I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 232 - Hundred Star Sky-Covering Sword Formation

Chapter 232 - Hundred Star Sky-Covering Sword Formation


Everyone landed on the summit and looked at the starry sky. All of them were completely taken aback by the stunning scene.

Jiang Xue raised her right hand and stretched it upwards as she said softly, “I feel like I can really touch the sky.”

The others also raised their hands with looks of amazement.

They felt that they had touched a formless barrier that was very soft and warm.

“No, the spirit qi here is so dense that it has almost become corporeal; this is not the true sky,” Daoya Old Man said as he stroked his beard, a look of surprise and delight in his eyes.

By cultivating here, one’s cultivation would definitely increase by leaps and bounds!

Ah Big and Small Er continuously called out in joy, and the red Qilin and Three-eyed Drought Rodent ran about, looking incredibly excited.

Xian Xianghua looked at Liuwu Demon Wolf, who was lying on the ground like a dead dog, and coldly smiled as she said, “I’ve set down restrictions within your body, and can make your soul dissipate with a single thought. From now on, you are the demon general of Skyfall, and are responsible for defending it. Understood?”

Liuwu Demon Wolf’s face became incredibly pale, and a look of despair appeared in his eyes.

Zhou Xuanji looked around; he was finding the most suitable place to build a palace.

From today onward, he would reside here and establish his faction.

Xian Xianghua ordered Liuwu Demon Wolf to get all of the demons in Skyfall under his control, while she also subdued the three other Eighth Rank demons.

They were the Haotian Boar King, Jingtian Eagle, and Dade Bear Monarch.

Similar to Liuwu Demon Wolf, the Dade Bear Monarch was also one of Jihuang Demon Lord’s underlings.

As for the other demons on the mountain, Zhou Xuanji did not chase them away. After all, he had not established his sect yet.

Night fell, and the stars above Skyfall became even more resplendent, and everyone was gathered in front of a bonfire.

“When are you planning to establish your sect?” Xian Xianghua asked. She was sitting on Zhou Xuanji’s left while Jiang Xue sat on his right. In her eyes, there was only Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji thought about it and said, “It’s still early. Everyone should focus on cultivating for now; only when we have enough power to contend against the whole world will we establish the Sword Sect. For now, if anyone with talent in the Way of the Sword comes to Skyfall, we’ll let them stay.

Establishing a sect was not something that could be done in one day.

Zhou Xuanji was not in a rush; right now, he just wanted to cultivate the World Buddha Art to Great Accomplishment.

When he became number one in the world, and called out from the mountain, countless people would flood towards Skyfall. That would feel incredibly great!

Xian Xianghua nodded, her eyes filled with approval.

“Sect Lord Xian, now that the Tanhua Sect is gone, why don’t you join us and become an Elder?” Han Shenbo asked. Hearing this, Xian Xianghua glanced at him, causing him to hurriedly lower his head in fear.

Xian Xianghua turned and looked at Zhou Xuanji as she asked, “Is that what you want?”

Zhou Xuanji did not confirm nor deny it, and only looked at her calmly.

“I won’t agree; as long as I’m alive, the Tanhua Sect will not be destroyed,” Xian Xianghua said unhurriedly with a resolute gaze.

Her thoughts were not muddled by her feelings; she was still that number one person in the demonic path, who wanted to rule the world!

“I will stay with you for a while. When you’ve settled down Skyfall, I will leave and rebuild the Tanhua Sect.

“That’s right, give me the Diablo’s remnant soul,” Xian Xianghua said as she stretched out her right hand.

Zhou Xuanji frowned slightly and raised his hand, taking out the Diablo’s remnant soul from the Tianxia Map.

After obtaining the Diablo’s remnant soul, Xian Xianghua disappeared.

Everyone else looked at each other.

The little black snake sighed and said, “Master, it looks like you still don’t have enough charisma!”

Zhou Xuanji looked at it coldly.

“Take it slow. She was born in Tanhua Sect and it’s where she grew up. It has been with her all her life; how can she give it up so easily?” Daoya Old Man said as he laughed. To be able to occupy Skyfall was already incredibly good.

Everyone nodded, and they started to discuss building houses.

An hour later, they had finished building eight wooden houses.

Jiang Xue took out bedding, and after she made the bed, Zhou Xuanji lay down on it and stretched as he said, “So comfortable!”

Even though sitting and cultivating was great, he still liked lying down.

After closing the door, Jiang Xue sat on his stomach and grabbed his shoulders as she said, “You should tell me a story tonight.”

Zhou Xuanji said lazily, “Tomorrow, alright? I want to rest, so hurry up and get off.”

Hearing this, Jiang Xue leaned down and her bottom slid backward.

“Ss—” Zhou Xuanji gasped and moved her off his body as he said, “Alright, alright, I’ll tell you a story.”

His eyes wandered around as he looked at Jiang Xue’s smiling face, and he felt some flames in his lower body.

He flipped her over and pressed her under him as he slowly lowered his head.

Jiang Xue’s gaze became hazy, her face covered by his.

The next morning, Zhou Xuanji got up with Jiang Xue and started to cultivate.

He came to an empty area and took out the Hegemon Sword Sect’s sword formation scroll.

After sitting down cross-legged, he sent his mind into the scroll.

After a while, he opened his eyes and muttered, “What an exquisite sword formation!”

He suddenly realised why the Hegemon Sword Sect was so prosperous, and at the same time, a door to a new world was opened up to him.

Sword formations!

The might of sword formations was quite great, and sword formations were far more destructive than sword techniques of the same level.

This sword formation was called the Hundred Star Sky-Covering Sword Formation, and normally required 100 sword cultivators to use. It was incredibly powerful and anyone who entered the formation would find it incredibly difficult to escape.

Zhou Xuanji did not have 100 swords yet and he did not want to buy ordinary swords. Using swords from the system consumed much less spirit energy and felt easier for him.

He took out all of his swords and started to practice using the sword formation.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Huang Lianxin, and Beixiao Wangjian came over to watch.

“Legends said that the Hegemon Sword Emperor could create a sword formation by himself. Even though he was most adept at using one sword, the Hegemon Sword Sect’s sword traditions came from him,” Zhao Congjian said to himself, his eyes filled with excitement.

If Zhou Xuanji could cast a sword formation by himself, his strength would definitely greatly increase.

If he could teach them afterward, wouldn’t that be perfect?

Zhou Xuanji did not pay them any mind and focused on practicing the sword formation.

The sword formation had over 1,000 styles, and the swords all crossed about all over the place. Just practicing it once required an extremely long amount of time.

Zhou Xuanji planned to change the ‘Hundred Star’ Sky-Covering Sword Formation into dozens of stars. This would reduce its variations and its power, but at least he would be able to use a sword formation.

The first day, he practiced the Hundred Star Sky-Covering Formation 10 times.

Everyone felt quite shocked; could Zhou Xuanji really learn it in such a short amount of time?

10 days later, he had already practiced the Hundred Star Sky-Covering Formation 100 times. The more he practiced, the faster he became at using the formation.

Another five days passed, and he finished practicing the Hundred Star Sky-Covering Formation 500 times, and had reached Great Accomplishment!

However, he could not manifest a sword will for the sword formation. According to the Sword Spirit, sword formations had a stage similar to sword wills, but it required the Sword Owner to reach enlightenment himself. Once he gained enlightenment, he could directly manifest the sword wills of sword formations he used in the future.

“So amazing, you finished learning a sword formation in half a month. Is this really your first time learning a sword formation?” Xian Xianghua sat on a stone chair as she asked in curiosity.

She had heard of Zhou Xuanji’s talent in the past, but now that she had seen it for herself, she realized just how monstrous he was.

Was this boy really a human?

“In all techniques in the world, no matter how different variations are, they cannot leave the original principle. The Way of the Sword is such, the Way of the Saber is such, and the Way of the Spear is such. All Ways have their own essence, and if one can understand the core of sword techniques and sword formations, nothing will be a problem for them,” Zhou Xuanji said calmly as he looked at the dozens of swords floating in the air.

Zhao Congjian excitedly asked, “Master, what is the core of the Way of the Sword?”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him and said, “It can only be experienced but not described. If you understand it, you understand it. I understood it since I was born; as for when you can understand it, that depends on your own fate.”