I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 240 - Chapter 240 Mutual Destruction

Chapter 240 - Chapter 240 Mutual Destruction


“So urgently?” Xiao Jinghong asked, frowning. They could finally settle down and cultivate, so they did not want to leave again.

Zhou Xuanji thought about it carefully. Well, these were his closest companions.

If they were not powerful enough, even if he created a sect, the others would not submit to him.

He uttered, “Why not do it like this. When the time comes, we will split up. The weaker ones will stay back to cultivate.”

The group had no objections, as this was the best arrangement.

Chongming Demon Monarch mumbled, “What if someone comes to assault Skyfall?”

He glanced at Beixiao Wangjian, Zhao Congjian, and the others. It was apparent from his glance that these weak ones could not defend the enemies’ attack.

Fenyu Dragon King said, “With me around, no one will harm you!”

This was an opportunity to gain some merit!

“We can trust in you? You just joined” Ning Zifeng snorted.

Fenyu Dragon King stared at him and said deeply, “We, the dragons, are not an unfaithful kind! I’ve made myself a slave to the Ancestral Dragon. I will never regret it!”

After that, he knelt down and kowtow-ed at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji waved his hand and lifted him up with his spirit energy.

“We must discuss this matter again. Since the humans and demons were at war while we hid here, things will not go smoothly for us. We can take the opportunity to help those in need by saving humans and demons who are suffering,” Zhou Xuanji said softly. Xiao Jinghong and Zhao Congjian’s eyes brightened at his words.

The two men had the world in their hearts. After listening to Zhou Xuanji, they were moved deeply.

Ning Zifeng said, “Anyway, wherever my master goes, I will be there.”

Now, his mind was filled with the Ancestral Dragon Sword and could not withhold himself from it.

At this moment, he had the same thoughts as Zhao Congjian.

Jiang Xue hugged Zhou Xuanji’s arms and said, “You must bring me along. I’m not weak now.”

She mastered all kinds of elemental and healing spells. It would not be a problem for her to adventure through a kingdom alone.

Zhou Xuanji stretched out his hand, stroked her nose softly, and smiled. “Sure.”

He would be worried about her if she was not by his side.

Then, the group began to talk about the Ancestral Dragon Sword. About this, Zhou Xuanji only said that it was a sword technique.

XIao Jinghong, Ning Zifeng, and the other three all wanted to learn it.

He was not petty and immediately showed them the sword moves.

Without the Supreme Legendary Sword System, it would be extremely difficult for them to master the Ancestral Dragon Sword.

Even with Zhao Congjian and Ning Zifeng’s talent, it would take them at least a hundred years.

Ning Zifeng was deeply moved. He felt like he could die for someone who treated him this well.

Ever since he was born, no one treated him this well.

Zhou Xuanji taught them an ultimate legendary sword technique, just like that, without any pettiness.

He was not worried that Zhou Xuanji had any schemes against him since he was learning it together with Xiao Jinghong and the others.

“Master, words cannot describe my gratitude for you. From now on, my life is yours!” Ning Zifeng cupped his fist and said. Facing Ning Zifeng, Zhou Xuanji waved his hand and did not take it to heart.

The more casual he was, the more favorably Ning Zifeng would see him.

He was a true grandmaster in the Sword’s Way. He was not only simple but also general, without the need to scheme against others.

And so, a Ninth Rank demon joined their party.

After Fenyu Dragon King burst out from the mountain, a gigantic cave was left at the shoulder of the mountain. With his guidance, Chongming Demon Monarch, little black snake, Three-eyed Drought Rodent, Ah Big, and Small Er walked into the mountain body to play.

The red Qilin was still in the process of awakening. It twirled into a ball and was brought into the Skyfall’s mountain body by the black dragon.

According to the dragon demon, the magma inside the mountain could help strengthen the fire element in the Qilin’s body.

Zhou Xuanji resumed his cultivation once again.

Time passed quickly.

Half a year later.

Zhou Xuanji reached Astral Projection Level Nine. He flew out from the giant cauldron and stretched his body before putting on his Ruyi Purple Cloud Robe.

Daoya Old Man stood at the side and sighed in amazement, “You speed of cultivation is too overpowered. An ultimate treasure in the world indeed.”

At this rate, Zhou Xuanji could break through to Great Realization within a hundred years. At that time, what will his ranking in the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred be?

He might be able to hit the top ten!

Just the thought amazed him.

“So so, how’s your information gathering?”

Zhou Xuanji asked. Last night, a group of cultivators passed by thirty miles away. He was still cultivating in the cauldron, so he sent Daoya Old Man to go and ask.

“The war between the two races is fierce, and there are countless deaths and casualties. The Fury Buddha was surrounded by three Ninth Rank demons and almost died. Now, Great Shang has lost half of its territory. The other sects are on their way to assist the empire,” Daoya Old Man said as he sighed.

Great Shang was in a great crisis, but Great Zhou and Great Chen were not doing well either.

Donghan Empire, Hunyuan Empire, Jibei Empire, and Dafeng Empire had already sent their army to reinforce them.

Within the human race, more top cultivators were severely injured. Of course, the demons were so as well.

However, generally speaking, the situation is not good for humans.

“What about Xian Xianghua?” Zhou Xuanji asked, frowning. With Xian Xianghua’s temperament, she should have already fought with Jihuang Demon Lord.

Daoya Old Man sighed with a complicated expression, “She’s defeated, but both her and Jihuang Demon Lord were severely injured. No one knows where she went, but thanks to her, humans have some time to breathe.”

This was filled with irony.

The humans pursued to kill her, and she was the one who helped the humans at a critical moment. Yet, none thanked Xian Xianghua but took her to be a lunatic. Now that both she and Jihuang Demon Lord were severely injured, the humans thought that they both deserved it.

Zhou Xuanji frowned even deeper.

He took out two Cataclysms and said softly, “This is a Cataclysm. It will explode when it comes into contact with spirit energy, and it’s powerful enough to kill a Great Realization cultivator. You keep them for your own use.”

Daoya Old Man heard him and opened his eyes wide.

Aren’t these just two pieces of jade?

It could decimate a Great Realization cultivator?

He kept them carefully and asked, “Are you ready to depart?”

He had his own ideas about who he should use the Cataclysms on even if Zhou Xuanji did not give himany instructions.

It’s either the enemy or Fenyu Dragon King.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “Wait until the red Qilin awakens, I will depart with it, together with Jiang Xue and Zifeng.”

The others were to stay in Skyfall and cultivate.

“You better ask them since they might want to follow. Aren’t you going to recruit disciples? It’s better to have people take care of them along the way,” Daoya Old Man said.

Zhou Xuanji thought about it and felt that the old man’s suggestion was reasonable.

No matter how powerful he was, he might overlook his disciples if he had too many of them.

Immediately, he gathered his companions around.

In the end, everyone wanted to follow him.

“We’ve talked about it. Even if we stay here to cultivate, it will be hard to catch up with you, Revered Teacher. We should help you. Once the number of disciples grows, it’s better to have more eyes on them. At the same time, we can help manage them and teach them sword techniques,” Xiao Jinghong explained. They had talked about it in private before.

With Zhou Xuanji’s capability, they would return in at most ten years.

Ten years later, how much could they really grow?

And it would not be good if Zhou Xuanji had other trusted companions around him who would elbow them out.

It was much better to help the establishment of the sect and build up their own prestige.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “So you guys have thought it through. I’m not disappointed. Okay, once the red Qilin awakens, we will depart.”

He was looking forward to creating a sect.

To grow to form a few, to a few dozen, to ten thousand, and even a million disciples.

Eventually, it would become a Sanctum!

Then, they would ascend together!

But here’s the problem…

What should their sect be called?