I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 249 - Chapter 249 – Spirit Refinement Stage! Completely

Chapter 249 - Chapter 249 – Spirit Refinement Stage! Completely



“Heaven’s jealousy! Certain death!” The lightning war god said as he looked at Zhou Xuanji. Following this, two bolts of tribulation lightning shot out of his eyes.

They were as swift and powerful as storms!

Just as Zhou Xuanji thought about evading, he was hit by the two bolts of lightning, and his body stiffened.

The Ruyi Purple Cloud Robe split open from the impact, and singed blood leaked out from the hole, landing on the ground.


Zhou Xuanji felt immense pain, and it was as if his body had been torn apart!

Immense pain, as if there were countless insects devouring his body!

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji nearly fainted.

All this time, he had experienced all kinds of pain and his heart was as steady as a boulder, but he was still given a big fright.

He gritted his teeth and did his best to endure.

His arms shook and his entire body became a resplendent golden color.

Golden Invincibility!

He very rarely entered this state. One reason was because there was no need during ordinary times, and the other was that it used up too many resources.

Now, he was forced to use Golden Invincibility to endure the assault of the tribulation lightning.

At that moment, the lightning war good suddenly stepped forwards and walked down from the clouds.

All of the humans and demons looked incredibly nervous.

Could it really be that he really was an Immortal or god revealing himself?

Potian Demon Monarch and Shihou Demon Sovereign were so afraid that they scrambled back in fear, and the other demons flooded away.

Xian Xianghua flew out of the magic formation and rushed towards Zhou Xuanji.

Seeing her, the two Ninth Rank great demons’ eyes lit up, but they did not dare to rashly advance because the lightning war god had descended.

“Don’t come over!” Zhou Xuanji shouted as he stared at the lightning war god walking towards him.

He wanted to take on his divine tribulation by himself!

Xian Xianghua stopped and frowned as she looked at him, her eyes filled with worry.

An Ascension Tribulation like this was incredibly terrifying. He only had Astral Projection cultivation; could he survive it?

“Heaven’s jealousy? Very good, I like those words,” Zhou Xuanji smirked as he muttered.

His existence could already cause the heavens to be jealous!

Zhou Xuanji’s swords rushed at the lightning war god, surrounding him and creating a formation.

Hundred Star Sky-Covering Formation!

Countless traces of sword qi whistled out of the swords and madly attacked the lightning war god.

Soon, the lightning war god’s figure was inundated by the sword qi.

The scene was quite majestic and the countless people and demons watching felt dumbfounded.

This was…

A sword formation!

A single person could use such a powerful sword formation?

“This fellow…” Shihou Demon Sovereign said with his teeth gritted, a look of fear on his face.

If Zhou Xuanji continued to live, he would definitely become a big trouble for the demon race.

Within the Hanyin Divine Sect, countless shocked voices sounded out.

“A sword formation! What a domineering sword formation!”

“In this age, surely Zhou Xuanji is already the number one person in the Way of the Sword.”

“Of course; only the Hegemon Sword Sect’s Sect Lord can compare to him.”

“So powerful, if I was in that formation, I’d be reduced to ashes.”

“However, that’s an Ascension Tribulation; it won’t be that easy to survive.”

The cultivators discussed among themselves, all of them feeling very nervous. After all, this concerned their life or death.

If Zhou Xuanji died, they would not be able to live either.

Just at that moment, the lightning war god suddenly stepped out from the Hundred Star Sky-Covering Formation. Countless traces of sword qi wrapped around him, but they were unable to stop him.


The Hundred Star Sky-Covering Formation was broken!

Dozens of swords were sent flying and spiraled through the air, while the lightning war god continued to walk towards Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji deeply breathed in and looked down at the Sky Extinguishing Sword and the Right, Wrong, Justice Sword in his hands.

“Looks like I can only fight,” he muttered as the spirit energy within his body madly exploded out.

The Tianxia Map provided Zhou Xuanji with an unending stream of spirit energy, allowing him to put his all into the fight.

The tribulation lightning continued to blast down on his body, causing him to gradually become stronger.

Zhou Xuanji bent his right leg and leapt up.

The ruins where he had been before directly collapsed, causing the grassy plains to tremble.

With a Heavenly Soul legendary sword’s power supporting him, Zhou Xuanji’s aura rapidly exploded. He directly used Sky Dominating Divine Sword’s sword will, turned into a ray of sword light, and shot out.


The lightning war god raised his halberd and hacked out, slamming into the Sky Extinguishing Sword. As the two extremely mighty waves of power clashed, Zhou Xuanji’s right arm became numb.

As for the lightning war god, he did not tremble even a bit.

“Heaven’s jealousy! Certain death!” The lightning war god once again spoke, his voice imposing, seeming like a god that was warning mankind.

After saying this, he pushed downwards with his arms, sending Zhou Xuanji falling down.

The legendary swords gathered together and formed layers, creating a sword net that stopped Zhou Xuanji’s falling body.

Just as he stabilized his body, the lightning war god suddenly rushed down at him and stepped on his body with one foot.

The lightning war god was like a falling meteor, and underneath his foot, Zhou Xuanji was buried by dirt; it was unclear if he was still alive.

Seeing this, cold sweat ran down Xian Xianghua’s forehead. With how powerful this lightning war god was, Zhou Xuanji had almost no hope at winning.

However, she was heavily injured, and even if she acted, she would not be able to save him.

In the distance, Jiang Xue hurriedly asked Daoya Old Man, “Grand-Teacher, is there really no way to save him?”

She did not want to see Zhou Xuanji die and suffer so much pain.

Her heart was on the verge of shattering.

“There’s nothing we can do. Even if we all go, we won’t be able to save him. The divine tribulation started because of him, and the War God Evil-Slaying Tribulation has locked on to him,” Daoya Old Man said as he shook his head and sighed; he also felt very worried.

But what use was worrying?

Hearing this, Jiang Xue almost charged over, but Huang Lianxin hurriedly stopped her.

“Trust in master; he’ll definitely succeed!” Huang Lianxin could only try to comfort her like this.

“Hahaha! He’s definitely dead!” Potian Demon Monarch was incredibly happy. As expected from an Ascension Tribulation; it was so domineering!

Shihou Demon Sovereign was equally as excited.

This boy was finally going to die!

At that moment, countless traces of lightning suddenly came out from beneath the lightning war god’s feet, looking like millions of snakes twisting about.

A terrifying aura exploded out from beneath the lightning war god’s feet.

“Heavenly Thunder? Very good!” Zhou Xuanji’s cold voice sounded throughout the heavens and earth, and following this, the lightning war god’s body rose up.

Zhou Xuanji’s left hand was holding the lightning war god’s foot, lifting him up.

His right hand was no longer holding the Sky Extinguishing Sword but the Thunderclap Sword!

This sword contained the power of Heavenly Thunder and could absorb it to strengthen itself!

Not only this, Zhou Xuanji could also use World Internalisation to absorb some of the lightning war god’s power.

Zhou Xuanji and the Thunderclap Sword quickly became stronger.

“Heaven’s jealousy…” The lightning war god once again spoke, but before he could finish his sentence, his body quickly became smaller and was sucked into Zhou Xuanji’s left hand.

Even though the Tianxia Map was on Zhou Xuanji’s right hand, he could use his entire body to absorb spirit energy.

He directly absorbed the lightning war god!

A shockwave that was visible to the naked eye exploded out from within his body, spreading out in a circle in all directions and lifting up billowing dust. Potian Demon Monarch and Shihou Demon Sovereign were greatly frightened and leapt back, while countless demons were reduced to dust by this shockwave.

Spirit Refinement stage!

Zhou Xuanji had forcefully broken through!

Lightning surrounded his body, and the golden surface of his body shined. His eyes became a silver lightning color, and his pupils could not be seen!

At that moment, the extreme pain almost caused Zhou Xuanji to collapse, but his willpower was still holding on!

If he could endure, he would be able to soar to the sky in one swoop!

The Thunderclap Sword violently trembled and lightning danced along the blade; at a glance, it seemed like a sword of light.

It was helping Zhou Xuanji absorb the tribulation lightning!

“I… don’t believe I can’t make it through!” Zhou Xuanji gritted his teeth as he roared; his voice was even louder and clearer than the thunder.

He started to use the World Buddha Art’s energy technique.