I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 221 - World Internalization, Who Else Can Do It But Me?

Chapter 221 - World Internalization, Who Else Can Do It But Me?


Facing Xian Xianghua’s dominating ways, Zhou Xuanji was furious.

But because he was so much weaker than her, he could only remain silent.

“Aiyo, is my little husband angry now?”

Xian Xianghua grabbed his chin and ridiculed. The angrier he was, the happier she became.

She always treated this brat indifferently. Now, he finally couldn’t remain calm.

“Didn’t you promise to make me the most powerful man in the world?”

Zhou Xuanji asked, gritting his teeth. After hearing him, Xian Xianghua smiled.

“Yes, do you want to be?” Xian Xianghua asked.

“Kneel down!” He stared at her and said.

She stared at him with her eyes wide and pulled his face toward hers. “You haven’t married me yet, and yet you want me to kneel? Don’t think I won’t eat you up today.” She said coldly.

I’m not afraid of you!

Zhou Xuanji was full of rage. You old demonic woman, don’t you dare to bully me!

Numerous legendary swords appeared behind him.

Xian Xianghua snorted in disdain as a wave of horrifying demonic aura exploded, knocking off all the legendary swords.

In an instant, Zhou Xuanji shuddered.

Such a pressurizing aura!

Almost insurmountable.

Xian Xianghua stretched out with her hand and forcefully hooked him into her arms. Their chests touched each other as her face veil fell off, revealing her seductive smile.

Their eyes met, and hers were tender yet provocative.

“My little husband, do you want to dual-cultivate with me?”

She said faintly. A measureless love and hate could be heard from her tone, which could melt the heart of any man.

But Zhou Xuanji did not fall for her trap. This old demonic woman was trying to play with him.

If she really could not hold her primal drive, with her cultivation, she could eat him up straightaway. Why was there a need to beat around the bush?

Seeing that he did not reply, she immediately became bored and let him go.

He did not speak; instead, he turned and walked toward the spirit pool.

“Humph, you are just pretending, you brat. I will make you burn with so much lust that you won’t be able to hold it back!”

Xian Xianghua snorted coldly before she came behind Zhou Xuanji’s back with a smile.

After Zhou Xuanji entered the pool, she joined as well.

“What do you want?”

Zhou Xuanji stared at her. Was he wrong?

Could this old demonic woman no longer hold it?

Xian Xianghua kept smiling and said, “About the Diablo, you have contributed much. I see that your energy technique is really profound and requires prolonged cultivation. Let me help you, and after you accomplished the ultimate energy technique, I will teach you Tanhua Sect’s Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique.”

“Tanhua Sect will face its crisis soon. If I die during that time, at least Tanhua Sect’s techniques can still be passed on.”

“But it’s a pity. I really want to marry you.”

She said it with such a sincere tone that he almost believed her.

Weren’t you speaking of being unstoppable in the world?

He did not speak much and began to cultivate instead.

Xian Xianghua sat behind him and her right palm landed on his back. In an instant, spiritual Qi gushed into him from all directions.


Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes wide. At this moment, he suddenly realized that he underestimated the prowess of the top cultivator.

With Xian Xianghua’s help, his speed of internalizing Spiritual Qi hastened by more than tenfold.

It was such an enlightening experience!

It felt so damn good!

He did not hesitate and immediately began channeling the technique for World Internalization.

He had to master World Internalization as soon as possible.

Once he mastered it, his rate of cultivation would increase exponentially, and at the same time, the spirit energy would be like a small fountain turning into a vast ocean.

According to the World Buddha Art’s indication, no other energy technique in this world could surpass the immensity of the World Buddha Art’s spirit energy.

And so, he focused on his cultivation.

Xian Xianghua did not leave him any more.

As time continued to pass, the atmosphere in Tanhua Sect became more weighty.

Everyone could sense the storm coming at them.

A month later, Zhou Xuanji broke through to Astral Projection Level Five!

With Xian Xianghua’s help, he felt that his cultivation was soaring through the sky. It was simply too fast!

He was getting closer and closer to World Internalization.

In the frozen land covered with snow, Xuanhe Divine Monk stood on a mountain peak. The snowflakes melted the moment they landed on him, such that no snow could be seen on his kasaya.

He stood still and looked ahead quietly.

In this vast world, although he was small, he was just like gold that couldn’t be ignored.

At this moment, someone appeared beside him out of nowhere.

It was an old man in a Taoist robe. A golden compass was on his hand.

“Xuanhe, things are not turning out well.”

The Taoist old man said deeply. His face looked grave while the pointer in the compass turned wildly, making soft friction noises.

Xuanhe Divine Monk did not look to the side but asked, “Feng Gule, what did you prophesy this time?”

The Taoist old man was Feng Gule.

He said while gritting his teeth, “I could not prophesy Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake. Either Xian Xianghua has fully recovered, or some legendary cultivator is hiding in Tanhua Sect. The Tianxia Map could also be beneath the Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake!”

Back then, when he first discovered the whereabouts of the Tianxia Map, he did not dare to act recklessly. So, he made some plans to send out some maps that he had drawn, leading cultivators to fight amongst themselves for it. However, the Tianxia Map had still been taken.

He felt somewhat discouraged and frightened at the same time.

The possessor of the Tianxia Map possessed the world!

Once that person rose up, the entire Northern Wilderness Region would be dominated.

“Amitābha, so what? Tanhua Sect must be eliminated.”

Xuanhe Divine Monk said peacefully. His eyes were still filled with determination.

Feng Gule frowned. Why doesn’t this monk listen to my advice?

“Then, you take care. You should be very clear about what kind of a person Xian Xianghua is. I could only find the sovereign lord of demon race to discuss the conquering the world!”

After that, Feng Gule waved his long sleeves and left.

Soon, he disappeared into the snowstorm.

Xuanhe Divine Monk did not stop him but continued to look far ahead.

Another month passed.

Zhou Xuanji finally mastered the first level of World Buddha Art and broke through to Astral Projection Level Six!

In that instant, all the vital channels in his body became like independent spaces. His spirit energy transformed from rivers into oceans and flushed through all his ligaments and bones. This freshened him and made him felt like an ascending celestial being.

World Internalization!

The spirit energy that Xian Xianghua was pumping into his body was turned into his spirit energy. There was no resistance.

At the same time, his five senses were greatly enhanced. Everything in the world became extremely clear to him.

“What is the energy technique you are cultivating? You can even absorb my spirit energy!”

Xian Xianghua stopped and asked in shock.

Zhou Xuanji smiled without explaining. He immediately began to adjust the surging spirit energy in his body.

He felt that he had turned into a brand new person!

He was sure to win the Evil Lord if they were to fight again!

Because he would not be as pathetic when using the Sky Extinguishing Sword as before.

“World Internalization, who else can do it but me!”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself. A unique sense of pride emanated from his face.

When he mastered the World Internalization, he felt a sublimation in his mind.

No wonder those who had the Tianxia Map were so arrogant and looked down upon everything.

Xian Xianghua appeared in front of him. She tilted her head and looked at him carefully.

He ignored her and continued to adjust his spirit energy.

“Seems like I still underestimated you.”

Xian Xianghua mumbled to herself, and her heart itched to know what energy technique Zhou Xuanji was cultivating.

He had such immense spirit energy at just Astral Projection. If he were to be at the same stage as her, even she would not be able to stand up to him.