I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 242 - Chapter 242 Sword God Zhou Recruited Disciples

Chapter 242 - Chapter 242 Sword God Zhou Recruited Disciples


“My children, charge! Haha!” A fifteen-meter tall tiger demon roared with a sinister expression. The giant saber in his hand was tainted with blood, and a bale aura soared into the sky.

At his words, thousands of demons charged toward the stone wall.

The old general on the city wall looked bitter. His eyes were filled with despair.

Facing such an overwhelming attack, their city would fall for sure.

Now that the humans and the demons were entirely at war, there would not be any reinforcements.

“Stone Forest City will be destroyed just like this?” The old general mumbled to himself. The soldiers around him heard it, and everyone shuddered.

Fear and despair filled their hearts.

They were not afraid of death.

They were afraid of seeing no hope as they waited for their deaths.

“Humph!” At this moment, a cold snort could be heard. Next, a stream of sword light illuminated the entire battlefield.

Pssshhh! Pssshhh! Psshhhh…

Countless demons were shredded into pieces, and even that great demon was cut into half by the sword Qi.

Within three breaths, all the demons in front of the city gate were dead.

Everyone was stunned.

The demons located at the other places looked with wide-open eyes and could not believe what they had seen.

Before they could even react, numerous legendary swords flew over swiftly and decimated the demons.


“Someone powerful is here!”

“So many swords… Which sword sect is that?”

“Such a horrifying sword Qi!”

“How could it turn out like this?” The demons shrieked. Even if they fled as fast as they could, they were slower than the legendary swords.

In the stone city, everyone looked up with their jaws dropped.

Dozens of legendary swords were in pursuit of the demon army. This scene would be seared into their hearts forever.

They would never forget!

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji and his companions walked over from the horizon.

“Master, your control over swords is something I can only admire but cannot achieve,” Ning Zifeng said in admiration.

He had tried to control multiple swords but could not get them to move individually.

He had never admired someone so much in terms of the Sword’s Way.

Admiration had become worship in his heart.

“After we enter the city, we will recruit disciples. I want quality, not quantity. All of you understand?”

“If we encounter others who are especially talented, we can be flexible when recruiting them,” Zhou Xuanji looked at the Stone Forest City and said with a smile.

The group nodded, each looking expectant.

There should be some geniuses in such a massive city, right?

A while later.

The group came to the city gate. The old general was already standing at the entrance with thousands of injured soldiers, and they knelt down together in gratitude.

“Thank you, Senior, for your help!” The old general thanked him. Tears streamed down from his eyes as he kowtow-ed continuously.

“No need for the formality. Tell me about the situation in your city,” Zhou Xuanji said with a nod while the soldiers looked toward Zhou Xiaoqi and the dragon eagles fearfully, especially the dragon eagles because of their massive bodies.

The old general told him everything. He was the governor of the city, which did not belong to any empire. It was isolated from the world, and the war between the two races inevitably pulled them into this mess.

Stone Forest City was established close to three thousand years ago. The highest cultivator was Astral Projection, who was summoned to return to his own sect. And because of this, Stone Forest City lost its guardian, which resulted in its dire state today.

After listening to him, Zhou Xuanji said directly, “I will stay in Stone Forest City temporarily for ten days. How about that?”


The old general frowned instinctively. Although this group of people saved the city, who could be sure that they had no ill-will toward the city?

“Don’t worry. We want to recruit disciples in the Sword’s Way. Wait until they cultivate enough, and Stone Forest City will be able to rely on them,” Zhou Xuanji continued, which pleasantly surprised the old general.

Because of how secluded they were, Stone Forest City’s cultivation traditions were scarce and could only nurture a few powerful cultivators.

“That’s no problem, of course,” the old general said, barely holding back his excitement. After that, he brought Zhou Xuanji and his companions into the city.

And so, Zhou Xuanji and the others entered Stone Forest City. Along the way, many came to show their gratitude. The entire city was in ruins, and dead bodies and bloodstains were everywhere, which made it dreadful.

With the old general’s hospitality, they settled down in a residence that was still in good shape. That day, the news about a sword sect recruiting disciples spread across the city.

After witnessing the battle that day, everyone was moved and crazy over cultivation.

Within two hours, a long queue formed outside the gate of the residence.

In the courtyard.

Zhou Xuanji, Jiang Xue, and Huang Lianxin sat in a stone pavilion. They enjoyed their tea, while Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and Ning Zifeng stood shoulder to shoulder outside the pavilion to evaluate the people who came to them.

Chongming Demon Monarch, Zhou Xiaoqi, the little black snake, Ah Big, Small Er, and Daoya Old Man stood aside to enjoy the show.

Meanwhile, Beixiao Wangjian and Han Shenbo collected information about humans and demons.

“Have you trained the sword before?”

“I did…”

“Show me a sword technique.”


Ning Zifeng instructed emotionlessly. The lean young man in front of him was extremely nervous. The young man drew his sword with his trembling right hand and began to swing it.

It looked very awkward. Apparently, he did not practice often.

Someone was showing their swordplay in front of Xiao Jinghong and Zhao Congjian as well.

Both of them spoke and gave some pointers, trying to see how insightful these people were.

Just getting taught with words, the three people had no apparent improvement and were finally persuaded to leave before the next group took over.

“I wonder how many people can pass,” Jiang Xue propped her chin up with her hand and said. Seeing how stern Xiao Jinghong and the others were, she wanted to laugh.

They were like sheep in front of Zhou Xuanji, but they looked so different now.

Huang Lianxin smiled and said, “Five is good enough. These three guys are very extremely talented in the Sword’s Way, after all. To receive their recognition will be difficult.”

Zhou Xuanji did not interject. At first, he was interested to see, but he quickly lost interest and began to cultivate.

At the entrance of the courtyard, the people waiting to be evaluated discussed among themselves softly.

“Is that a dragon eagle? Two dragon eagles. Could he be Sword God Zhou?”

“He might really be. Look at those two girls in the stone pavilion. It’s just like what we heard.”

“How fortunate. No one can surpass Zhou Xuanji in the Sword’s Way.”

“Isn’t he the Vice Sect Lord of Tanhua Sect?”

“Tanhua Sect is not a sword sect. Those are all rumors. I’ve told you before, Zhou Xuanji is someone upright and will never follow the wicked.”

Zhou Xuanji and the others could hear them but chose to ignore it.

They did not want to hide their identity anyway.

Night approached and the evaluation was still ongoing.

Beixiao Wangjian and Han Shenbo returned. They relayed to Zhou Xuanji all the information they had gathered.

The Jihuang Demon Lord had already come out from his chambers and commanded the demons to attack again. He went to Merciful Melody Cliff to destroy the Sanctum, and this greatly demoralized the humans.

The other seven Sanctums were furious and were prepared to capture the Jihuang Demon Lord together.

However, the Jihuang Demon Lord had Ninth Rank demons around him. There was even one that surpassed the Ninth Rank, which made it even harder to go near him.

What’s worth mentioning was that the Huangquan Drake King was helping the Jihuang Demon Lord, which meant that the humans had plummeted deeper into crisis.