I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 236 - Chapter 236 Twenty-five Years Old. Cataclysm.

Chapter 236 - Chapter 236 Twenty-five Years Old. Cataclysm.


Ning Zifeng fell into silence. Zhou Xuanji’s words shook him to his core.

The others were used to it already, and Xian Xianghua looked at Zhou Xuanji even more favorably.

This brat is ambitious!

He was the man she wanted to marry after all!

The little black snake laid on Chongming Demon Monarch’s shoulder and sighed in amazement, “He knows how to talk rubbish.”

Jiang Xue covered her mouth with a smile. She had personally witnessed how Zhou Xuanji recruited Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and the others.

The guy could really talk on the go. He could say all sorts of things that hit straight to the hearts of others.

First, he uses his power to break his opponent. Then, he uses sharp and passionate words to move the opponent’s emotions.

All in all, all things were possible for Zhou Xuanji in her heart.

“Soon, our master’s cultivation will surpass yours. You should know that our master is only twenty-four years old now. Do you understand what it means to reach Astral Projection Level Seven at twenty-four?” Zhao Congjian said to assist Zhou Xuanji.

Ning Zifeng was really powerful and knew so many sword techniques. He was definitely qualified to join them.

Of course, the most important reason why he chose Ning Zifeng was that he wanted the hundred powerful sword techniques of his.

Xian Xianghua snorted, “He’s my man. To become his sword slave is your honor. If you don’t want to, then die!”

After that, her murderous aura exploded and locked onto Ning Zifeng.

Ning Zifeng opened his eyes wide and looked at her fearfully.

Such a horrifying murderous aura!

How powerful is this woman?

With a complicated expression on his face, he finally lowered his head and cried out with gritted teeth, “Master!”

Now, he had no other choice, and he was already interested in Zhou Xuanji’s Sword’s Way anyway.

And so, Zhou Xuanji recruited another sword slave. A sword slave that was at Great Realization stage.

Ning Zifeng began to tell everyone his past.

It happened that in the Chaos Tide Sea, he was like Zhou Xuanji in the Northern Wilderness Region.

Ever since he showed his power, he began a tough journey to become the top genius of the Chaos Tide Sea. And in terms of the Sword’s Way, he was ranked among the top few as well.

But it was a pity that Zhou Xuanji was even more genius than him.

He was inquisitive about Zhou Xuanji’s past. The group told him about it without hiding anything, and his jaw dropped.

There’s really such a person in the world?

Zhou Xuanji walked aside and continued his cultivation.

Seeing the vortex of spiritual Qi forming on Zhou Xuanji’s head, he was shocked again.

Three days later.

Ning Zifeng was fully recovered from his injuries and began to tour around Skyfall. Skyfall was vast after all, so he wanted to take a look at the place since there was no mountain this tall in the Chaos Tide Sea.

Meanwhile, he tried to escape but was caught by Xian Xianghua, who beat him up terribly. It took him another month to recover from his injuries, and only then did he become obedient.

This day.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached twenty-five years old. Gacha started!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Gold] Cloudy Wind Sword, [Gold] Guangying Sword, [Glorious Gold] Buddha-Destroyer Sword, and three pieces of Cataclysm!”

Zhou Xuanji, who was cultivating, opened his eyes slowly. Information about the three swords appeared before his eyes.

Sword Name: Cloud Wind Sword

Grade: Gold

Description: This sword was forged amidst the wind and clouds. It has within itself wind, water, and the air attribute. It can be used to generate wind and clouds.

Sword Name: Shadow Light Sword

Description: Forged from the Shadow Light Stone, the two sides of the sword’s blade are imbued with different powers: light on one side, darkness in the other.

Sword Name: Buddha-Destroyer Sword

Grade: Glorious Gold

Description: Forged by the evil sects, the sword is specialized in dealing with Buddha Qi. It is extremely powerful and should be used with utmost care.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes were attracted by the Buddha-Destroyer Sword. A Glorious Gold legendary sword that was specially made to suppress Buddha Qi!

Very good!

He could use it to deal with Xuanhe Divine Monk in the future!

Three legendary swords appeared in his hands. They had their differences, but they all looked extraordinary.

After he played them a while, he kept the swords in the Supreme Storage.

Next, three white jade stones that were the size of eggs appeared in his hand.

“Sword Spirit, what are Cataclysms?”

Zhou Xuanji asked curiously. Things produced by the system must not be anything ordinary.

“They are like explosives. They contain horrifying power within themselves. Each of them can kill a Great Realization cultivator in both body and soul. It can be ignited by activating it with your spirit energy.”

The Sword Spirit replied. It frightened Zhou Xuanji so much that he quickly put them into his storage.

It could decimate a Great Realization cultivator?

Cold sweat could be seen on his forehead. It was fortunate for him that he did not channel spirit energy into them.

Usually, cultivators would probe and inspect enchanted artifacts by channeling spirit energy into it.

“Can you introduce these things beforehand next time?”

Zhou Xuanji thought about it unpleasantly. The Sword Spirit agreed before returning to silence.

After the thought, he stood up and stretched.

Looking down from the peak, he saw a mountain surrounded by a sea of clouds that seemed borderless.

It had been almost a year since they reached Skyfall. During this period, they focused on cultivation. Few demons and cultivators came to interrupt them.

If cultivators passed by, they would be captured and interrogated for current events about the human world before Zhou Xuanji and then let go by the others.

Now, humans and demons were already at war.

Demons that were Rank Eight and above led countless demon soldiers to attack the seven empires. Each empire had already entered into war, and the eight Sanctums had to involve themselves in this war.

Xuanhe Divine Monk fought with Jihuang Demon Lord despite his severe injuries from Xian Xianghua. He was decapitated by the Demon Lord within three moves and imprisoned.

This event shook the entire human race.

The Hegemon Sword Sect, Xinhao Sect, Haoqi Alliance, and the other sects from both the upright and evil sides participated in the war as well. The central region of the Northern Wilderness Region was suffering greatly from the unstoppable war.

They did not know whether the Great Zhou Empire could survive.

Thinking about this, Zhou Xuanji sighed softly.

With Zhou Chengxin as the emperor, only Xitan Changshi and Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch were formidable forces. Great Zhou was considered to be the weakest empire among the seven.

And now, Great Zhou would encounter its most dangerous crisis.

Back then, he promised to help the Great Zhou Empire, but he could not do so because he was in Skyfall, which was too far away.

“I’m going to leave.”

At this moment, Xian Xianghua’s voice came from his back.

Next, a wave of fragrance entered his nostrils. She came to his side and stood shoulder to shoulder with him. They looked at the majestic sea of clouds.

“Now that the two races are at war, it’s the best time for the Tanhua Sect to recover. What are you going to do there?” Zhou Xuanji asked, frowning. He was already used to Xian Xianghua’s presence, so he was a little reluctant to see her leave.

She smiled and said, “I have to gather the Tanhua Sect again and bring them near Skyfall to focus on cultivation. After you have created your sect, we shall be neighbors. Isn’t that good?”

Whenever she thought about this happening, she would smile until her eyes looked like crescents.

“Just like that?”

Zhou Xuanji asked. He could not help but remember the Thousand-hands Devil, Qin Gang. Was he still alive?

Xian Xianghua replied, “Yes, I will take the opportunity to settle some grudges with Jihuang Demon Lord. That old demon is quite wild.”

After that, she turned her head and lifted the veil to kiss Zhou Xuanji on his face. Then, she disappeared.

“Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to me. I will leave the demon dragon for you to deal with. You are already powerful enough, anyway.”

Her voice reverberated across the air and dissipated like the wind.

Zhou Xuanji did not relax his furrowed brows. What does this old demonic woman really want to do?

Can’t she just stay put and cultivate?

“This is her stubborn will. She is bent on retrieving her position as the most powerful cultivator.”

Daoya Old Man’s voice came, “Not only is she going to challenge Jihuang Demon Lord, but she will also challenge Yang Di. She has already waited for a year and could hold it no longer.”