I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 230 - Jihuang Demon Lord, Rejected By Man And Demon

Chapter 230 - Jihuang Demon Lord, Rejected By Man And Demon


Swish! Swish! Swish…

Hundreds of swords chased after Liuwu Demon Wolf, forcing him to spiral above the forest.

He did not rashly attack, just in case there was a trap.

He looked at Zhou Xuanji, Chongming Demon Monarch, and the others. He could not see through Daoya Old Man and Zhou Xuanji, which made him feel quite apprehensive.

No! This is too dangerous! Liuwu Demon Wolf thought to himself. He directly turned and flew back towards Skyfall, quickly disappearing.

The hundreds of swords descended, falling in front of the Hegemon Sword Sect disciples, and they stared in surprise.

Of course, all of this had been done by Zhou Xuanji.

Using Sword Master Haki, he could take control of other people’s swords, but the distance could not be too great. That was why he did not continue to chase after Liuwu Demon Wolf.

Zhou Xuanji led his group to the Hegemon Sword Sect disciples.

“Thank you for your help, brothers.” Even though the one-eyed man could not figure out what had just happened, he still politely cupped his fists towards Zhou Xuanji and the others.

If he guessed correctly, the reason their swords had gone out of control was because of this group of people.

“Are you cultivators from the Hegemon Sword Sect?” Xiao Jinghong asked out of curiosity. The Hegemon Sword Sect was a first-rate faction of the Way of the Sword in the Northern Wilderness, and could even contend with Sanctums.

The one-eyed man put his sword away and nodded as he said, “I am a disciple of the Hegemon Sword Sect, Cheng Qianlong. I’m currently leading my junior apprentice brothers to search for medicine at Skyfall, but we encountered attacks from the demons on the mountain.

“However, Skyfall has already been occupied by demons. How despicable!”

After he said that last sentence, he could not help but grit his teeth.

How could he accept so many fellow disciples being killed or injured?

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Han Shenbo, and the others all frowned.

Skyfall had been occupied by demons?

They looked over, and in the forests in the distance, there were many demons glaring at them like tigers watching their prey. Most of the demons were at Third Rank to Fifth Rank; it was surprising that there were so many demons at Skyfall.

“Do you know which branch of demon faction this is?” Chongming Demon Monarch asked. There were many different factions within the demon race; in fact, it was even more complicated than the human race.

In the demon race, a demon who occupied a mountain and proclaimed themselves king could be considered a faction.

There was less deception and trickery between demons, but the fighting was more intense.

“How dare an ordinary demon faction oppose our Hegemon Sword Sect? Naturally, it must be the underlings of the sovereign Lord of the demon race!” Cheng Qianlong sighed, his expression gloomy.

Sovereign Lord of the demon race, Jihuang Demon Lord!

Second in the world!

They had the most authority in the Northern Wilderness!

Chongming Demon Monarch and the little black snake’s eyes widened.

To demons, Jihuang Demon Lord was the peak of existence; it was like mortals looking at an emperor.

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes; he never thought that Jihuang Demon Lord would set his eyes on Skyfall.

“Does Jihuang Demon Lord know about this?” Daoya Old Man asked. After all, Jihuang Demon Lord had countless experts at his command, and it could merely be the doing of his underlings.

After all, with how powerful Jihuang Demon Lord was, he did not need Skyfall.

Cheng Qianlong gritted his teeth as he said, “Of course, he does not know, or else the strength of the demons here would be at least 10 times greater. However, despite this, offending these demons would be the same as offending Jihuang Demon Lord.”

Even though the Hegemon Sword Sect was powerful, compared to Jihuang Demon Lord, they were not much.

After all, the battle that had made Jihuang Demon Lord famous was one in which he had singlehanded fought the Eight Sanctums; he was simply unparalleled.

At this age, only Yang Di could suppress him.

Even Xian Xianghua could not compare to him in terms of reputation and status.

No one dared to cause trouble for Jihuang Demon Lord.

“This makes things quite troublesome. Should we swap mountains?” Beixiao Wangjian asked. They had already offended enough people, and if they offended Jihuang Demon Lord, they would not be safe anywhere, and neither the human race nor demon race would tolerate them.

Swap mountains?

Zhou Xuanji frowned; most good mountains in the Northern Wilderness had already been occupied; where could they go?

After the matter at the Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake, they could no longer reside among the humans.

Would they have to travel across the sea?

“Swap mountains? Do you all want to occupy Skyfall?” Qian Chenglong asked, a strange expression on his face.

Even if there was no Jihuang Demon Lord, occupying Skyfall would be incredibly difficult.

There were countless demons that had lived over 10,000 years and there were also countless dangerous places where many people died.

“Then again, the human race has been in turmoil recently. The number one genius on the Northern Wilderness Genius Rankings has been bewitched by Xian Xianghua and will become a greater menace than Xian Xianghua sooner or later. Chief Monk Xuanhe said that he will become an existence like the Ancient Diablo,” Cheng Qianlong said as he shook his head, looking quite worried.

Everyone’s expressions became quite strange.

Daoya Old Man’s expression became unsightly; he never thought that Chief Monk Xuanhe would slander Zhou Xuanji like this.

They had guessed what would happen, but the situation was worse than they had expected.

Zhou Xuanji would become an even more terrifying monster than Xian Xianghua?

This was simply too frightening.

“Before, I greatly respected Zhou Xuanji, and even our fellow disciple Lin Changge viewed him as the rival of his life. However, he has gone on the demonic path and has become a disgrace to our generation!” Cheng Qianlong said furiously in righteousness. He was even angrier than when talking about the demons on the mountain.

Zhou Xuanji did not react in anger; after all, Cheng Qianlong was only this angry because of how much he respected him.

This guy definitely liked him a lot.

However, the others became angry.

“What are you saying, you half-blind guy?”

The little black snake, Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and the others all looked menacing.

The hundreds of cultivators behind Cheng Qianlong raised their swords, in case Zhou Xuanji’s group tried something.

“I said Zhou Xuanji…” Cheng Qianlong started as he frowned. However, he suddenly stopped.


Could it be…

He suddenly thought of something and immediately retreated.

Jiang Xue looked at Zhou Xuanji and asked, “Are we still going to take this mountain?”

From the distance, Skyfall looked incredibly majestic, and it lived up to its name. The first time they had seen Skyfall, they had a strong sense of desire for it.

If they could start a faction at Skyfall, how grand would that be?

“Of course, we are!” A coquettish laugh sounded out from the distance, causing everyone’s expressions to change as they looked around in surprise.

Cheng Qianlong and the hundreds of Hegemon Sword Sect disciples looked quite confused.

A figure appeared out of nowhere behind Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue and placed a hand on each of their shoulders—it was Xian Xianghua.

Jiang Xue was so scared that her entire body trembled, while Zhou Xuanji turned and shook her off.

Xian Xianghua was wearing her veil and a purple dress. Just like before, she gave off a bewitching but oppressive feeling.

Her eyes were filled with smiles.

“So, you were fine!” Daoya Old Man said in amazement. As the saying went, disasters could last for millennia; this was not wrong at all.

Xian Xianghua glanced at Skyfall and said, “Since you want this mountain, I’ll help you all take it.”

Chongming Demon Monarch said excitedly, “That’s right, with you here, even if Jihuang Demon Lord comes, we won’t have to be afraid!”

Cheng Qianlong was incredibly shocked; by now, he had guessed Xian Xianghua’s identity.

His legs shook and cold sweat erupted over his body, and he could not remain calm.

The Hegemon Sword Sect disciples behind him all stared with wide eyes; it was the first time they had seen Cheng Qianlong lose his composure like this.

Xian Xianghua looked at them and said coldly, “You people don’t know the truth and yet repeat what everyone else says; you don’t deserve to live in this world!”

After saying this, she walked towards Cheng Qianlong and the others.

“Wait, let them go!” Zhou Xuanji hurriedly stopped her; he did not want her wantonly killing people.

Xian Xianghua did not stop and said, “I’m not going to kill them; I just want them to leave the Hegemon Sword Sect’s sword formation behind. I can’t have you saving them for nothing, eh?”