I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 233 - War Between Two Races

Chapter 233 - War Between Two Races


Zhao Congjian felt quite depressed after hearing Zhou Xuanji’s words, but did not how to rebut them, so he could only go and train.

Zhou Xuanji then glanced at Xiao Jinghong, Beixiao Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin.

The three of them immediately understood and obediently went to train as well.

Xian Xianghua shook her had and smiled as she said, “You really know how to make yourself sound profound.”

Zhou Xuanji looked at her and asked seriously, “Do you know why you fell down from the throne? You were first in the world but now you are unable to climb back up.”

Hearing this, Xian Xianghua could not help but frown; this was a sore point for her.

“Why?” She asked as she narrowed her eyes, and a dangerous aura caused Jiang Xue, Han Shenbo, Chongming Demon Monarch, and Daoya Old Man to look over with worried expressions.

What did this old demonic woman want to do?

Zhou Xuanji smirked and said, “Because you have an obstruction in your heart. After you were defeated, you talk about this every day, as if you’re afraid that others don’t know that you were once first in the world.

“In actuality, you’re very powerful, and in everyone’s hearts, they might think of you as superior to Yang Di.”

Xian Xianghua frowned deeply as she sank into her thoughts.

Zhou Xuanji glared at Jiang Xue and said, “Why aren’t you cultivating? What are you spacing out for?”

Jiang Xue pouted before leaving.

Han Shenbo, Daoya Old Man, and Chongming Demon Monarch also tactfully distanced themselves.

Following this, Zhou Xuanji put away his swords and sat down as he started to cultivate.

He had already finished learning the Hundred Star Sky-Covering Formation, and even though he could not unleash its full power yet, after he acquired more legendary swords, he would be able to do it sooner or later.

Following this, he started to focus on cultivating. As for sword techniques, he had enough to use.

Time quickly passed.

Four months later, Zhou Xuanji broke through to Astral Projection Level Seven. The reason why he had progressed so quickly was because of the Tianxia Map and the Spirit Gathering Formation that Xian Xianghua had created.

The spirit qi at the top of Skyfall was already incredibly dense, and cultivating here for a single day was equivalent to dozens of days outside.

The others had also broken through except Daoya Old Man.

None of them had seen Daoya Old Man practice much before.

That old fellow spent his days in leisure, traveling up and down Skyfall. In his words, he had overused his ability to look at Heaven’s Secrets, and if he broke through any more, the divine tribulation he encountered might kill him. As such, he did not dare to continue cultivating.

From Astral Projection onwards, every major stage would bring about a divine tribulation.

After breaking through to the Spirit Refinement Stage, one would be deemed to have left behind their mortal life, and could live up to 10,000 years.

After reaching Astral Projection Level Seven, Zhou Xuanji did not stop cultivating, so as to provide a good example for the others.

Elsewhere, Liuwu Demon Wolf and Dade Bear Monarch were gathered in a mountain cave.

Dade Bear Monarch’s body was quite big and sturdy, and his face was covered with fur and he wore heavy, black scaled armor. He looked quite worried as he sighed and said, “What should we do?”

Liuwu Demon Wolf also looked quite worried. He was holding a scroll from Jihuang Demon Lord, summoning back all of his demon generals, saying that there was a big matter to discuss.

However, now that they were being detained by Xian Xianghua, how could they dare to go back?

They did not even dare to report this to Jihuang Demon Lord, out of fear that Xian Xianghua would kill them.

“Forget it, let’s not bother with this for now. The Sovereign most likely wants to declare war against the humans. There’s not much point for the two of us to get involved, and the war between the two races will definitely last for a long period of time. As for whether or not the Sovereign will investigate our actions, who knows what will happen?” Liuwu Demon Wolf said thoughtfully. Dade Bear Monarch also sank into his thoughts for a moment before nodding.

Given the current situation, that was all they could do.

“Also, isn’t there a Ninth Rank demon dragon in Skyfall? Why hasn’t there been any noise from it?” Dade Bear Monarch asked. When Liuwu Demon Wolf had told him about this, his body almost collapsed in fear.

It was only a difference in one Rank, but it was as great as heaven and earth.

“I’m not sure. They haven’t gone to disturb it; it’s as if it doesn’t exist,” Liuwu Demon Wolf said as he frowned. He could not help but wonder if there was no Ninth Rank demon dragon at all, and it had just been Xian Xianghua trying to scare him.

In the end, the two demons came to an agreement—all they could do for now was endure!

Half a year passed.

Zhou Xuanji was sitting on a massive boulder next to the cliff, his head against the starry sky, as he gathered spirit qi and cultivated.

The second level of the World Buddha Art, World Reincarnation, was simply too domineering and was very difficult to gain mastery over. According to Zhou Xuanji’s estimations, it would take him decades to fully master it.

Compared to World Internalisation, the trajectory of the circulation of qi for World Reincarnation was far more difficult and was on a completely different level.

A divine art like this could only be cultivated with great patience.

“The human and demon races have started to fight,” Daoya Old Man’s voice suddenly sounded out from behind him. Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji did not react. Weren’t the two races always fighting?

“It’s different this time. The sovereign Lord of the demon race has led the entire demon race towards the Seven Empires and Eight Sanctums. The battle has swept across the entirety of the Northern Wilderness, and the various large factions are preparing for battle as well. Perhaps even Skyfall might be affected,” Daoya Old Man continued, a serious expression on his face.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and said, “What are you so afraid of? As long as the sovereign Lord of the demon race doesn’t come, it has nothing to do with us.”

Zhou Xuanji was also one of the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100 now, and after learning World Internalisation and the Hundred Star Sky-Covering Formation, his strength had greatly increased and he was very confident.

“But what’s the point of starting a sect if the human race is destroyed?” Daoya Old Man asked. Very few demons used a sword, and putting that aside, the demon race would not tolerate the existence of Zhou Xuanji and the others either.

Zhou Xuanji turned his head and glanced at Daoya Old Man as he asked, “Is it really that bad?”

He had read some historical records from ancient books. Before the human race was born, the world was controlled by the demon race.

“It’s definitely possible. A war of such a scale has not happened in over 10,000 years, and even though Jihuang Demon Lord is ranked second in his world, his talent is extremely powerful and he has many tricks up his sleeve, allowing him to unite the demon race. In the past 10,000 years, humans have been fighting among themselves and their numbers cannot compare to the demon race’s numbers.

“Also, I’ve already divined the Great Zhou’s decline—its cities will be broken and its mountains and rivers will be shattered,” Daoya Old Man said in a serious tone, which caused Zhou Xuanji to frown.

I just wanted to focus on cultivating; why did such a big thing have to happen? Are the heavens against me as well?

“Isn’t Yang Di number one in the world? He should be able to suppress Jihuang Demon Lord,” Zhou Xuanji said. Xian Xianghua only talked about Yang Di being her rival; she had never taken Jihuang Demon Lord seriously before.

“He’s indeed number one in the world, but Jihuang Demon Lord is not that much inferior either. They will definitely fight, but what if Yang Di cannot suppress Jihuang Demon Lord?” Daoya Old Man asked in response, and Zhou Xuanji sank into his thoughts.


At that moment, Skyfall violently trembled as the shocking sounds of battle sounded out from below.

“A mere pig demon wants to stand in my way?” Condescending laughter sounded out. If it wasn’t for the fact that Zhou Xuanji and Daoya Old Man’s cultivation were quite high, they would not have been able to hear it. After all, Skyfall was simply too tall.

At the bottom of the mountain, the 100-foot tall Haotian Boar King was sent slamming into the mountain face. There was an expression of great pain on his face, and the forest in front of him was in complete ruins. Dirt lay on both sides of a long groove in the ground.

Haotian Boar King was an Eighth Rank great demon, and had a humanoid body and boar head. He wore bronze armor and had tusks coming out of his mouth. His expression was savage and his vicious aura seemed to reach the heavens.

Following his gaze, there was a green-clothed man hovering in the air above the forest. He held a golden long sword in his hand and he was quite handsome. There was a prideful and extraordinary air about him.

“This is Skyfall; you’re not allowed to enter!” Haotian Boar King said in a low voice as he raised his right hand, and a massive hammer appeared in his hand.