I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 245 - Chapter 245 – Great Calamity, Tian

Chapter 245 - Chapter 245 – Great Calamity, Tian


“What kind of evil technique is this?” Zhang Kuanglan asked furiously. He was the Thunder Demon Sovereign and yet he was reduced to this. How could he not be angry?

However, he felt even more so sorrowful in his heart.

Having offended a genius like this, it would be very difficult for the Haotian Sect to survive.

Zhou Xuanji stopped in front of Zhang Kuanglan and stabbed the Sky Extinguishing Sword stabbed into his chest, and his spirit energy madly entered Zhou Xuanji’s body.

“This feeling…” Zhou Xuanji’s eyes narrowed. He felt that his spirit energy in his body had reached a critical point and would break through at any moment.

As expected from a Great Realization cultivator!

This was the true way to use the World Buddha Art.

After a while, Zhang Kuanglan’s body completely weakened. If he was not hanging on the Sky Extinguishing Sword, he could have directly fallen down.

Zhou Xuanji had completely absorbed his spirit energy, and his aura massively increased.

He had broken through to Astral Projection Level 10!

In that moment, Zhou Xuanji felt that the world in his body had become ten times bigger, and his spirit energy quickly flowed from his Astral Infant, from his Inner Pellet, and from his nine acupoints into his muscles and bones.

Seeing him break through, Zhang Kuanglan was so angry that he almost coughed up blood, but he had no blood to cough up.

“I won’t kill you for now; you’ll definitely be useful,” Zhou Xuanji said as he coldly laughed. So what if he was an ancient Demon Sovereign? Things had completely changed in this era!

Following this, he brought Zhang Kuanglan back to everyone else.

Everyone looked at him in awe; he was too powerful!

“Please accept my worship, Grand-Teacher! You were so domineering!” Xu Yang was so excited that he knelt down and kowtowed three times towards Zhou Xuanji, making the other eight disciples feel quite speechless.

Beixiao Wangjian cursed out, “Lick dog!”

Xu Yang asked curiously, “What’s a lick dog?”

Beixiao Wangjian patiently explained what a lick dog was.

Zhou Xuanji had Daoya Old Man seal up Zhang Kuanglan for now.

They only sealed his movement and not his cultivation.

“This isn’t good; once his spirit energy recovers, things will be bad,” Daoya Old Man said. He thought that Zhou Xuanji wanted to obtain intelligence about the Haotian Sect from Zhang Kuanglan.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on him.”

Zhang Kuanglan’s expression was gloomy, and he did not say anything.

For the Haotian Sect, he had to endure.

Everyone continued onwards.

Xu Yang walked on one side of Zhang Kuanglan, while the little black snake was on the other.

“How do you feel, Thunder Demon Sovereign?”

“Is Ta Tianchen more powerful, or are you more powerful?”

“Why haven’t you come out for 10,000 years? Was it because you’re afraid of Xian Xianghua?”

“Of course it’s because he was afraid. That old demonic woman was number one in the world; he was definitely scared witless by her.”

Facing the mocking from the human and demon, Zhang Kuanglan’s body trembled in anger, but he did not rashly act.

Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin covered their mouths as they secretly laughed.

Zhou Xuanji and Daoya Old Man walked at the front, discussing the Haotian Sect.

“Who would have thought that the Haotian Sect would have hidden its strength so deeply. I have a feeling that the war between the two races might lead to the rise of the Haotian Sect. After all, the Xinhao Sect and Haoqi Alliance contributed greatly to the demise of the Tanhua Sect,” Daoya Old Man sighed. He suddenly felt that the muddied waters of the world were deeper than he had expected.

All this time he felt that he could control his own fate and transcend the mortal world. However, now that many ancient demons were appearing, he could not divine or guess his way through.

“In other words, our enemies might not just be the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100 but perhaps even stronger existences,” Zhou Xuanji said softly. If this was true, he had to be more prudent and could not continue to go through life so carelessly.

Daoya Old Man sighed.

Ning Zifeng walked behind them and laughed as he said, “What’s the big deal about the Haotian Sect? You haven’t been to the Chaos Tide Sea; Tian’s strength is incredibly monstrous and he dominates the entire Chaos Tide Sea. No one can stand up to him, and I suspect whether he’s a descended deity.”

When talking about Tian, his tone became filled with reverence.

“Tian? How is that possible?

“Which sea region is the Chaos Tide Sea? Outside the Northern Wilderness?”

Zhang Kuanglan suddenly called out, causing everyone to look over.

Zhou Xuanji, Daoya Old Man, and Ning Zifeng looked at him strangely.

Ning Zifeng harrumphed as he said, “That’s right, the Chaos Tide Sea is far away from the Northern Wilderness. What, you know Tian?”

The nine new disciples stared with wide eyes—Ning Zifeng came from a foreign land!

Their breathing became rough.

This mysterious sect was filled with hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

“Tian… he is an emblem of calamity…” Zhang Kuanglan fell into a daze as he muttered.

“Every 10,000 years, he will descend and slaughter everyone with Monarchial Violet Qi. Back then, many Emperors were forced to ascend, and one of them was called one of the Nine Emperors of the Way of the Sword by later people.

“The Diablo’s teacher died at Tian’s hands. I’ve never seen Tian myself—when I was born, Tian had just left, and the entire world was talking about him.”

Speaking to there, he could not help but sigh.

His era had already passed.

Now, he had become the prisoner of someone with lower cultivation and Tian had once again appeared. He did not even have the qualification to fight with Tian.

Ning Zifeng blinked; so Tian was this powerful?

The nine disciples were in a daze; it was as if the doors to a new world had been opened to them.

Jiang Xue asked in curiosity, “Before, we encountered someone who descended from the sky. When trying to divine about him, Grand-Teacher coughed up blood and became weakened; was that person Tian?”

Zhang Kuanglan frowned and said, “I’ve never heard of two Tians appearing. It’s possible that it’s someone else from the Upper Realm. After all, there have been stories about Immortals descending.”


Why am I explaining these things to them?

Zhang Kuanglan coldly harrumphed and did not continue to speak.

No one paid him any mind and started to talk about Tian.

After Chongming Demon Monarch told the others about Zhou Xuanji having Monarchial Violet Qi, Xu Yang felt incredibly excited and said, “Grand-Teacher will definitely be able to defeat Tian, shake the old, and illuminate the new!”

Beixiao Wangjian rolled his eyes; what a lick dog.

Just like that, they chatted as they headed onwards.

At the same time, Zhang Kuanglan’s life of misery began.

Every time his spirit energy recovered by half, it would be absorbed by Zhou Xuanji.

This happened every half a month.

Three months later, Zhang Kuanglan was incredibly weak.

Zhou Xuanji had now gathered 25 disciples.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and the others were the first generation disciples of the sect, while Xu Yang and the others were the second generation. They all had great talent and overall, Zhou Xuanji was quite pleased.

Four months later, there were now 62 second generation disciples. Some came from mountain villages and small towns, while others came from cities.

The group now had some scale to it, and all of the second generation disciples were at the back, training with their swords as they advanced.

The scene was quite grand and gave off an imposing aura.

“Training with the sword requires heart. Don’t focus on the sword styles too much; after you’re familiar with the sword styles, you will be able to use them at will,” Xiao Jinghong walked ahead of the second generation disciples, lecturing them as he trained with his sword as well.

Even the usually-sloppy Xu Yang was quite focused.

Jiang Xue had her arm around Zhou Xuanji’s, and she smiled as she said, “Xuanji, how many people do you think we’ll have when we return?”

Zhou Xuanji said without thinking, “Around 1,000 people. If we take in too many people, we won’t have enough resources to distribute.”

If he wanted the disciples to be unswervingly loyal he would have to give out cultivation resources consistently. This included medicinal pills, spirit stones, magical treasures, and the like.

Any expert needed a sea of resources to be nurtured.

Jiang Xue nodded and felt that 1,000 people was about right. Skyfall would no longer be as cold and cheerless.

“Senior Sword God Zhou, this junior has a request!”

At that moment, a voice sounded out from the mountain range to the west, and a woman dressed in a white dress flew over on a black eagle.