I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 239 - The Battle of the Two Dragons. Fenyu Dragon King.

Chapter 239 - The Battle of the Two Dragons. Fenyu Dragon King.


The Five-clawed Golden dragon circled and roared unstoppably. Its dragon’s might, which shook even souls, made Ah Big and Small Er shudder.

Chongming Demon Monarch and the little black snake sat on the ground, paralyzed.

Dragon’s might dominates all demons!

Facing the Five-clawed Golden Dragon, everyone felt so small.

“This is…”

Jiang Xue opened her eyes wide and looked with disbelief.

Her Xuanji turned into a sword the previous time and was now a dragon?

Daoya Old Man was also frightened. “Is this a divine ability?” He muttered.

It was not just a simple transformation spell. He could sense that Zhou Xuanji was really the Five-clawed Golden Dragon.

And something was odd about this dragon’s might. It was much stronger than all the dragon demons he had encountered before.

It felt like it was from a dragon emperor.

“Oh… My… Heaven…”

Looking at Zhou Xuanji, who was roaring in the sky, his eyes almost dropped.

He slapped himself to confirm that it was not a dream, and he became even more shocked.

What sword technique is that?

He can transform into a Five-clawed Golden Dragon?

Facing this dragon, he felt very fearful.

“You are awesome! Too powerful! I really want to learn it! I must learn it!” Zhao Congjian cupped his fist tightly as he cried out in excitement.

Xiao Jinghong, Beixiao Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin’s eyes were also burning with passion.

Such an imposing sword technique!

Every sword cultivator would be moved at the sight of this.


At this moment, Skyfall shook violently. Everyone was shocked and flew up.


A deafening dragon roar could be heard. It shook the heavens and the earth, along with all the demons within a few miles.

“The Ninth Rank dragon demon is going to come out!” Liuwu Wolf Demon cried out in shock as he quickly fled from Skyfall.

Everyone on the peak also thought about the Ninth Rank dragon demon.

Zhou Xuanji did not return to his original form, his dragon-eyes lit with excitement as he soared into the sea of clouds.

Then, a loud sound of explosion!

At the mountain shoulder, the walls of the mountain exploded. A massive black dragon head appeared, and a dragon body soon followed.

Under the many black dragon scales, lava flowed. The black dragon’s eyes looked fiery, and it was as though a world-destroying dragon had come out from the world’s pillar. Black smoke oozed from his mouth, which gave him an even more horrifying look.

This black dragon was almost a thousand meters long, and each dragon scale was the size of a building. He circled around Skyfall as he flew up into the sky.

Liuwu Wolf Demon, Haotian Boar King, Dade Bear Monarch, Jingtian Eagle, and the other demons who were hiding were all aghast.

Before their eyes, the Five-clawed Golden dragon charged out from the sea of clouds, shining with a bright golden light, and he charged toward the black dragon.

The two dragons quickly clashed together like two forces, good and evil.


The two dragons intertwined as they clawed and chomped at each other madly, and dragon scales fell one after another.

The golden dragon scales quickly dissipated in the form of sword Qi while the black dragon scales smashed into the forest heavily, swaying the trees in all directions.

Physically speaking, the black dragon looked much mightier than the Five-clawed Golden Dragon, but he did not hold an advantage.

Suddenly, they saw a white dragon coiled around the Five-clawed Dragon. Following that, the golden dragon’s impetus grew tremendously.

They could see two swords levitating before the two horns of the golden dragon if they were to observe carefully.

White Dragon-bone Sword!

Sky Extinguishing Sword!

With the support of these two swords, Zhou Xuanji’s power was significantly boosted. The black dragon was under so much suppression that he could not return any attacks.

The black dragon opened its mouth, and a fiery flame blasted out along with magma. However, this dealt little damage even after the attack landed on the golden dragon.

Zhou Xuanji opened his mouth, and numerous streams of sword Qi shot out from his mouth and bombarded onto the black dragon’s body.

Clang! Clang! Clang…

As the sword Qi landed on the black dragon’s scales, it generated the clear sound of metal clashing.

Under the impact, the black dragon was sent falling downward.

At the same time, Daoya Old Man, Jiang Xue, Ning Zifeng, and the others descended from the sea of clouds. When they saw the two dragons fighting, they all opened their eyes wide in shock.

“Ninth Rank dragon demon! Such a powerful demon hides within Skyfall!”

Ning Zifeng cried out. Fear was written all over his face.

After staying at Skyfall for more than a year, how was it that he had not sensed it.

“This brat can already trounce a Ninth Rank demon?” Daoya Old Man mumbled. The old man could only deal with Eight Rank demons, and a Ninth Rank demon could kill him like an ant.

Even though they were a distance apart, the aura of the two dragons struck fear in his heart.

The others cried out in shock as well.

Everyone cultivated together, why was it that Zhou Xuanji’s grew so rapidly?


The black dragon fell to the ground and swept up a wave of dust that was hundreds of meters tall. The ground crumbled, rocks and dust flew, and a violent gust blew in all directions.

The Five-clawed Golden Dragon pinned him onto the ground and roared into the sky mightily.

“Who are you… such a powerful dragon’s might…” The black dragon spoke the human language and cried out fearfully. An indescribable aura could be sensed from his hoarse voice.

“I’m the Ancestral Dragon, and the Ancestral Dragon is me. You dare to not submit to me?” Zhou Xuanji looked down at him and asked coldly.

It’s a good opportunity to tame this Ninth Rank dragon demon to make him guard the mountain.

A Ninth Rank cultivation will make me look good!

“Ancestral Dragon…”

The black dragon shuddered and quickly transformed into his human form. The golden dragon landed as well and looked down upon him.

The black dragon’s muscular body was as tall as the Chongming Demon Monarch, and he wore a dragon-scale black robe. Two horns jutted out amidst his long hair, and his stern face had thin stripes of a lava-like pattern.

“Ancestral Dragon, please forgive me…” The black dragon said fearfully. Immediately, Zhou Xuanji returned to his original form. His elegant purple garment and black hair danced in the wind, giving him an incredibly majestic look.

“I’m Zhou Xuanji. From now on, you will be my mount, and you will be the guardian of Skyfall. Are you willing?” Zhou Xuanji looked down at him and asked.

“I’m willing…” The black dragon replied with exhilaration. As long as he could stay in Skyfall, he was naturally willing.

Moreover, ZHou Xuanji was really powerful. The black dragon submitted to Zhou Xuanji willingly.

“What’s your name?” Zhou Xuanji asked pleasantly. The Ancestral Dragon Sword was really powerful.

It’s definitely a Heaven Grade sword technique!

And it’s most likely at advanced tier or even top tier!

“I’m Fenyu Dragon King,” the black dragon knelt on the ground and replied formally.

“You gave yourself that title?” Zhou Xuanji asked with a raised brow.

The black dragon felt embarrassed and did not know what to reply.

Zhou Xuanji did not bother to ask further. He brought him up the mountain and gathered everyone together.

They were all curious about Fenyu Dragon King. The little black snake was so frightened that he did not dare to speak, and he pretended to be dead.

When a black snake encountered a black dragon, it was like meeting its ancestor.

“In at most one year, I plan to bring all of you back into the world and search for disciples who are talented in the Sword’s Way,” Zhou Xuanji looked at them and said.

He planned to use World Internalization to strengthen his cultivation.

World Internalization could absorb spirit energy from all things to empower oneself. It was definitely much faster than ordinary cultivation.

During the chaotic war, they would encounter many evildoers, so as they cultivated, he could also eliminate some vermin for the world.

However, World Internalization could not be used continuously, as the stages required insight after all. If one were to gather too much spirit energy, it would implode inside one’s body.

Many demonic cultivators absorbed the spirit energy of another person and were bedeviled beyond salvation.