I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 223 - Celestial Devil, Demon-subduing Buddha Light.

Chapter 223 - Celestial Devil, Demon-subduing Buddha Light.


“Today, all the influential forces are attacking the Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake. Although this is not the first time, we can no longer endure it!”

The Blood Wing Demon Chief looked at all the demonic cultivators and said deeply.

Looking in the direction he was facing, hundreds of thousands of demonic cultivators with savage faces were waiting for the order to move out.

Ever since Xian Xianghua fell from her position as the most powerful cultivator, and despite Tanhua Sect remaining powerful as usual, the upright and evil sects both sought to exterminate the Tanhua Sect.

The entire Tanhua Sect was raging inside!

Zong Kuiming cried out, “Later, we shall charge out together and obliterate our enemies with our Sect Lord!”

“We will prove that the Tanhua Sect did not wane in power. Tanhua in the human world, Asura in Hades. This is not just an empty slogan. If the world stands to eliminate us, we shall massacre the world!”

Right after he spoke, the multitudes of demonic cultivators’ cries shook the entire subterranean space.

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue found Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and the rest.

“Oh no… It’s over for us… How can we escape?” Chongming Demon Monarch asked anxiously.

The entire underground space shook non-stop. It was hard to imagine what kind of battles were going on above.

Daoya Old Man said deeply, “Don’t be anxious. Tanhua Sect might not lose!”

After that, the group walked out of their residence and found that there were no demonic cultivators on the streets.

Jiang Xue asked Daoya Old Man, “Can you show us what is happening above ground with any spells?”

Even with the Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake in between, they could still sense the horrifying pressure. Their souls shuddered.

“Show what? We must run away now. The situation seems far more dangerous than we expected.”

The little black snake, who was on Small Er’s head, urged them on.

He looked at Jiang Xue with suspicion and surprise.

Isn’t this a great chance to escape?

You want your lover to be snatched away?

Jiang Xue ignored him but looked at Daoya Old Man.

“I cannot. The layer of permafrost has restrictive boundaries set up by celestial powers. I cannot probe through it with my mind.”

Daoya Old Man said, shaking his head. This was the Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake indeed.

If it could be penetrated so easily with the mind, Tanhua Sect would have been eliminated already.

Ever since Xian Xianghua had been injured, the Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake had protected Tanhua Sect for thousands of years. Its defensive capability was unprecedented.

“If we want to go out, we have to wait until the frozen lake break open. Let’s wait patiently.”

Zhou Xuanji spoke. After that, he sat down to cultivate.

Seeing this, the others looked at each other in dismay.

Although they were in a hurry, they had no other choice but to wait.

“I hope nothing bad happens to that old demonic woman.”

Zhou Xuanji sighed in his heart. Xian Xianghua transferred some of her cultivation to him. He did not know if that would affect her power.

If she were to die because of this, he would feel guilty for the rest of his life.

In the great snowstorm, the demonic aura billowed violently and unstoppably like a great natural catastrophe.

Xian Xianghua was surrounded by countless cultivators, but facing them, she was enveloped by the demonic aura and laughed wildly as she turned into a fearsome devil.


She stomped on the General Xuan’s chest, almost killing him.


General Xuan vomited blood. His body fell like a meteorite and smashed into the frozen lake, sweeping up a wave of frosty air.

The other three Legendary Generals, Huang Hantian, the Evil Lord, and other powerful cultivators, each used their abilities and attacked Xian Xianghua nervously.

“Xian Xianghua! You still dare to be so arrogant! You will die here today!”

A man in black armor cried out. He had an intimidating physique and used two sabers. As he fought, his black hair danced wildly, and his impetus was so imposing that he was even more powerful than the Evil Lord.

He was the Xinhao Sect Lord, Ta Tianchen!

As he swung his twin sabers, countless streams of saber Qi shot toward Xian Xianghua.

Xian Xianghua mocked him, saying, “A loser like you still dares to bark! I should have stomped you to death back then!”


A furious cry could be heard from her body. Immediately, the demonic Qi enveloping her swiftly concentrated.

A gigantic, black hand blocked all of Ta Tianchen’s saber Qi before her demonic aura transformed into a demonic shadow that was thousands of meters tall.

The face of the demonic shadow could not be seen. It had four arms and its dragon-like roar shook the heavens and the earth. Ta Tianchen was so frightened that he backed off immediately, and so did the other powerful cultivators.

The Evil Lord mumbled with a grave look, “Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique… Such a powerful demonic might…”

The great devil had fully recovered from her injuries!

Not only him, but the others also guessed it too, and everyone looked bitter.

Xian Xianghua, at her peak, was so horrifying that she was near invincible. Only Yang Di was a little more powerful than her in this world.


Xuanhe Divine Monk’s voice came. He walked toward them from the horizon in midair, and each step he took, a golden radiance extended a dozen meters underneath his feet.

The kasaya at his chest burst open, and they could see that his chest had been mutilated. Apparently, he sustained a terrible injury when he encountered Xian Xianghua back then.

A sphere of gold beam radiated around his body and he looked majestic.

“Xian Xianghua, you have committed all sorts of evil. Today, I will fight you to death, to get rid of you for the world!”

Xuanhe Divine Monk locked his sight on Xian XIanghua with determination.

“Demon-subduing Buddha Light!”

Someone cried out in surprise. His tone was full of excitement.

Xian Xianghua still looked with disdain as she said, “I will be getting married half a year from now. How can I die here? Such nice timing. I can use your heads for celebration!”

As she finished speaking, the Celestial Demon waved its palm toward Xuanhe Divine Monk.

A world-shaking battle began!

Underground, at Tanhua Sect Headquarters, Zhou Xuanji took out the Sky Extinguishing Sword, sat on the ground, and touched its blade quietly.

He could feel the immense power of the sword only after he mastered the World Internalization.

Back then, his cultivation was too low, and he did not have enough spirit energy, so he could barely swing the sword and could not utilize its truly horrifying power.

Sky Extinguishing!

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and the others uneasily paced up and down. But once they saw the Sky Extinguishing Sword, their eyes brightened and they gathered around Zhou Xuanji.

“Sky Extinguishing Sword!”

“Master, how did you get this sword?”

“Can I touch it?”

“It might shock you to death. This is an evil sword, one that can kill Lin Guanyu in an instant!”

Hearing them speak, Zhou Xuanji shook his head while smiling.

Regarding the Supreme Legendary Sword System, he did not plan to reveal it to anyone, no matter how close they were.

Dealing with others’ confusion, he chose not to explain.

Daoya Old Man came up to him and asked curiously, “How powerful are you now?”

After cultivating intensively with Xian Xianghua’s help, Zhou Xuanji must have grown tremendously.

Everyone looked at him expectantly, including Jiang Xue.

He touched the sword as he smiled, “If I were to encounter the Evil Lord again, I’m confident I would be able to kill him.”

Everyone opened their eyes wide. So powerful?

The little black snake asked excitedly, “Which means to say, we don’t need to fear Xinhao Sect and Haoqi Alliance anymore?”

With this brat’s extraordinary power, if he could kill one, then he could battle the Evil Lord and Ta Tianchen simultaneously.


At this moment, an explosion could be heard in front of them. Then, there were two bursts of arrogant laughter.

“Hahaha! You are really here. Tanhua Sect really knows where to hide!”

“Tsk tsk, even the three Demon Chiefs are here!”

Zhou Xuanji focused and immediately identified who they were.

The Huangquan Twin Devils!