I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 248 - Chapter 248 – War God Evil-Slaying Tribulation

Chapter 248 - Chapter 248 – War God Evil-Slaying Tribulation


Potian Demon Monarch’s right shoulder trembled and a new arm grew out as if it had never been cut.

He savagely smiled as he looked at Zhou Xuanji, and it was as if he was looking at prey.

Shihou Demon Sovereign came behind Zhou Xuanji and the two demons pincered him from the front and back. The other demons flooded over, surrounding him so that even water would not be able to flow through. Even the air was filled with circling demons.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Lightning bolts continuously blasted down, falling on Zhou Xuanji’s body. His Ruyi Purple Cloud Robe continuously shook under the assault, and it seemed to start to crack.

Zhou Xuanji twisted his neck as the lightning bathed his body; that kind of pain was indescribable.

However, he had to endure! Once he broke through to the Spirit Refinement stage, the demons around him would not amount to much.

“Stinking brat, just who are you to be able to challenge us with just Astral Projection stage cultivation? It’s not something that can be explained with just mere talent,” Potian Demon Monarch asked as he looked at Zhou Xuanji.

All of the demons glared at Zhou Xuanji like tigers watching their prey, but the depths of their eyes revealed deep fear.

This fellow was simply too terrifying!

True dragons were existences that could suppress all demons.

Long, long ago, the dragon race had reigned supreme over all creatures as gods. The bloodline suppression was able to cause their souls to tremble.

Who am I?” Zhou Xuanji tilted his head as he laughed, his expression incredibly cold.

Tribulation lightning continuously blasted onto his body, but he did not move. However, all of the Hanyin Divine Sect’s cultivators felt incredibly nervous for him.

Could Zhou Xuanji win in such circumstances?

From how things looked, it did not seem like he could defeat even a single Ninth Rank great demon.

“Revered Teacher, let’s fight as well!” Xu Xianxuan said to Zhang Lanya as she lightly bit her lips.

Zhang Lanya shook her head, saying, “With the divine tribulation, if we recklessly join in the battle, we will only suffer injuries and casualties for nothing.

“Moreover, it is not clear whether or not there are other great demons hiding in the surroundings.”

She did not dare to take this risk.

“Let him fight by himself,” Xian Xianghua’s voice suddenly sounded out as she and Nan Ruyun appeared behind them.

Xu Xianxuan and Zhang Lanya hurriedly half-knelt, paying their respects to these two people.

Xian Xianghua’s gaze fell towards the battlefield.

There was only Zhou Xuanji in her eyes.

“So who are you? Goddammit just tell us!” Shihou Demon Sovereign furiously cursed out. His roar sounded throughout the heavens and earth, causing the fragmented rocks within the ruins to tremble.

Potian Demon Monarch raised his fists and prepared to attack.

In his eyes, Zhou Xuanji was already dead, so he wanted to know this fellow’s background.

If Zhou Xuanji had a special identity and would cause a lot of trouble, they could at least be prepared for it.

The lightning bolts became more and more intense, as if they wanted to crush Zhou Xuanji to dust and would not stop until they did so.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Potian Demon Monarch and smirked.

“I am the Sword Emperor of the current age!” He loudly laughed and all of his swords descended from the air like torrential rain, sinking into the ground and forming circles that surrounded him.

A terrifying shockwave swept out along the ground, forcing Potian Demon Monarch and Shihou Demon Sovereign to slide back. The other demons were sent flying backwards, and pitiful cries filled the heavens and earth, combining with the sounds of thunder.

Zhou Xuanji directly used the Ten-Thousand Sword Dragon Incantation, and dragon-shaped sword qi appeared around all of the swords.

Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps!

Zhou Xuanji held both swords, turned into a rainbow ray of light, and pierced through Potian Demon Monarch.

Potian Demon Monarch’s eyes widened and instinctively looked at his chest. There was a bloody hole in his chest, and throughout one could see white bones.

“My demon energy…” He muttered, his voice filled with shock.

That sword strike had absorbed a lot of his demon energy, causing his hairs to stand on end.

At that moment, Shihou Demon Sovereign leapt over his head and raised his saber as he hacked out.

Zhou Xuanji bent his legs and used the Eight-step Sword Lunge, avoiding this saber strike.


As that saber strike landed, the saber qi covered thousands of meters, slashing open a massive canyon, the bottom of which could not be seen.

Potian Demon Monarch came back to his senses and continued charging towards Zhou Xuanji. This time, he was much warier in order to not allow Zhou Xuanji to absorb his demon energy.

Zhou Xuanji’s strength could not match up to the strength of the two Ninth Rank demons, so he could only rely on speed.

He continuously used the Eight-step Sword Lunge and Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps. Adding on the tens of legendary swords assisting him, it was difficult to determine who was superior.

The other demons crowded in the surroundings, not daring to rush up and not daring to retreat.

In the distance, Jiang Xue felt incredibly worried as she watched, and Xiao Jinghong and the others felt very nervous.

Daoya Old Man’s expression was serious as he said in a low voice, “They’ve become stronger.”

Shihou Demon Sovereign and Potian Demon Monarch were both in the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100!

Compared to before, they were at least twice as strong!

Ning Zifeng gripped his sword and asked in a serious voice, “Should I go and support him?”

The second generation disciples did not dare to make any noise and cold sweat ran down their foreheads. Even though they could not see the battle in the distance clearly, the explosions and thunder shook their senses.

It was very difficult to imagine how Zhou Xuanji could defend against something like this.

“Believe in him,” Daoya Old Man said as he raised his hand. He also had the same worries as Zhang Lanya.

What if there were other great demons hiding nearby?

He believed that as long as Zhou Xuanji could successfully break through, he could turn things around.

Zhang Kuanglan looked incredibly hopeful, wishing that the demons would be able to kill Zhou Xuanji.

Lightning bolts continuously slammed down, and they became faster and faster. Soon, it became that three bolts of lightning would descend per second.

Countless demons were blasted into ashes by the lightning as Zhou Xuanji and his swords darted throughout the demon army.

Potian Demon Monarch and Shihou Demon Sovereign tightly chased after him, but because of how mysterious his movement techniques were, it was simply too difficult to catch him.

“All of you get out of the way!” Shihou Demon Sovereign furiously roared. This group of trash could provide nothing helpful and only got in their way; weren’t they afraid of dying?

Hearing this, the other demons quickly retreated in fear.

In actuality, they had long since wanted to retreat, but who dared to retreat without the two great demons’ orders?

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji felt the spirit energy within his body start to massively increase.

His Astral Spirit was going through changes!

He was about to break through to Spirit Refinement!

“Heaven’s jealousy! Certain death!” At that moment, an imposing voice sounded from the sky, causing all humans and demons to look up in shock.

The thunderclouds parted and a gigantic figure made of lightning appeared.

Based on his outline, he seemed to be a war god holding a long halberd. He looked down at all of the creatures, and his eyes gave off two rays of intense light that were as blinding as the sun.

“War God Evil-Slaying Tribulation!” Potian Demon Monarch cried out and hurriedly retreated from Zhou Xuanji as quickly as he could.

Shihou Demon Sovereign was also given a massive fright and followed right behind Potian Demon Monarch in retreating.

Zhou Xuanji looked up and frowned.

Facing the lightning war god, he felt the aura of death.

“War God Evil-Slaying Tribulation… this boy…” Xian Xianghua frowned, a look of worry within her eyes.

Zhang Lanya and Nan Ruyun were completely dumbfounded and looked shocked.

In the distance, Daoya Old Man cried out, “How is this possible? Damnit!”

The others were also given big frights.

The lightning war god looked like an invincible existence, and the heavenly might he gave off made people want to kenel and worship him.

“War God Evil-Slaying Tribulation… this is an Ascension Tribulation…” Ning Zifeng stared at the lightning war god as he muttered with gritted teeth.

His words caused Jiang Xue’s face to become pale.

Ascension Tribulation!

Since ancient times, many powerful beings had died during their Ascension Tribulation. Zhou Xuanji only had Astral Projection cultivation!