I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 241 - Chapter 241 Zhou Xiaoqi

Chapter 241 - Chapter 241 Zhou Xiaoqi


“What should we name our sect?” Zhou Xuanji sat down and folded his arms as he asked with a frown. He was deep in thought.

“Sword Emperor Sect!” Beixiao Wangjian said excitedly.

The others rolled their eyes at him. Such a cliche name.

“Can it be something more profound?”

Huang Lianxin shook her head. Shortly, she suggested, “How about Ten-thousand Swords Court?”

Zhou Xuanji was determined to have ten-thousand swods in the air and become unrivaled in the world. This was the meaning for the name.

“Why not Ten-thousand Swords Divine Sect!”

“Legendary Sword Sect?”

“Not good. Let’s call it the Sky Sword Sect!”

“Unrivaled Sword Sect?”

“How about the Great-Thousand Sword Sect.”

Everyone gave their opinions, becoming more and more excited.

Zhou Xuanji contemplated and was not moved.

“It’s not urgent. Take your time to think. The entire sect only has the few of us anyway,” Daoya Old Man said and smiled as he stroked his beard.

“What’s the goal of the sect?” Ning Zifeng asked curiously.

He hoped that Zhou Xuanji had a greater ambition that went beyond the Northern Wilderness Region.

He had to charge back to the Chaos Tide Sea, after all.

If he could rely on Zhou Xuanji at that time, that would be best.

“Top cultivator in the world. Ascend together!” Zhou Xuanji replied without a second thought. He had been thinking about ascension since long ago.

Until now, there had yet to be a sect that could ascend together.

If he could do so, that would be unprecedented. It would feel excellent!

It’s much better to do something great that no one had done before.

Having heard that, Ning Zifeng’s eyes brightened. The others also burned with passion.

They shall conquer the world together!

And they shall ascend to pursue the Way of Immortal together!

The path of cultivation must be this ambitious, to do the things no one else had dared to do.

“Let’s prepare ourselves well. Once the red Qilin awakens, we will descend,” Zhou Xuanji ordered. Zhou Xuangi took a Cataclysm from Daoya Old Man and passed it to Fenyu Dragon King, as he would guard Skyfall.

After the black dragon received the Cataclysm, he was exhilarated.

The black dragon was greatly moved and kowtow-ed to Zhou Xuanji ten times before getting back up.

After that, Zhou Xuanji gathered Dade Bear Monarch, Haotian Boar King, Liuwu Wolf Demon, and Jingtian Eagle together.

After they left, the four demons would be free. It was up to them where they would go.

Zhou Xuanji spoke to them about an hour before he left.

Two months later.

The red Qilin finally woke up. It came to the mountain top, and Fenyu Dragon King followed behind.

Everyone was looking at it. Its body was enveloped in flames, and just like Fenyu Dragon King, there were magma patterns on its skin. It grew much taller and looked majestic.

It leaped joyously around Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue.

“Master!” It said with a tender voice, like a boy.

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow and smiled, “You can finally speak the human language. Not bad.”

He glanced at Ah Big, Small Er, and the Three-eyed Drought Rodent, and they all looked down with sad faces.

“Such a cute voice!” Jiang Xue cried out in pleasant surprise. She stretched her hands to touch the red Qilin, but it was covered in flames and could not be touched.

“Master, please give me a name. I want my surname to be Zhou!” The red Qilin said excitedly. After that, he stopped and prostrated before Zhou Xuanji, like a dog asking to be adored.

“Fifth Rank at the moment of awakening. Not bad at all. Much better than that earthworm,” Daoya Old Man praised.

The little black snake almost vomited blood and felt depressed.

It was not that the red Qilin was greatly talented; it was just that they had a long gestation period. It wasn’t uncommon for it to take a few hundred years.

Ning Zifeng observed the red Qilin curiously while the others gathered around the Qilin in a lively discussion.

They watched as this little guy grew up.

“You shall be called Zhou Xiaoqi,” Zhou Xuanji said. The Qilin heard him and jumped excitedly.

Mow, the red Qilin finally had his own name.

Zhou Xiaoqi.

The group began to pack up and prepared to leave.

An hour later.

Fenyu Dragon King, Haotian Boar King, Liuwu Wolf Demon, Dade Bear Monarch, and Jingtian Eagle sent them off.

When they disappeared into the horizon, Fenyu Dragon King turned to look at the four Eighth Rank demons.

“Our master is gone, we must protect Skyfall, understand?” Fenyu Dragon King said solemnly with a baleful aura emanating from his imposing eyes.

“Understood!” The four demons cried out in unison. Each had different thoughts in their minds.

After flying for four hours, they left the seemingly endless forest. Before them was mountainous terrain, and trees were rare on the undulating ground.

The group landed and began walking.

Without the need for Zhou Xuanji to instruct, Xiao Jinghong, Zhou Xuanji, and the other two began training their sword technique.

Ning Zifeng saw them and followed suit.

He was practicing the Ancestral Dragon Sword.

The Dual Sword Will was too difficult so he gave up on it. From now on, he focused solely on the Ancestral Dragon Sword.

But even if he mastered it, he would not be as powerful as Zhou Xuanji.

The Ancestral Dragon was the Monarch of dragons. Zhou Xuanji had Monarchial Violet Qi, which meant that his Ancestral Dragon was the most powerful one.

In the group, no one else had Monarchial Violet Qi other than him.

“Will we encounter any of our enemies?” Han Shenbo asked anxiously. They would definitely be attacked if they encountered the demon race.

They might also be attacked if they encountered humans too.

“Don’t worry, humans are busy fighting the demons. No one will recognize Zhou Xuanji, and no one will dare to attack,” Daoya Old Man waved his hand and said, smiling. Among the humans, there weren’t many who could defeat Zhou Xuanji already.

Even counting those hermit cultivators, there were less than a hundred of them.

“Xuanji, how powerful are you right now?” Jiang Xue asked curiously out of a sudden. After mastering the Ancestral Dragon Sword, Zhou Xuanji’s power had grown again.

Having heard that, he said, “I’m not sure either, but I’m still a little bit weaker than Xuanhe Divine Monk.”

Although the Divine Monk looked very weak before Xian Xianghua, he was actually very powerful.

His title as the Top Monk in the Northern Wilderness Region was not a bluff.

“Wait until our master reaches Spirit Refinement, his power will grow tremendously,” Ning Zifeng said with a smile. There was a massive difference between the Astral Projection and the Spirit Refinement stage.

Zhou Xuanji was already at Astral Projection Level Nine and was very close to Spirit Refinement.

The group looked forward to how powerful Zhou Xuanji would become after breaking through to Spirit Refinement.

At this moment, Huang Lianxin flew back on Small Er suddenly.

“A few hundred miles ahead, a demon army is sieging a city,” she cried out in the sky as everyone looked up.

Under the bright blue sky, a great and mighty city stood amidst the mountains. It was besieged in all directions by demons, and flying demons occupied the air and were attacking the city.

Soldiers covered the walls of the city. Cultivators could be seen on each building and stone huts.

The entire city was in battle!

The old, women, and weak were crying in the houses and on the streets.

Corpses, both humans and demons, piled up to a dozen meters tall outside the city gate. Blood flowed like a river, and the whole place looked like hell in the human world.

“Hold your positions!” An old armored general cried out. Countless demons charged toward him like a tidal wave, one after another, determined to crush the city gate.