I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 229 - Skyfall, Hundreds Of Swords In The Air

Chapter 229 - Skyfall, Hundreds Of Swords In The Air


Receiving a divine ability took much longer than receiving a sword technique.

The massive wave of memories flowed into Zhou Xuanji’s mind, making him feel as if his head was going to burst.

A gust of wind wrapped around his body, and sensing these abnormalities, the others turned to look over.

“What’s Revered Teacher doing? Breaking through?” Xiao Jinghong asked out of curiosity. Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation had far surpassed his now, making it so that he could not see through his cultivation.

Daoya Old Man said in surprise, “No, he’s not breaking through; he seems to have gained sudden enlightenment.”

Sudden enlightenment?

Everyone else crowded over. Zhou Xuanji’s talent was monstrous enough already, and now just by sitting down he could gain sudden enlightenment?

Wasn’t this a bit too discouraging for the others?

“Today, Xuanji is 24 years old,” Jiang Xue said calmly, causing the others’ eyes to light up.

Every time it was Zhou Xuanji’s birthday, he would obtain new swords and sword techniques.

Even though they did not understand why, they knew that Zhou Xuanji was once again going to become stronger.

They started to wait in anticipation.

“Old man, how long until we reach Skyfall?” The little black snake, who was on a tree, asked in a very discourteous tone.

Daoya Old Man replied, “I estimate that we’ll be able to arrive in about half a month. Don’t be too scared when we arrive at Skyfall.”

When he mentioned Skyfall, a look of veneration appeared in his eyes.

After all, that was one of the Northern Wilderness’ tallest mountains.

The place closest to the sky!

The little black snake looked quite disdainful but did not continue to ask anything.

An hour later, Zhou Xuanji suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes seemed to give off a radiant light.

The air around him seemed to have completely changed.

Everyone looked over, and Jiang Xue smiled as she said, “Xuanji, happy 24th birthday!”

This was something Zhou Xuanji had taught her – whenever it was someone’s birthday, they would congratulate them.

“Same for you, happy 28th birthday,” Zhou Xuanji said as he smiled and got up, but in response, Jiang Xue rolled her eyes in annoyance.

Girls were forever 18!

After speaking, Zhou Xuanji was quite amazed; this girl was already 28 years old.

On earth, she would be considered an old maid, but in the Northern Wilderness, she was still considered a young girl.

Of course, regarding this girl’s personality, she was not very mature.

“Master, please show us the ability,” Zhao Congjian said excitedly. It was definitely a new sword technique.

In his eyes, Zhou Xuanji was a treasure trove, and had all kinds of sword techniques that he wanted to learn.

However, without the Supreme Legendary Sword System, despite having great talent, he could only train very slowly.

Zhou Xuanji gave a mysterious smile and said, “Maybe in the future. Let’s head on.”

Sword Master Haki was able to greatly increase his control over all his swords.

Even though his cultivation did not increase, his spirit energy had greatly increased. Adding on the divine ability, his overall strength completely eclipsed his strength from before.

Seeing that he was not willing to say anything, the others did not press him and they continued on their way towards Skyfall.

As they travelled, they encountered more and more mountains, and also many demons. These demons became stronger and stronger, and the group felt that they were venturing into demon territory.

Among the continuous mountain range and the rising and falling forests, a massive mountain stood among the clouds and seemed to connect the heavens and earth.


In front of this massive mountain, all of the other mountains seemed incredibly small, like a few sprouts surrounding a gigantic tree that reached the sky.

Skyfall covered over 100 miles, and even though it became more and more narrow the further up it went, it did not look conical and instead looked like a heavenly pillar that sunk into the clouds. It was difficult to see just how tall Skyfall was with one’s naked eyes.


The ground suddenly trembled as countless demons rushed out from a forest. There was an army of thousands of soldiers and horses, and they were extremely loud.

There were cultivators flying on swords in front of them. They dove through the trees incredibly quickly, looking like sharp arrows.

The person leading was a man with one eye. He was a bit skinny and had tanned skin, and he gritted his teeth as he said, “Hang on everyone, we need to escape while the Eighth Rank Great Demon hasn’t appeared yet!”

His white robe was spotted with blood; it was evident that he had gone through a ferocious battle.

“Yes!” Hundreds of cultivators shouted out in unison. Their eyes were completely red in terror and fury.

They were disciples of the Hegemon Sword Sect, and had been given orders to head to Skyfall. However, they had encountered a mishap resulting in over 1,000 disciples dying or being injured, and now only 300 or so of them remained.

“Hahaha! You group of offal! Where do you think you’re running off to?”

Arrogant laughter sounded out as an incredibly domineering figure leaped halfway down Skyfall. He was wearing a robe made of tiger skin and his brown hair danced in the wind. His facial features were quite mighty-looking, and he had two sharp fangs poking out of his mouth, as well as six thick, strong tails behind him.

He quickly landed on a hill in front of the cultivators, causing the hill to crumble, and a wild gale sent dirt billowing in all directions.

The one-eyed man hurriedly stopped and the sword beneath his feet went to his hands, helping him defend against the gale.

The surrounding trees were uprooted as if it was the apocalypse.

The Hegemon Sword Sect disciples behind him all had looks of despair on their faces.

“We’re finished! Liuwu Wolf Demon has awoken!”

“What do we do? Are we really going to die here?”

“Damnit, I can’t accept it!”

“Let’s fight to the death!”

“That’s right. Since we’re going to die, we should at least drag him down with us!”

The cultivators roared out, and their expressions changed as they prepared to fight with their lives on the line.

The one-eyed man breathed in deeply, and his gaze also became quite savage.

Liuwu Demon Wolf leaped through the dirt and he had a condescending smile on his face, looking incredibly unruly.

“You group of offal dare to ascend to Skyfall, and you also want to escape with your lives? Your death will be a warning for the rest of the world!”

Liuwu Demon Wolf savagely laughed before licking his lips as if he wanted to eat people.

At that moment, the Hegemon Sword Sect’s 300 or so cultivators’ swords suddenly trembled violently and went out of control.

“What’s going on?” The one-eyed man’s only eye widened as if he was incredibly startled and fearful.

The others looked the same.

They had dripped their essence blood onto their swords, linking their swords to their bloodlines. They had never seen such abnormalities before.

Swish! Swish! Swish…

Their swords left their hands and flew to the air above the forest.

Liuwu Demon Wolf narrowed his eyes and was not in a hurry to act; he was curious about what these people were trying to do.

“What are you all doing? Making a sword formation?” Liuwu Demon Wolf asked in a low voice, with a look of disdain on his face.

No one replied to him because the cultivators were all terrified. A wave of cold qi rose up from beneath their feet and shot up into the sky.

“Hahaha! A mere wolf demon dares to be so arrogant! From today onwards, Skyfall is ours!”

Wild laughter sounded out from behind Liuwu Demon Wolf – it was Chongming Demon Monarch!

A Seventh Rank demon provoking an Eighth Rank demon was undoubtedly seeking death.

However, Chongming Demon Monarch did not look at Liuwu Demon Wolf at all.

Zhou Xuanji, Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and the others flew over on their swords. All of them smiling and completely dauntless, looking like sword immortals.

Liuwu Demon Wolf turned and frowned as he asked, “Who are you all?”

The hundreds of swords hovering in the air suddenly shot towards him, incredibly quickly!

He was quite startled and instinctively dodged, but it was as if those swords had come alive and madly chased after him. Everyone who was watching was greatly dismayed.

Chongming Demon Monarch asked, “What’s going on? They can deal with him themselves?”

He thought that these sword cultivators were using all of their strength for one final attack.