill him.

Xuanhe Divine Monk and Daoya Old Man were close friends, and both were masters in divination. They knew Yin and Yang and understood how to divine fate.

Facing Jihuang Demon Lord’s threat, Xuanhe Divine monk did not reply.

He was already used to it.

”Oh yes, is Zhou Xuanji the Ten Thousand Year Prince?”

Jihuang Demon Lord inquired further. His eyes looked at the monk intently.

He knew about the monk’s relationship with Daoya Old Man, who was the grand-teacher of Zhou Xuanji.

The murder of the monk’s teacher partnered with his close friend’s grand-student—what irony.

”No, the Ten Thousand Year Prince is another person and has already been born.”

Xuanhe Divine Monk replied, which made the Demon Lord frown.

”Is Yang Di the Ten Thousand Year Prince?”


”Jiang Wudi”





Jihuang Demon Lord fell into silence. Fury was burning in his eyes.

He asked gravely, “Then tell me. Who is the Ten Thousand Year Prince?”

Legends about the Ten Thousand Year Prince was really suspicious. If that kind of person really existed, he or she would surely become an obstacle to him.

”This monk has no idea.”

Xuanhe Divine Monk replied. Jihuang Demon Lord stared at him and struck him with his palm across the air.


Xuanhe Divine Monk was slammed into the wall, and blood welled up from his throat.

Jihuang Demon Lord snorted coldly before turning around and leaving.

Three months later

Zhou Xuanji and his companions were walking in the desert. About a hundred people followed behind him. They practiced their sword techniques as they walked.

As of now, there were a hundred and twenty-one second-generation disciples.

Zhou Xuanji’s battle during the heavenly tribulation, his fame peaked. When he passed by an empire previously, countless people were drawn to him. After a half-month long evaluation, there were a few dozen disciples who were quite talented.

He always asked for quality over quantity.

These second-generation disciples had good insight into the Sword’s Way. They could learn a sword technique in a short time, even though they needed much more time to reach Great Accomplishment.

Xu Yang had already become a senior disciple amongst the second-generation disciples. Although other disciples surpassed him in talent, none of them had his jumpy character.

Moreover, he had already taken Xiao Jinghong to be his teacher, and Xiao Jinghong was Zhou Xuanji’s only disciple.

At this moment, Ning Zifeng was teaching the second-generation disciples sword techniques. Everyone’s movements were in sync with his, which looked very impressive.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xuanji was discussing hidden powerful cultivators in the Northern Wilderness Region with Daoya Old Man and Xian Xianghua at the front.

Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Han Shenbo, Chongming Demon Monarch, Huang Lianxin, and Beixiao Wangjian were all listening attentively.

The little black snake and Zhou Xiaoqi were playing around with Zhang Kuanglan.

The two dragon eagles circled in the air and patrolled for them.

”I have always been curious. Who taught Yang Di?”

Daoya Old Man asked Xian Xianghua. Among them, only Xian Xianghua knew Yang Di. They fought three times after all.

Xian Xianghua rolled her eyes at him and said, “How the hell would I know?”

Zhou Xuanji, on the other hand, was thinking about the Haotian Sect.

Would there be more devil lords from the Haotian Sect that remained in the world?

Or else, with Zhang Kuanglan’s current cultivation, it would not have a significant impact on him.

At this moment.

Xian Xianghua stopped her footsteps suddenly, and so did Daoya Old Man.

Zhou Xuanji looked up and saw someone walking toward them amidst the dusty storm.

”Everyone, on guard!”

Ning Zifeng cried out, and the second generation disciples stopped immediately.

”Great Realization cultivation. Nothing to fear.”

XIan Xianghua smiled softly, which made the others speechless.

The little black snake could not hold but asked, “You are already badly injured, and you still look down on Great Realization cultivators?”

Right after he spoke, a wave of murderous aura made him shudder. He immediately shut his mouth and hid behind Zhou Xiaoqi.

”Born extraordinary, your fate contains the purple Qi. Heaven envies, and your life is difficult.”

An old voice came from ahead, which shocked Zhou Xuanji and the others slightly.

The incoming person is hostile!

That statement was apparently describing Zhou Xuanji.

”Who are you? Tell us.”

Daoya Old Man asked loudly. He was not worried because Zhou Xuanji was already powerful enough since even a Great Realization cultivator was not enough to threaten him yet.

That person walked out of the dust storm. He was wearing an old, yellow daoist robe and his hair was pinned by a wooden pin. His face looked emaciated, but his eyes were fierce.

He stared fixedly at Zhou Xuanji and ignored the others. “I have no name. You can call me the Daoseeker. I travel throughout the world to see the traces of the Heavenly Dao’s activities. ”


Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself, “Could this guy be a lunatic?”

The others frowned too and instinctively thought that something was wrong with Daoseeker’s head.

Daoseeker walked over slowly but still looked intently at Zhou Xuanji.

”You don’t belong to the Northern Wilderness Region, and yet you could heavily impact the fated path of the Northern Wilderness Region. You are neither Heaven, the Ten Thousand Year Prince, nor the Son of Fate. Who are you?” He continued to ask, and Zhou Xuanji contemplated.

Could this guy see that he was reincarnated here?

Ning Zifeng drew his sword and charged. “Crazy old Daoist, who allowed you to talk rubbish!” He cursed.

In an instant, he came up to Daoseeker’s face and slashed toward him.

The Daoseeker dodged with great agility. Facing Ning Zifeng’s attacks, he did not retaliate and only evaded.

The movements of the two were very swiftly, and the second generation disciples could barely catch up.

”Such speed!”

”That old guy can dodge Senior Ning’s sword!”

”Could he be some powerhouse?”

”Anyway, our Grand-teacher is here. Don’t need to be afraid.”

”Yeah, we also have the top evil cultivator.”

The second-generation disciples chatted among themselves lightheartedly. They smiled and were not nervous.

Xian Xianghua frowned and muttered, “Daoseeker. This name sounds so familiar. I seem to have heard it somewhere before.”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at her but did not ask a thing.

”Zifeng, come back,” he cried out. Having heard him, Ning Zifeng snorted coldly before he backed off.

He looked reluctantly, but he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

This old guy is unfathomable!

Daoseeker stopped walking and looked at Zhou Xuanji. His eyes were filled with doubts.

”Daoseeker. What is it that you want? If you want to fight, then be careful that my legendary swords are blind. If you have other matters, tell us quickly and then move aside,” Zhou Xuanji asked calmly. They were just talking about powerful cultivators in the Northern Wilderness Region who had yet to die, and now they had encountered one.

That old guy could deal with Ning Zifeng easily, which means he was considered average or even higher in the Great Realization stage.

”I’m just curious. I have never interfered with events in the world. Ever since ancient times, no one could hurt me, and I have hurt no one.”

Daoseeker shook his head and looked expectantly.

”I have met Yang Di. He had the qualities of a Great Emperor. Before you appeared, the Northern Wilderness Region’s fate was that he would surely become the Great Emperor, but things changed after you appeared.”

His words made everyone surprised.

Could it be that Zhou Xuanji was going to replace Yang Di?

Xian Xianghua’s eyes curved into crescents as she smiled. She suddenly looked at the Daoseeker favorably.

”After you appeared, Yang Di’s heart changed,” the Daoseeker continued to speak, “He’s no longer an ascetic cultivator. Soon, he shall reign over the entire Northern Wilderness Region and unite the human race.”