I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 247 - Golden Dragon Rushes About, Sweeping Unhindered and Invincible

Chapter 247 - Golden Dragon Rushes About, Sweeping Unhindered and Invincible


Swish! Swish! Swish…

Dozens of swords flew together, causing the sound of the air being torn to continuously sound out. The demons on the grassy plains all looked over in surprise.

Shihou Demon Sovereign and Potian Demon Monarch also looked over.

“Eh? What powerful sword qi!” Potian Demon Monarch said in surprise. He was not scared and instead looked quite interested.

Who dared to come at such a critical juncture?

No matter who it was, that person would die facing them!

The cultivators on the city walls also noticed Zhou Xuanji’s arrival. Seeing so many swords shooting over, they quickly guessed the newcomer’s identity.

“It’s Zhou Xuanji! Zhou Xuanji, ranked first on the Northern Wilderness Genius Rankings!”

“It’s definitely him; his wife Xian Xianghua is at our sect!”

“We’re saved!”

“The enemy army has two Ninth Rank great demons; can Zhou Xuanji deal with them?”

“When has Zhou Xuanji ever lost before?”

The Hanyin Divine Sect’s cultivators all became incredibly excited.

Xu Xianxuan was stunned; she had never thought that Zhou Xuanji would really come.

She had sent a female disciple to go and seek out Zhou Xuanji, and she only held onto a trace of hope. After all, with how big the world was, finding Zhou Xuanji would be incredibly difficult.

As for Xian Xianghua, she said she did not know where Zhou Xuanji was.

“I’ll give you all ten breaths of time to retreat or die!” Zhou Xuanji’s cold voice sounded out as a wave of killing intent swept across the grassy plains like a cold wind, causing the millions of demons to shiver.

Potian Demon Monarch said mockingly, “Unparalleled Way of the Sword in the Northern Wilderness, Comparable to the Ancient Sword Emperors—you’re Zhou Xuanji?”

The number one genius of the human race!

He was someone on the demon race’s kill list!

The sovereign Lord of the demon race had mentioned Zhou Xuanji before—if any of them were to meet him, they were to immediately kill him!

The two Ninth Rank great demons slowly got up and two massive waves of killing intent erupted out.

The millions of demons looked ferocious as they stared at Zhou Xuanji.

“He’s Zhou Xuanji?”

“His flesh definitely tastes great! I want to eat his leg!”

“Be careful, he’s very powerful.”

“This boy is the youngest person to enter the Hundred Wilderness’ Top 100. Perhaps eating his flesh will increase our bloodline talents.”

“Whichever part you eat will definitely boost the same part on your own body!”

The demons wantonly laughed, not taking Zhou Xuanji seriously at all. After all, with two Ninth Rank great demons watching over them, there was no reason to be afraid.

Facing such a scene, most people would feel fear and despair.

However, Zhou Xuanji instead smirked.

Since it was like this, he would wipe them out!

“Heavens! Assist me!” Zhou Xuanji roared as his aura suddenly exploded out, and he held his sword as he rushed towards the demon army with no hesitation.


Sword qi rushed to the sky as he turned into a five-clawed golden dragon as a massive roar sounded throughout the world.

Thunderclouds gathered and rolled, and the entire grassy plains darkened.

Seeing the five-clawed golden dragon, all of the humans and demons were sent into an uproar and their eyes widened.

What was this?

The five-clawed golden dragon led the dozens of swords and rushed into the demon army.


Demon after demon was sent flying by the five-clawed golden dragon, and the ground collapsed as grass and dirt were sent flying; the golden dragon was unstoppable.

“How is this possible? How can he turn into a dragon?”

“Isn’t he a human?”

“A dragon! Heavens! Hurry and run!”

“Why would you run? Everyone charge and kill him!”

“So what if he’s a dragon! We can still tear him to shreds!”

After a moment of panic, the millions of demons sprang at Zhou Xuanji, looking like ants trying to climb onto an elephant. The scene was quite spectacular.

Zhou Xuanji’s body was at Sword Qi Soaring, and every pore on his body could output sword qi. The demons on his body were torn apart, and blood filled the sky.

Shihou Demon Sovereign and Potian Demon Monarch were stunned.

Could it be that Zhou Xuanji was reincarnated from a dragon?

Seeing this, the Hanyin Divine Sect’s cultivators felt dumbfounded; it was as if they had seen a ghost.

Xu Xianxuan’s beautiful eyes widened; she could not believe what she was seeing.

Even Zhang Kuanglan and the others in the distance were given a big fright.

The second generation disciples all cried out, especially Xu Yang; he was so excited that it was as if he had been injected with chicken blood.

This was simply too domineering!

The instant Zhou Xuanji had turned into a dragon, all of them were given a visual shock that shook their hearts.

“Even though it’s not my first time seeing this, I still think he looks so awesome,” Jiang Xue said with an expression of adoration. Charging into an army of millions by himself and rampaging—this was her man!

At the same time, the two Ninth Rank Great demons took out their weapons and prepared to act.

A lightning bolt suddenly descended, landing on the five-clawed golden dragon and turning hundreds of demons into ash.

The divine tribulation had come!

Lightning bolts madly blasted down, causing Zhou Xuanji to continuously roar in pain. His dragon roars rose and fell, deafening the Hanyin Divine Sect’s cultivators.

“Divine tribulation! This boy is using us to get through the tribulation!” Shihou Demon Sovereign furiously roared. He did not retreat and instead advanced, slashing out with his saber.

Saber qi flashed out!

The saber qi was hundreds of meters long and killed many demons on its way. It slammed into the five-clawed golden dragon, slashing it in half at the waist.

No blood flew out; only sword qi dissipated.

Zhou Xuanji raised his two swords and stood on the Windcutter Sword as he unleashed the Eight-step Sword Lunge. He crossed 1,000 meters with a single step and came before Shihou Demon Sovereign.

Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword!

The Sky Extinguishing Sword slashed out, and countless traces of sword qi locked onto Shihou Demon Sovereign.

However, Shihou Demon Sovereign did not evade and instead crossed his arms, using his body to resist the sword qi; he was left completely unscathed.

He smirked and laughed monstrously, saying, “Stinking brat, you think you can do as you wish with the divine tribulation helping you?

“You want to save your woman? Stop dreaming!”

Shihou Demon Sovereign’s arms shook and demonic qi erupted out like a volcanic eruption, rushing into the sky. The demonic qi became intense flames that covered Shihou Demon Sovereign’s entire body.

The ground beneath him could not bear this might and directly crumbled, and it was as if it was the end of the world.

He raised his saber and slashed out with enough force to rival ten people.

The God-Emperor Sword, White Dragon-bone Sword, Phoenix Emperor Sword, and Holy Light Redemption Sword crossed together and blocked, but they were sent flying. However, Shihou Demon Sovereign’s saber also trembled.

He slightly frowned but did not say anything and continued to attack Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji smirked; with the two swords’ power, he could fight against Great Realization stage cultivators.

His body flickered and he once again used the Ancestor Dragon Sword, turning into a five-clawed golden dragon as he slammed over.


Shihou Demon Sovereign used his large saber to block the dragon’s mouth, but the five-clawed golden dragon’s strength was simply terrifying. It pushed him down, causing him to fall towards the ground, and he slid backwards, leaving two grooves in the ground.

Demon after demon was sent flying. Some were instantly torn apart, dying horrifying deaths.


Potian Demon Monarch suddenly rushed over from the side and slammed into the five-clawed golden dragon, sending it flying. Shihou Demon Sovereign stumbled and stabbed his saber into the ground before finally stabilizing his body.

“Weren’t you incredibly arrogant?” Potian Demon Monarch’s fists were wrapped with blood-red iron rings, and he punched down on the five-clawed golden dragon’s body like a torrential downpour.

Although the five-clawed golden dragon was an Ancestor Dragon, the difference in cultivation was too vast and was unable to retaliate.

Despite the divine tribulation’s lightning bolts raining down, Potian Demon Monarch did not seem affected.

Zhou Xuanji undid the Ancestor Dragon status, and the instant he landed, he pivoted on his right foot, unleashing Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps as he spun, his body like a sharp arrow.


Potian Demon Monarch’s right arm was slashed off, and blood spilled over the ground.

However, Potian Demon Monarch did not even frown and spun as he punched out!

This punch was incredibly domineering!

Zhou Xuanji felt the wind from the punch rushing at him, and he instinctively crossed his swords in front of him. However, he was still sent flying backwards.

“This fellow’s so strong! Even stronger than that lion!” Zhou Xuanji felt quite startled inwardly, and his gaze hardened.