I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 246 - Chapter 246 – Shihou Demon Sovereign, Potian Demon Monarch

Chapter 246 - Chapter 246 – Shihou Demon Sovereign, Potian Demon Monarch


Everyone stopped, turned, and looked over.

Seeing that it was a female cultivator, Jiang Xue’s smile subtly changed.

“What are you looking at? Keep training!” Beixiao Wangjian roared, causing the second generation disciples to fearfully raise their swords and continue training.

The female cultivator quickly reached Zhou Xuanji.

She jumped down from the black eagle’s back and knelt in front of Zhou Xuanji as she said with a trembling voice, “Senior, please save the Hanyin Divine Sect! Only you can save the Hanyin Divine sect!”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji frowned.

The other people’s expressions became ambiguous as they immediately thought about Great Shang’s number one beauty, Xu Xianxuan.

“There’s nothing between your Hanyin Divine Sect and myself. I won’t help,” Zhou Xuanji immediately refused. He did not want to get roped into too many things.

What’s more, there really was nothing between him and the Hanyin Divine Sect, nor did he owe Xu Xianxuan.

Compared to Xu Xianxuan, he cared about Xian Xianghua more.

“Senior, Sect Lord Xian is in the Hanyin Divine Sect; it was our Saintess who took her in. She’s currently heavily injured, and if the Hanyin Divine Sect falls, she will also face danger,” the female cultivator said as she gritted her teeth, her eyes teary, making her look quite pitiful.

Xian Xianghua!

Hearing this name, Zhou Xuanji once again looked at the female cultivator and asked, “Is this true?”

The female cultivator was scared by his gaze and anxiously replied, “Yes.”

“Lead the way then,” Zhou Xuanji said. None of the others objected, but the second generation disciples felt quite nervous.

The female cultivator almost became mad with joy and quickly led the way.

Everyone flew on their swords but did not travel very quickly, as the second generation disciples had not learned to fly on their swords for long.

“With so many people, should we settle them down somewhere?” Jiang Xue asked. She was worried that the second generation disciples would be a burden for Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “When the time comes, I’ll have you all take care of them while I go and rescue the Hanyin Divine Sect myself. I’ll leave Ning Zifeng to protect you all.”

Jiang Xue lightly nodded before leaning her face against his back, not saying anything else.

Zhou Xiaoqi ran in the air, occasionally howling and seeming quite excited, causing the female cultivator to look over.

“It’s really a Qilin?” The female cultivator inwardly felt shocked; where had Zhou Xuanji obtained a divine beast like this?

It was of much higher grade than their Saintess’ bluebird.

According to the female cultivator, the Hanyin Divine Sect’s branch headquarters was about ten days’ journey away.

During recent times, news of Zhou Xuanji and the others taking in disciples had spread, as had their whereabouts, which was how she had been able to find Zhou Xuanji.

Under the blue sky, there was a lofty city on a grassy plains.

It was covered by a faint blue barrier of light, and there were countless corpses heaped around it, including humans and demons, creating a shocking scene.

An army of millions of demons surrounded the city. Some were as big as mountains and some seemed to cover the heavens and block out the sun. The scene was enough to make the people feel despair.

There were two Ninth Rank great demons sitting on stone chairs close to each other.

They were both in human form. One had a lion’s head and had a muscular and domineering-looking body. The other had cow horns and looked quite fat and bloated.

They were, respectively, the Shihou Demon Sovereign and Potian Demon Monarch!

Both of them were existences in the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100!

They were here under orders to hunt down Xian Xianghua, but they had never thought that they would be stopped by the Hanyin Divine Sect.

“Such a high-grade, ancient magic formation has fallen into the hands of such a small sect. However, they won’t be able to hold on for long,” Shihou Demon Sovereign said, his voice sounding imposing and a cold light dancing in his eyes.

Potian Demon Monarch nodded and laughed as he said, “Once we catch Xian Xianghua, we’ll have rendered a great service!”

The two demons looked at each other and laughed, feeling quite delighted.

The other demons crept on the ground, not daring to say anything.

On the city walls, the Hanyin Divine Sects’ cultivators nervously looked out.

Most of them were female cultivators. The Hanyin Divine Sect had many female disciples, and even the Sect Lord was a woman.

Xian Xianghua and her teacher Zhang Lanya stood on the city walls.

“Ai, are we really going to die here?” Zhang Lanya sighed, a look of reluctance on her face.

The human race’s various factions were in difficult positions, and the Sanctums’ focus was on the Empires. How could they take care of second-rate factions like the Hanyin Divine Sect?

“Revered Teacher, should we hand over Xian Xianghua?” a female cultivator asked, her expression flickering.

Xu Xianxuan instinctively frowned.

Zhang Lanya glared at the female cultivator and cursed, “Are you an idiot? If we hand over Xian Xianghua, we’ll die even more horribly.”

With Xian Xianghua here, they could hope for help from the Tanhua Sect and Zhou Xuanji.

Without Xian Xianghua, the demon army would not just let things go, and they would not have any help.

The female cultivator felt quite ashamed and hurriedly lowered her head.

At the same time, within a palace in the city, Xian Xianghua sat on a chair and held a teacup in her hand.

There was a noble-looking woman with a dignified aura sitting at the main seat. She was dressed in a black dress and her facial features were cold and elegant. She was the Hanyin Divine Sect’s Sect Lord, Nan Ruyun.

“Senior Xian, the demons don’t seem to want to kill you and only want to capture you,” Nan Ruyun said in a curious tone. Otherwise, with Shihou Demon Sovereign and Potian Demon Monarch’s strength, if they forcefully attacked, they would be able to stomp this city into the ground.

However, it was evident that they did not want to kill Xian Xianghua and were waiting for the formation to stop working.

“Mm, don’t worry, there will be people coming to save us,” Xian Xianghua said as she lightly lifted her veil as she drank the tea, not looking worried at all.

Seeing this, Nan Ruyun felt much more at ease.

Apart from trusting Xian Xianghua right now, she had no other choice.

On the top of a mountain, Zhou Xuanji and the others stopped, and the female cultivator pointed ahead as she said, “Our sect is ahead.”

In front of them were vast grassy plains, and on the horizon, they could see the figures of some massive demons.

Zhou Xuanji said, “All of you stay here and wait.”

Everyone nodded, knowing that they would not be of much help.

Xu Yang waved his fists, saying, “Grand-Teacher, annihilate them!”

Zhou Xuanji ignored him and looked at Daoya Old Man.

“Will a divine tribulation follow the one going through the tribulation?”

In response, Daoya Old Man narrowed his eyes and said, “To the vast majority of people, it’s impossible. However, since you have immense fate and Monarchial Violet Qi, the divine tribulation will not easily let you off.”

In other words, it was possible for him!

Zhou Xuanji gave a slight smile and raised his hand, and Zhang Kuanglan was sucked over by him.

He gripped Zhang Kuanglan’s neck and started to absorb his spirit energy.

Zhang Kuanglan was only skin and bones by now, and his body spasmed, causing everyone else to feel horrified.

Soon, Zhou Xuanji put him down, leapt up, and headed towards the end of the grassy plains.

“There are two Ninth Rank great demons over there. They are even more powerful than Fenyu Dragon King,” Ning Zifeng said with a serious expression, but there was excitement in his eyes.

He also wanted to participate in the battle, but Zhou Xuanji had given him his orders, so he could only endure it.

The Windcutter Sword appeared beneath Zhou Xuanji’s feet, and his legendary swords appeared behind him.

In his left hand was the Right, Wrong, Justice Sword and in his right hand was the Sky Extinguishing Sword. Dozens of swords followed right behind him, creating a grand scene. Seeing this, the 65 second generation disciples felt their blood roil.

“So many swords! The legends were true!”

“Grand-Teacher is going to show his true power!”

“I can’t wait!”

“So many swords; how does he control them?”

“Did you guys hear that? There are two Ninth Rank great demons ahead!”