I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 237 - Chapter 237 The Legendary Yang Di

Chapter 237 - Chapter 237 The Legendary Yang Di


Daoya Old Man flew to Zhou Xuanji’s back with an impressed look.

“Back then, Xian Xianghua dominated the world, but now, she ended up being ranked fourth. How could she be willing to just sit around? Moreover, since she absorbed the Ancient Diablo’s soul, it’s only natural for her to win back her status,” he said leisurely. After that, he laughed to himself.

In his entire life, Xian Xianghua was a woman who wanted to outdo others the most.

Although that old demonic woman loved Zhou Xuanji, she still could not let go of her ambitions.

He even suspected that Xian Xianghua was actually a man who had possessed a woman’s body.

Zhou Xuanji asked with a frown, “Is Yang Di that powerful?”

Top rank in the world!

This fact was enough for people to imagine all sorts of things about him.

However, in the Northern Wilderness Region, Yang Di was not considered very reputable.

He was an eccentric person such that you would remember him if you tried hard, else you would not remember him.

Ever since he became the most powerful cultivator in the world, Yang Di was nowhere to be seen.

According to the Northern Wilderness Region’s rumors, Yang Di was someone who focused on cultivation.

That was why he could maintain his position as the most powerful cultivator.

Until now, Yang Di had already won the world’s top rank three consecutive times. This meant that ever since he came to power, Xian Xianghua had never defeated him.

To be more precise, no one in the world had defeated him.

“Powerful. I even feel that he can become the Great Emperor of our world, comparable to the Hegemon Sword Emperor.”

“Although Xian Xianghua’s prowess is more refined than before, Yang Di’s talent is even more horrifying. Moreover, with all the hard work being put into his cultivation, the difference between them is still vast,” Daoya Old Man said seriously. He personally witnessed one of the World Millennium Duels, and Yang Di’s prowess left a deep and unforgettable impression in his mind.

The Great Emperor of the current world!

Zhou Xuanji fell into silence.

Daoya Old Man patted his shoulder and smiled, “Don’t overthink it. Even if Xian Xianghua cannot defeat him, she can escape. You should focus on your cultivation. I look forward to the day that you can compete with Yang Di.”

When he thought about Zhou Xuanji pursuing to become the most powerful cultivator, he had an expectant look on his face.

If only Zhaoxuan could see this.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “You are right. The priority now is to focus on cultivation.”

At this moment, Ning Zifeng walked over.

“Master, how do you train Dual Sword Wills? I can use different sword techniques simultaneously, but the sword wills require my full attention, so I can not use Dual Sword Wills,” Ning Zifeng asked in frustration. Ever since Zhou Xuanji began to teach him Dual Sword Wills, this guy stopped trying to escape.

At Skyfall, not only did no one make things hard for him, but he could also learn a more profound Sword’s Way. He no longer had reasons to escape.

Zhou Xuanji did not tell him about Xian Xianghua’s departure but turned around and said to Ning Zifeng, “Let’s spar with some sword techniques. I will let you experience it during the spar. Remember, don’t use spirit energy. Only sword techniques.”

Ning Zifeng heard him and immediately took out two golden swords.

The two of them began sparring with sword techniques at the edge of Skyfall.

Far away, Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin saw everything. The four people did not go to observe the spar.

Ever since Ning Zifeng joined, they trained even harder, especially since Ning Zifeng was at Great Realization. How would they be able to catch up with him?

After Xian Xianghua left, their lives did not change. Training continued.

Everyone’s cultivation was growing.

Jiang Xue, Huang Lianxian, and Beixiao Wangjian had already begun working on Astral Infant.

The little black snake had returned to its peak, which was Fifth Rank cultivation. He could transform into the majestic Hegemon-scaled Black Dragon that was hundreds of meters long at any time.

Ah Big and Small Er had reached Fifth Rank as well. Their wings spanned over thirty meters, and they looked like two hills. However, they still could not speak the human language or transform into human form.

Everything was progressing well.

Eight months later.

Zhou Xuanji broke through to Astral Projection Level Eight!

This was already considered very quick. Other than the abundant spiritual Qi at the peak of Skyfall, the Tianxia Map contributed a lot as well.

However, he could still not reach the second level of the World Buddha Art. World Reincarnation was just too difficult.

It was good that Ning Zifeng had not mastered the Dual Sword Wills as well, which made him feel relieved.

He had taught everything to Ning Zifeng, but it could not be helped that this sword slave of his was deeply rooted in his own Sword’s Way and could not change quickly.

This day.

The red Qilin suddenly began roaring madly and sprinted around on the mountain top.

Now, it was the size of an adult tiger, and its roars were fearsome.

“Little guy, quiet!”

Chongming Demon Monarch charged toward it and slammed it into the ground with one punch.


As it laid powerlessly on the ground, it was still roaring with a deep voice restlessly.

The others gathered around.

“What happened to it?”

Jiang Xue asked worriedly. The Three-eyed Drought Rodent laid on her shoulders and looked at the red Qilin carefully.

Back then, they were similar in size, but now, the red Qilin was like a massive creature in its eyes.

“Maybe it has grown up and needs a mate.”

The little black snake said as it flicked out its forked-tongue. At his words, the bull demon flung him out by his tail.

Daoya Old Man was surprised and said, “It seems to be awakening. Release it and let it do whatever it wants.”

Having heard that, the bull demon raised his right foot, and the red Qilin ran away immediately.

The group looked at each other and could see that they were worried.

Not far away, Ning Zifeng was shocked in his heart while practicing sword techniques.

Qilin’s awakening?

He had seen the prowess of a Qilin in the Chaos Tide Sea. He still felt fearful whenever he thought about it.

He turned around to look at Zhou Xuanji. Where did this guy obtain a Qilin?

After interacting for a year, he knew the group to some extent.

Other than Beixiao Wangjian and the little black snake, the others were all extraordinarily talented.

Zhao Congjian’s talent in the Sword’s Way was even more horrifying than his. One must know that Zhao Congjian was merely thirty-four years old.

When he was at the same age, his cultivation was lower than Zhao Congjian’s.

Although Xiao Jinghong was less talented than Zhao Congjian, it was not by much, not to mention Han Shenbo who had maintained the top rank of Great Zhou’s Hero Ranking Board steadily.

Huang Lianxin’s Ghost Emperor Divine Eye could see through everything. If she could attain Great Accomplishment, it was hard to imagine how powerful she would become.

Jiang Xue was the descendant of the Jiang Clan. Her talent in the spells of the five elements was extraordinary, and she would surely become someone formidable.

Chongming Demon Monarch, Ah Big, Small Er, the Three-eyed Drought Rodent, and the red Qilin were all not ordinary creatures.

He shook his head to stop overthinking things and continued with his practice.

“Zifeng, come over here.”

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji’s voice traveled to him.

Having heard that, Ning Zifeng walked over immediately.

“Master, what are your instructions?” he asked expectantly as he thought that Zhou Xuanji was going to teach him something.

“There are two worms hiding beneath Skyfall. You go and kill them,” Zhou Xuanji instructed, which stunned Ning Zifeng.

“What do they look like?” He asked.

Numerous demons resided in Skyfall, how could he know who to kill.

“They are two demonic cultivators, named the Huangquan Twin Devils,” Zhou Xuanji said casually. In the vicinity of Skyfall, there were only these two humans. The rest were all demons.


Ning Zifeng leaped down toward the bottom of the mountain immediately. With his capabilities, Zhou Xuanji had no doubts about the outcome.

This guy was at Great Realization Level one and was the top genius of the Chaos Tide Sea. His battle prowess was exceptional and was sufficient to make the Huangquan Twin Devils suffer.