I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 250 - Chapter 250 – Ancient God Sword, Evil Green Sword

Chapter 250 - Chapter 250 – Ancient God Sword, Evil Green Sword


Spirit Refinement stage!

Refining the Astral Spirit!

With tribulation lightning wrapped around him, Zhou Xuanji fell into an incredibly profound state. The lightning wrapped around his golden body making him look like a lightning god that stood between the heavens and earth. He stood proudly on the battlefield, allowing the tribulation lightning to continuously batter him.

The dozens of swords spiraled around him, causing wind to blow out.

Thunderclouds were still roiling, and they gave off an oppressive feeling as if the sky was going to fall.

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji’s comprehension towards World Reaction increased greatly.

As lightning entered his body, it turned into his power. As he blasted it out, it disappeared into the heavens and earth and returned to nature. Wasn’t this a cycle of reincarnation?

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached Spirit Refinement stage. Gacha begins!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner has obtained [Heavenly Soul] Ancient God Sword, [Gold] Evil Green Sword, Tyrant Emperor Ring!”

The Sword Spirit’s voice suddenly sounded out in Zhou Xuanji’s head.

Heavenly Soul legendary sword!

This was his second Heavenly Soul legendary sword!

However, he could not pay any mind to the swords for now and focused on ascending the tribulation.

His aura continuously rose, causing all of the demons and cultivators’ expressions to change.

Xian Xianghua’s frown disappeared and a beautiful smile appeared on her face.

In the distance.

“Hahaha! I knew Grand-Teacher could do it!” Xu Yang was so excited that he started jumping up and down as if it was him who had ascended the tribulation, not Zhou Xuanji.

Jiang Xue was so happy that she cried. Her hands were clasped together against her chest, praying for Zhou Xuanji.

Daoya Old Man and Ning Zifeng stared in disbelief.

That was an Ascension Tribulation!

Everyone else cheered.

On the Hanyin Divine Sect’s side, cheers shook the heavens; everyone was shouting Zhou Xuanji’s name.

At that moment, in their hearts, Zhou Xuanji was the Sword Emperor of the current age!

His way of ascending the tribulation was simply too domineering!

He had directly absorbed the lightning war god!


Xu Xianxuan stood on the city walls, her smile as beautiful as a flower.

Nan Ruyun and Zhang Lanya looked at each other, and they could both see the shock in the others’ eyes.

This boy had even survived an Ascension Tribulation; didn’t this mean he was guaranteed to ascend?

“Too powerful!”

“From now on, Zhou Xuanji is my idol!”

“I suddenly want to learn how to use a sword…”

“Too domineering! This is the heroism of a man, daring to oppose the heavens!”

“I have a feeling that he will rival, or even surpass, the Nine Emperors of the Way of the Sword!”

“In 1,000 years, he will definitely be number one in the world!”

The cultivators heatedly discussed. None of them cared about the difference of factions and all expressed how excited they felt.

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji felt unprecedented power, as if everything in the heavens and earth was incredibly small.

He was like a god, looking down at all creatures!

Gradually, he found that he had actually gained control over the power of Heavenly Thunder.

When he activated Golden Invincibility, tribulation lightning would appear as well.

Who would dare to get close to him?

He looked down at the Thunderclap Sword and inwardly asked, “After absorbing so much tribulation lightning, shouldn’t it upgrade?”

“Indeed, once the divine tribulation ends, the Supreme Legendary Sword System will help it upgrade,” the Sword Spirit quickly replied, causing Zhou Xuanji’s eyes to narrow.

“Doesn’t this mean that I can always rely on the Thunderclap Sword in the future when I encounter divine tribulations?”

“In theory, yes as long as the divine tribulation’s power does not exceed the Thunderclap Sword’s limits.”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji could not help but loudly laugh.

It felt too good!

From now on, didn’t that mean he wouldn’t have to fear divine tribulations?

He could even help his group overcome their tribulations!

While helping others with their tribulations, he could have the Thunderclap continue to absorb the power of Heavenly Thunder, allowing it to continue upgrading—this was simply killing two birds with one stone.

Thinking about that, he became more and more pleased.


The sound of the air being torn could be heard as a large saber shot towards him incredibly quickly.

Zhou Xuanji immediately moved; his body turned into countless blurs, looking incredibly bewildering as he slashed out.


The Sky Extinguishing Sword directly slashed the saber in half, and sparks flew everywhere.

Shihou Demon Sovereign’s expression fell. That was his treasured saber!

It had broken, just like that?

Zhou Xuanji suddenly rushed towards him, his speed much faster than before!

Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps!


Shihou Demon Sovereign could not even react in time before he was beheaded, and blood spurted towards the sky.

Zhou Xuanji appeared behind him, holding the Thunderclap Sword backhanded and stabbing it into his back. He activated World Internalisation and madly absorbed Shihou Demon Sovereign’s demon energy.

Soon, Shihou Demon Sovereign’s body weakened and crumpled to the ground.

His Astral Spirit left his body and looked at Zhou Xuanji in terror.

He immediately turned and ran, as he understood he was not a match for Zhou Xuanji.

However, Zhou Xuanji ferociously threw out the Thunderclap Sword.

Ranged Sword Propelling!

He quickly raised his right hand and the Tianxia Map exploded out with suction power, sucking Shihou Demon Sovereign’s Astral Spirit into his palm.

He did not hesitate at all and used the Tianxia Map to kill Shihou Demon Sovereign’s Astral Spirit.

In front of him, a Ninth Rank great demon had died without being able to retaliate!

The heavens and earth fell silent.

He bent down and picked up Shihou Demon Sovereign’s ring, and tribulation lightning continued to fall on his body.

However, the tribulation lightning could no longer hurt him.

Potian Demon Monarch and all of the other demons were completely stunned.

The Hanyin Divine Sect’s people were also dumbfounded.


This was a bit too unbelievable.

Zhou Xuanji’s performance before and after transcending his tribulation were like two different people!

He slowly turned and looked at Potian Demon Monarch as he said, “Tell Jihuang Demon Lord that I’ll make him pay for harming my woman.

“Oh, you won’t have a chance to tell him.”

After speaking, he turned into a bolt of lightning and rushed towards Potian Demon Monarch.

Ancestor Dragon Sword!

He turned into a five-clawed golden dragon, his body surrounded with tribulation lightning and giving off an unstoppable aura.

Potian Demon Monarch’s expression fell, and he immediately turned to run.

It was a pity that his speed was far inferior to Zhou Xuanji’s.


The five-clawed golden dragon slammed into Potian Demon Monarch’s back, and the terrifying power in conjunction with the divine tribulation caused his body to be torn apart.

Zhou Xuanji’s momentum carried him forwards, slamming into a barrier of light around the city and shattering it.

Just as he was about to slam into the city walls, the five-clawed golden dragon turned back into Zhou Xuanji.

Motes of starry light floated down from the sky and fell on his body, and the cultivators on the city walls looked at him in shock. They would never forget this spectacle.

Zhou Xuanji looked up and the thunderclouds started to clear as traces of sunlight descended from the sea of clouds, covering the land.

In the distance, the demon army hurriedly ran in fear, afraid that Zhou Xuanji would come after them.

The battle had concluded.

Zhou Xuanji had completely turned things around with his own strength!

He stood where he was, allowing the Sword Spirit to provide him with information about the two swords.

Sword Name: Ancient God Sword

Grade: Heavenly Soul

Description: Contains the remnant souls of nine ancient, powerful beings. The power of one soul can be released every three years and when all nine souls are released, this sword’s might will be fully awakened.

Sword Name: Evil Green Sword

Grade: Gold

Description: Legends say that there are seven colored swords in the Evil Abyss. Each color represents one kind of desire and green represents sorrow. When all seven color swords are gathered, they will fuse to form an ancient demonic sword!

Nine ancient power beings?

Zhou Xuanji blinked; were they nine ancient powerful beings from the Northern Wilderness or from the Supreme Legendary Sword System?

And there was the Evil Green Sword!

There were other colors as well, and when all seven were combined, they would form an ancient demonic sword?

Green represented sorrow; he could not help but think of another implication. [TLN: In Chinese, green can also represent being cuckolded]

Just as he was randomly thinking to himself, Xian Xianghua walked over to him and smiled as she said, “Little husband, you were so impressive. After today, you should be able to rise to the top 50 in the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100.”