I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 226 - Difference Between The Upright and The Evil

Chapter 226 - Difference Between The Upright and The Evil


“Who is that? Come out!”

Chongming Demon Monarch shouted anxiously. They had seen no one when they came in just now.

Zhou Xuanji frowned slightly. Why does this voice sound so familiar?

He turned around and saw a translucent silhouette fly out from the darkness.

It was a soul.

But its face could not be seen clearly. Only its rough silhouette could be seen.

“Diablo, you are not fully dead yet?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a tone of ridicule.

How fortunate for me to encounter you!

*  Diablo!*

The others immediately became nervous. The Ancient Diablo was someone more ruthless than even Xian Xianghua!

And he was the arch-rival of the Hegemon Sword Emperor in the human world!

The Diablo’s soul flew over and begged, “If you bring me out, I will give you serendipity. Don’t worry, my life is coming to an end. Even if I make it out, I will only be reincarnated. I will no longer be the Diablo.”

Now, he didn’t even dare to address himself as the Diablo.

Jiang Xue asked, frowning, “That’s strange. With Xian Xianghua’s prowess, how is it that she leaves a remnant soul around?”

The Diablo said angrily, “That rebellious daughter is either busy with Tanhua Sect’s matters or dating him. There was no time for her to find me.”


Jiang Xue glanced at Zhou Xuanji intently.

Zhou Xuanji faked a cough and stared at the Diablo. “I’m sorry. For Xian Xianghua, we cannot allow you out as well, even if there is to be a serendipity.” He said.

After that, he came up to the Diablo and grabbed him.

Just when he was about to take out his legendary sword, his palm burned intensely and sucked the Diablo into his hand.

“What are you doing?”

The Diablo cried out fearfully. Zhou Xuanji frowned and did not know what was happening.

In an instant, he seemed to get it.

The Tianxia Map can absorb souls!

If he wanted, he could totally destroy Diablo’s soul.

However, Xian Xianghua must have allowed the Diablo’s remnant to remain purposely.

After the thought, he sucked the soul of the Diablo into the Tianxia Map but did not kill him straight away.

The Tianxia Map could temporarily suppress the soul.

“Let’s go!”

Zhou Xuanji carried Jiang Xue and leaped down. The others followed.

Chongming Demon Monarch carried the red Qilin in his arms, while Ah Big and Small Er followed down after moments of hesitation.

After that, Zhou Xuanji took out a wooden raft from his storage ring. The group sat on it and floated along the river.

The river was wide, and the passageway was spacious such that the dragon eagles did not hit their heads on the roof.

“Revered Teacher, are you really going to marry Xian Xianghua?”

Xiao Jinghong sat down and asked. From what Zhou Xuanji had said earlier, he apparently accepted Xian Xianghua’s goodwill.

The others looked at him as well.

However, he shook his head.

“If she can survive, there is still a long road ahead of us. It’s too early to talk about getting married.”

He replied softly. Chongming Demon Monarch and the little black snake opened their eyes wide when they heard his answer.

“Why, aren’t you afraid that she might change her mind?”

The snake asked nervously. If Xian Xianghua were to change her mind, would she treat them ruthlessly?

Zhou Xuanji looked ahead and said, “She treats me well and I really owe her a huge debt. However, I cannot protect her in every way merely because of this. She committed all sorts of evil after all. I hope that she will turn over a new leaf and restrain her murderous habit. Only then, will we talk about getting into a relationship.”

Xian Xianghua had killed too many people. She had too many enemies as well.

Although he had enemies too, he was different in that he was not guilty. All that he did was defend himself against others and he didn’t kill without justification.

Everyone was selfish and only cared for their own interests. One could tolerate many things for the sake of their loved ones, but he would never allow someone else to bully him.

Zhou Xuanji wanted to protect Xian Xianghua and knew that it was a little selfish.

However, humans were like this. Humans were humans only because they had such emotions and desires.

“You are right. Instead of allowing Xian Xianghua to die, it’s better to turn her over to a new leaf. With her power, if she could protect the humans, she might save many people, far more than the people she has killed.”

“The upright and the evil can never be defined in such a straightforward manner.”

Daoya Old Man stroke his beard and said. He did not hate Xian Xianghua that much.

“Humans kill demons, and no matter how many demons we kill, no one will see us as guilty doing so. This is about the races, the praise and blame, right and wrong. I think that everyone has sinned. The Buddhists have a saying, ‘To put down the murderous knife and become a Buddha on the spot.’ Putting down the knife isn’t considered good, because once a person becomes a Buddha, his responsibility becomes far more than anyone can imagine. That’s what it means to atone for one’s crimes by meritorious acts.”

Everyone seemed to understand. There were too many things in the human world that could not be explained with reason.

Right and wrong could be distinguished so clearly.

If Xian Xianghua were to turn over a new leaf and protect the human race, she could even save the human race in the future. If she were to die and the humans were not powerful enough, who could say for sure that the human race would not be eliminated someday?

Every single person, every decision could have significant impacts far greater than anything he could imagine.

“Indeed. She has not lost her mind and massacred for pleasure. Back then in that inn, the people she killed were not good people.”

Chongming Demon Monarch nodded. He looked down on hypocrites the most. For humans to kill demons, it was considered righteous, while it was evil for demons to eat humans. Why was that the case?

“If she really loved to kill, she could have killed everywhere she went. For 10,000 years, the human population would have been less than half of what it is now. She used to be the top cultivator in the world after all. Now, looking at the Evil Lord and Ta Tianchen, they have killed many people as well, but what gives them the right to live? And, how many human and demon lives did Xuanhe Divine Monk build his title upon?”

“Who can ensure that all those people he killed were villains?”

The group looked at Chongming Demon Monarch in astonishment. This old demon can speak so logically?

The little back snake sighed, “Old bull, there’s really more to you than meets the eye.”

Even Zhou Xuanji looked at the bull demon differently now.

Daoya Old Man smiled. “You are right. In the world now, Xian Xianghua might not even rank in the top 10 if we were to count who has killed the most people. Who asked her to offend so many people? With all those exaggerations, she became the ultimate evil demoness.”

“What I appreciate about her is the fact that she doesn’t kill ordinary people. She didn’t kill any women or children unless they offended her.”

Zhou Xuanji had no doubts about this.

At least, he had never seen Xian Xianghua doing these things. She treated Jiang Xue well as well. With her schemes, she could totally enslave him and Jiang Xue.

Beixiao Wangjian opened his eyes wide and asked, “Why do I feel that all of you are saying that she’s not that evil?”

*  These guys are really good at talking and reasoning!*

“She’s a wicked person,” Daoya Old Man shook his head and said, “But wickedness does not manifest itself in killing only. The difference between good and evil is the governance of the ordinary human world. The cultivators are beyond ordinary, and the most powerful reigns supreme. Which cultivator has not killed someone before?”

“Think about it carefully. With Xian Xianghua’s prowess, would she really allow so many cultivators to become so powerful? She’s just too arrogant. Another person would have destroyed them while they were still young so that they could dominate the world alone.”

“Back then, she did not kill Xuanhe Divine Monk and I, but merely ridiculed us. He garnered so much hatred because his revered teacher insisted on getting rid of the evil sects.”

When he said this, he sighed sorrowfully.

The group fell into deep thought.

They were all moved by the discussion.

What was righteousness, and what was evil?

Zhou Xuanji said, “To summarize, don’t kill innocent people. Don’t offend others for no reason, neither should we allow others to persecute us. We, the cultivators, need to act true to ourselves.”

His expression changed.

Hold on!

*  Weren’t we talking about Xian Xianghua? How did it turn into chicken soup?*