I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 225 - Fighting The Top Monk

Chapter 225 - Fighting The Top Monk


“Oh no…”

Daoya Old Man covered his face and sighed.

He knew his old friend really well. Back then, Xian Xianghua had hurt him too much, which filled the Divine Monk with hatred even till now.

Facing Xuanhe Divine Monk’s interrogation, Zhou Xuanji looked calm.

“Tanhua Sect wants me to be their Vice Sect Lord indeed, but I don’t want to.”

His reply relieved the tightly knit brows of Xuanhe Divine Monk.

So, that was why Zhou Xuanji was forced to come here.

The Divine Monk really admired Zhou Xuanji and did not hope for him to become evil.

“But I owed Xian Xianghua too much to let anyone kill her.”

Zhou Xuanji continued. He had a look of determination in his eyes, and his tone was calm as usual.

Xuanhe Divine Monk’s expression changed in an instant.

“Zhou Xuanji, do you know what you’re doing?” He asked deeply, “How many people has Xian Xianghua killed? If she doesn’t die, then there will never be peace in the world!”

He even changed how he addressed Zhou Xuanji. His fury was apparent.

Huang Hantian roared, “I knew you had something with Xian Xianghua! You are his male pet, right? You are also an evil demon!”

The other cultivators from both the upright and evil sects looked at Zhou Xuanji differently as well.

How horrifying was Zhou Xuanji’s talent? If he were to join the Tanhua Sect, wouldn’t the Tanhua Sect dominate the entire Northern Wilderness Region again?

“Don’t talk rubbish with him! Kill him now when he’s not that powerful yet!”

A man in a yellow shirt cried out, but he did not move. He was merely trying to motivate others.

“Amitābha, if so, I shall suppress you.”

Xuanhe Divine Monk said, before walking toward Zhou Xuanji.

This old monk was the top 20 in the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred, and the Evil Lord couldn’t be compared to him.

It must be known that in the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred, the higher one’s ranking was, the more significant the difference in prowess.

Numerous legendary swords appeared behind Zhou Xuanji. He stared at the Divine Monk and said, “Back then, thank you, sir, for speaking up for me. But today, I’m not fighting against you as an enemy. I just want her to live.”


The ground beneath him shook violently. Streams of white flames appeared around him. His entire body was emanating an extraordinary aura.

He entered the Sky Dominating Divine Sword will mode straightaway.

He was the Sky Dominating Divine Sword, and the Sky Dominating Divine Sword was him!

Xuanhe Divine Monk squinted his eyes and said, “You are really talented. You attained such a level of sword will at such a young age. In the whole world, no one can surpass you in your mastery of the sword.”

Zhou Xuanji pointed his sword at him indifferently and said, “Xuanhe Divine Monk, although you are the top monk, you work together with other evil sects to deal with the Tanhua Sect. This distinction between the upright and evil sects becomes a mere joke. You are just doing this for selfish desires.”

Seeing that the Sanctums were working with Xinhao Sect and Haoqi Alliance, he felt that the whole thing was ridiculous.

“Xian Xianghua is too powerful. We can only work together to get rid of her first!”

Xuanhe Divine Monk said deeply. After that, he dashed up to Zhou Xuanji and struck toward Zhou Xuanji’s chest with his right palm that was beaming with a golden light.

The golden radiance shone onto Zhou Xuanji’s face!

Such a soul-intimidating impetus gave Zhou Xuanji a shock. He immediately and instinctively blocked with the Sky Extinguishing Sword.


The fleshy palm struck the sword’s blade, and Zhou Xuanji felt as though he was hacking into a gold mountain. Horrifying strength sent him flying backward.

* Boom!* He fell into the valley above Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, and the others.

“Xuanhe! If you want revenge, go fight Xian Xianghua. Why are you fighting my grand-disciple?”

Daoya Old Man cried out furiously. Xian Xianghua was right behind him and was fighting on par with Huangquan Drake King, Ta Tianchen, and the others, while this old guy came to bully his grand-student?

He suddenly felt that Xuanhe DIvine Monk changed.

The Divine Monk glanced at him and said, “He is deeply related to Xian Xianghua. If I kill Xian Xianghua, would he take revenge on the world for her?”

The others were so angry at the Divine Monk. What kind of excuse was that?

“Old bald ass!” The little black snake cursed at him, “You are just afraid that he’ll come to take revenge on you!”

But Xuanhe Divine Monk’s eyes were so cold that he was immediately frightened of lowering his head.

“Xuanhe, you are going to die!”

Xian Xianghua’s voice came, which shocked Xuanhe Divine Monk and he looked back immediately.


A palm strike enveloped in black demonic aura smashed him into the mountain rock. Next, Xian Xianghua came to where he was standing.

She stretched her hand out and grabbed the Divine Monk out from the rubble.

She was just too fast!

She was so fast that everyone couldn’t catch up with their eyes!

The Celestial Demon behind her continued to roar with deafening loudness.

Xian Xianghua was still wearing her face veil, but the cold light from her eyes shone brightly in the dim underground space, which caused the temperature to drop significantly.

Two strands of demonic Qi transformed into long spears and pinned into the Divine Monk’s shoulders. The excruciating pain made him frown tightly.

Ta Tianchen, the Four Legendary Generals, Huangquan Twin Devils, and the others came at her as well. Seeing that she had already captured Xuanhe Divine Monk, they were all anxious.

“Release him!”

“Xian Xianghua, if you kill him, you will be going against Heaven!”

“The Tanhua Sect is beyond saving. Surrender now!”

“Xuanhe Divine Monk, what are you doing?”

“Old demonic woman, you will die for sure today!”

If Xuanhe Divine Monk were to die, they would be even more stressed.

Zhou Xuanji flew out from the mountain wall without any injuries.

He stared at the Divine Monk and was shocked in his heart.

This was the top monk indeed. That palm strike just now was too powerful!

He was totally at another level!

But even so, Xian Xianghua captured the Divine Monk so easily. She was really overpowered.

“Go to the spirit pool in my palace. There’s a passageway. Follow the underground river and leave Tanhua Sect. It will lead you to the seaside. We shall meet at Skyfall.”

Xian Xianghua spoke to Zhou Xuanji telepathically.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. He could not just leave Xian Xianghua like this.

“Don’t worry. If you all are not around, I can survive. If you guys stay here, you will be used as hostages against me. Leave now. I will get out of this soon and might even reach Skyfall earlier than you guys.”

Xian Xianghua saw his expression and telepathically comforted again.

Her voice was so gentle, so different from how she spoke to other people.

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and left immediately.

Xian Xianghua spoke the truth. If he intended to stay, he would only bring harm to her.

He flew up to his companions and said, “Follow me!”

After that, he led the group toward Xian Xianghua’s palace. The rest followed behind him.

He looked back, and Xian Xianghua was already surrounded by both the upright and evil sects.

Ta Tianchen glanced at Zhou Xuanji and frowned slightly, before turning her attention to Xian Xianghua.

“Who can kill me? This is an opportunity for you to become famous!”

Xian Xianghua mocked. Fame was the most important thing to these powerful cultivators.

If they could kill Xian Xianghua, everyone would give them glory when mentioning them.

It was especially so for the lords of the different sects.

Who didn’t want to become the most powerful cultivator?

Who didn’t want to be remembered in history?

“Kill her!”

With a loud cry, Ta Tianchen led the charge at Xian Xianghua.

The other powerful cultivators made their moves as well. Xian Xianghua smiled in disdain, and straightaway broke the Xuanhe Divine Monk’s neck.

On the other side, Zhou Xuanji found the spirit pool inside the palace. They removed the rocks and wooden beams in the spirit pool and blew open its bottom.

Then, they heard the burble of running water, and they were pleasantly surprised.

“Bring me along…”

At this moment, a weak voice came from the darkness within the palace.