I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 235 - Stars Surrounding The Moon, Give You An Opportunity

Chapter 235 - Stars Surrounding The Moon, Give You An Opportunity


“Okay,” Xian Xianghua said as she waved her right hand, her demonic qi turning into a black shadow and rushing out.

By now, Jiang Xue, Daoya Old Man, Xiao Jinghong, and the others had flown over.

“Revered Teacher, your sword formation is truly powerful. Perhaps even within the Hegemon Sword Sect it would be difficult to find someone with talent that rivals yours in terms of sword formations,” Xiao Jinghong said as he laughed with an expression of respect, making Zhou Xuanji feel quite pleased.

This guy was quite good for keeping around because he could make people feel quite happy. He did not hold back with his flattery and was completely sincere.

Daoya Old Man said to Zhou Xuanji, “This person comes from a foreign land called the Chaos Tide Sea. He’s the number one genius there so you need to be prudent.”

Chaos Tide Sea?

Zhou Xuanji frowned. Even though people from the Northern Wilderness often ventured to foreign lands, they usually did not make it back. He had never thought that he would meet someone from a foreign land today.

To be called the number one genius meant that there were many people there.

Why had he come to the Northern Wilderness?

“Chaos Tide Sea? Interesting. Jiang Wudi recently wanted to leave the Northern Wilderness, and now that a Great Realization cultivator has come from a foreign land, it seems that the state of the world is going to change,” Xian Xianghua said softly to herself.

Zhou Xuanji did not pay much mind to this.

Soon, Ning Zifeng was brought back by the black shadow and the group flew back above the clouds.

Haotian Boar King respectfully knelt in the air, a searingly passionate gaze in his eyes.

After that battle, Zhou Xuanji had completely convinced him with his strength!

With this kind of expert protecting him, he could continue to cultivate on Skyfall in peace.

An hour later, Ning Zifeng weakly sat at the summit of Skyfall as he recovered, and his gaze was extremely complicated as he looked at Zhou Xuanji.

It was not that he had never lost before, but rather that it was the first time he had lost to someone with a lower cultivation than him.

And he was a sword cultivator too!

“So, why have you come to the Northern Wilderness?” Zhou Xuanji asked as he looked at him.

Ning Zifeng deeply breathed in and said, “My name is Ning Zifeng and just like you were guessing, I come from the Chaos Tide Sea. Because of my various enemies, I had to run and hide. I crossed over the boundless ocean and encountered many hardships to arrive at the Northern Wilderness.

“I wanted to find a place to cultivate so I came here. I just want to say that I’ve never harmed a person on this continent; I just wanted to find a place to peacefully cultivate.”

Ning Zifeng felt quite depressed.

After reaching the Northern Wilderness, he had only encountered demons. Zhou Xuanji was the first human he had encountered.

Right after meeting him, he had lost.

At this moment, he was doubting the purpose of life.

Could it be that this continent was much more powerful?

“How far away is the Chaos Tide Sea? How many big sects and factions does it have?” Xiao Jinghong asked. Ning Zifeng’s strength made him feel a sense of danger.

He had already guessed what Zhou Xuanji was thinking.

“It’s very, very far away. I met many people from the Northern Wilderness on the ocean. They were all headed towards various sea regions to search for opportunities. There are countless sects and Empires in the sea regions, and danger lurks everywhere. I feel that your Northern Wilderness is very quiet and calm,” Ning Zifeng said as he sighed. He was a good judge of character and he could tell that Zhou Xuanji did not want to kill him.

Zhou Xuanji had most likely kept him alive because he wanted to take him in.

After all, he had lived for over 1,000 years and encountered many situations like this.

“Who is the most powerful person in the Chaos Tide Sea, and how powerful is he or she?” the little black snake asked. After hearing about the Chaos Tide Sea, everyone felt quite interested.

Ning Zifeng said trutfully, “It should be Tian. He descended from the heavens 1,000 years ago and has swept across the land, completely invincible. He has proclaimed himself as the one King and wants to kill everyone with Monarchial Violet Qi.” [TLN: Tian means ‘heaven’ or ‘sky’]


Everyone felt quite surprised and thought back to the otherworldly object that had fallen from the sky.

That thing had also descended from the heavens.

At that moment, Ning Zifeng looked at Zhou Xuanji and said seriously, “Release me and I will not disturb you anymore. When I complete my Way of the Sword, I will owe you a favor. How does that sound?”

Zhou Xuanji said calmly, “You can cultivate here. From now on, you will be my sword slave.”

Hearing this, Ning Zifeng stared with wide eyes.

He had guessed that Zhou Xuanji would want to take him as a disciple, but he had never thought that Zhou Xuanji would want him to be a sword slave.

He felt humiliated and gritted his teeth as he said, “Kill me!”

It was better to die than be a slave.

“I can teach you sword techniques,” Zhou Xuanji said softly as he looked into Ning Zifeng’s eyes.

Beixiao Wangjian called out, “Why would you take him in? It’s better to just kill him!”

The little black snake agreed.

This boy was too aloof, and keeping him would not be a good idea.

Ning Zifeng coldly harrumphed, “My talent in the Way of the Sword is unparalleled and there are over 100 sword techniques that I am proficient in. Why would I need to learn from you?”

He was a complete and utter sword lover and had left his homeland for the sword. He had walked the world with his sword and had also reached Great Realization in cultivation.

“How many sword wills do you know?” Zhou Xuanji asked. Very good, this guy’s sword techniques would all be his.

“Sword will? Naturally, only one. Everyone has their own sword and sword will,” Ning Zifeng said as he harrumphed, looking at Zhou Xuanji like he was an idiot.

Zhou Xuanji picked up Ning Zifeng’s golden sword and walked to the side.

As everyone watched on, he started to practice with the sword.

First was the White Crane Technique. He was nimble and graceful, his body like a white crane.

He moved about in a small area with his right foot as the axis. His swordsmanship was sharp and sound of the air being split continuously sounded out.

“Sword will.” Ning Zifeng’s eyes narrowed. Why did he feel that this sword will was different to Zhou Xuanji’s sword will from before?

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Huang Lianxin, and Beixiao Wangjian watched on, completely intoxicated.

Even the simple White Crane Sword Technique seemed incredibly deep and profound when being used by Zhou Xuanji.

Next was the Fiery Sword Technique!

Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword!

Thirty-six Paths Jade Xiao Sword!

Tempest Slash!

Moonlit Wind Sword Dance!

Sky Dominating Divine Sword!


Each sword technique had a different sword will, and their auras were all different, making everyone’s eyes feel dazzled.

Ning Zifeng’s mouth was wide open as if he had seen a ghost.

Xian Xianghua also looked quite impressed. She suddenly felt that Zhou Xuanji, when swinging a sword about, was incredibly mighty and handsome.

After a while, Zhou Xuanji waved his hand and the golden sword stabbed into the earth in front of Ning Zifeng, the blade lightly trembling.

Staring at his beloved sword, Ning Zifeng became dazed.

In that moment, the Way of the Sword that he believed in completely crumbled.

“How can someone be proficient in so many sword wills… impossible…” he muttered. Seeing this, everyone else loudly laughed.

Zhou Xuanji walked over and said, “You said it yourself—every person’s sword will is different, as is their own Way of the Sword. My Way of the Sword is the Way of Ten Thousand Swords, the Emperor of the Way of the Sword. Your Way of the Sword is only one of the countless Ways of the Sword, whereas I will unify all of the Ways of the Sword!

“The Sword Emperor that I want to be is not just the pinnacle of a single Way of the Sword, but a representative of the Way of the Sword itself!” Zhou Xuanji’s voice was sonorous and powerful, his tone filled with confidence.

As he spoke, he unleashed Sword Master Haki!

In that moment, the golden sword in front of Ning Zifeng violently trembled.

Not only this, Xiao Jinghong and the others’ swords also trembled.

In the five sword cultivators’ eyes, Zhou Xuanji was incredibly domineering and mighty.

“All stars surround the moon—I am that bright moon, and I’m giving you the opportunity to be a star.

“Becoming my sword slave is your fortune and glory. If you miss this, you will regret it one day.”