I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 224 - The Drake King’s Ruthlessness, The Evil Lord’s Horrifying Death.

Chapter 224 - The Drake King’s Ruthlessness, The Evil Lord’s Horrifying Death.


“Huangquan Twin Devils. Oh no, don’t tell me the Huangquan Drake King has also come?”

Daoya Old Man’s expression changed drastically. His words shocked everyone too.

The Huangquan Drake King!

Ranked fifth in the world!

That was someone at the peak of the whole Northern Wilderness Region!

“Hahaha, Tanhua Sect’s three Demon Chiefs. It’s been a long time. We thought you were already dead.”

A burst of laughter more arrogant than the Huangquan Twin Devils’ resounded across the subterranean space, which shocked Zhou Xuanji and the others.

“Retreat. Hide!” ZhouXuanji immediately got up and said.

The Huangquan Twin Devils wanted to kill him, and they must have told the Drake King about their grudge against him. So, he had to hide.

The others did not object. Facing such a powerful cultivator, they could only hide.

Tanhua Sect immediately started to fight with the Drake King. The violent gale blue and brought down numerous buildings. Countless tiles and rock fragments shot out in all directions.

Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

Sounds of explosions rose one after another along with the miserable cries of many demonic cultivators, which made this underground space seem like hell.


An intimidating dragon roar penetrated the rocks and shocked everyone to their souls!

Zhou Xuanji and the others hid into a cave and blocked the entrance with a spell.

A faint blue light lit up the darkness. Daoya Old Man stood up and supported the cave from crumbling with his spirit energy.

“Huangquan Drake King, the Twin Devils, Xuanhe Divine Monk, Ta Tianchen, the Evil Lord, Four Legendary Generals…”

Chongming Demon Monarch began counting the enemies of Tanhua Sect sect, which made the expressions of the other turn grave.

Beixiao Wangjian mumbled, “So many powerful enemies. Can Xian Xianghua really stand up to them?”

Such a powerful force could sweep across the entire human world!

“Not sure if my Red River Valley has come.”

Han Shenbo said. Although he followed Zhou Xuanji, he still had feelings toward his sect.

Zhao Congjian took a deep breath and said, “If Tanhua Sect were to be defeated, our chances of escaping alive would be grim.”

In other words, they would die or live together with the Tanhua Sect.

“That’s not for sure. We can pretend to be prisoners.”

Huang Lianxin reminded them. Her reminder brightened the eyes of the little black snake and Chongming Demon Monarch.


How did they forget about this!

Jiang Xue shook her head and said, “Once Zhou Xuanji’s identity is exposed, how many people can really allow him to continue to exist?”

As the top prodigy, even the upright sects might have taken the chance to eliminate Zhou Xuanji.

Or else if Zhou Xuanji was fully grown, who could defeat him?

She had followed Zhou Xuanji’s teachings since she was young, so her views of right and wrong differed from conventional views.

She did not believe that all upright sects were really upright.

“That’s right. Unless we have no other choice, we must not do this.”

Xiao Jinghong uttered. Wasn’t the Sword Monarch someone from the upright sect?

That guy forcefully detained him, and Zhou Xuanji had to go to the Sword Monarch personally to ask for him.

The group had to think of other plans.

Zhou Xuanji did not speak, because he was worried about Xian Xianghua.

Time passed.

The world outside shook more and more violently.

The world was shattering!

Half an hour later.

“Huangquan Drake King! You will die a horrible death!”

The Blood Wing Demon Chief’s furious cry resounded across the entire headquarters. The next moment, his voice could no longer be heard after a miserable cry.

It was easy to imagine his end.

A Demon Chief had fallen!

“Humph! Such a useless man, yet he dares to fight with us?”

The Huangquan Drake King’s intimidating voice came again. His tone was filled with disdain.

“Tanhua in the human world! Asura in Hades! We must fight on!”

“Why fear death! We will become Tanhua Sect’s disciples again in our next lives!”

“Our Sect Lord will surely kill you!”

“Ahhh– You are so vicious!”

These miserable cries reverberated across the underground space. Even Zhou Xuanji and the others heard them loud and clear.

Tanhua Sect had been massacred!

*  Boooom!*

A deafening explosion could be heard and the underground space shook violently, as though the Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake was broken.

“Huangquan worms! I will strip your ligaments!”

Xian Xianghua’s icy voice was filled with murderous intent. After that, another wave of deafening explosions came.

Somehow, after hearing Xian Xianghua’s voice, Xian Xianghua, Zhao Congjian, Han Shenbo, and the others heaved a sigh of relief.

Under their impression, Xian Xianghua had never been defeated before.

“This old demonic woman was fully healed indeed!”

Daoya Old Man mumbled to himself. He instinctively thought about Xuanhe Divine Monk.

Xian Xianghua descended to the underground, which meant things on top…

The battle continued.

The dragon roars continued but they weren’t as intimidating as before. They sounded a little more painful now.

The top demonic cultivator was more powerful after all!

At this moment, the cave that the group was in suddenly lit up. The rocks around them crumbled, and a person flew crashing into the radiant shield of Daoya Old Man.

The group looked up and was shocked.

It was the Evil Lord!

With his face covered in blood, the Evil Lord was stunned. He turned around instinctively to see what stopped him.

The first person he saw was Zhou Xuanji, who had the Sky Extinguishing Sword in hand.

“It’s you!”

The Evil Lord opened his eyes wide and backed off immediately from Zhou Xuanji.

The blood-colored robe on his body was already in tatters, which looked rather pathetic.

Expressionless, Zhou Xuanji walked toward him with his Sky Extinguishing Sword.

Since their position had been exposed, he decided to seize the opportunity to take revenge!

Behind the Evil Lord, the dust storm billowed. A mighty silhouette was swirling and tumbling about. It was a shadow dragon.

Zhou Xuanji could sense other powerful auras that were attacking Xian Xianghua.

“Brat, I didn’t expect you to be in the Tanhua Sect. How convenient, I shall slaughter you today!”

The Evil Lord said coldly. After that, a blood-colored whip appeared in his right hand.

Before he could even move, Zhou Xuanji came behind him with one step.

Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps!

He appeared like a ghost!


Blood splattered. Zhou Xuanji cut off the Evil Lord’s right arm, which fell together with the blood-colored whip.

“I shall take revenge for what happened that day!”

With a cold look in his eyes, Zhou Xuanji surrounded the Evil Lord with the Six-path Sword Shadow.

The severely injured Evil Lord could not dodge in time and he was inundated by the Soul-eater Slash. He died a horrifying death.

*  Shwoooosh!*

A white light flew out from the sword Qi, trying to escape.

Zhou Xuanji waved his left hand, and the Phoenix Emperor Sword appeared to chase the white light.

Ranged Sword Propelling!

The Evil Lord’s astral soul was obliterated by the Phoenix Emperor Sword with impeccable accuracy!

And now, Haoqi Alliance Chief was totally dead!

Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, Daoya Old Man, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, Han Shenbo, Huang Lianxin, Chongming Demon Monarch, the little black snake, Ah Big, and Small Er all looked with eyes wide open and jaws dropped. Even the red Qilin looked at Zhou Xuanji with wide-opened eyes.


*  He killed the Evil Lord in an instant just like that?*

*  Too easy?*

Zhou Xuanji withdrew his sword and looked casual.

He was not happy about killing the Evil Lord. Who asked this old man to encounter him after being severely injured.

“Zhou Xuanji!” You dared to kill the Evil Lord! You are really colluding with the Tanhua Sect!”

At this moment, there was a furious roar. Zhou Xuanji looked back.

He saw Huang Hantian, standing in a ruin far away, looking at him furiously. The expression of indigence made the other powerful cultivators nearby look toward Zhou Xuanji as well.

“Amitābha, little brother Zhou, are you really the Vice Sect Lord of the Tanhua Sect?”

In the billowing dust, Xuanhe Divine Monk walked out with his blood-stained, golden staff. He stared at Zhou Xuanji fiercely and ignored Daoya Old Man.