I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 219 - Demoness’ True Appearance

Chapter 219 - Demoness’ True Appearance


Her cultivation had recovered?

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows, feeling an ominous feeling in his heart.

If that was the case, how could he escape?

However, hearing that other factions were preparing to attack the Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake, perhaps he could use that opportunity to escape.

After thinking about it, not escaping was not too bad.


I’m still a man and I need to keep my pride!

Zhou Xuanji once again felt resolved, his heart becoming as unshakeable as a boulder.

He cast his gaze toward Xian Xianghua, wondering what this old demonic woman looked like.

Even now, he did not know what her true appearance looked like.

Xian Xianghua suddenly opened her eyes and smiled as she said, “Why are you staring at me? Were you captivated by how domineering I am?”

Zhou Xuanji lightly harrumphed, “I just wanted to see what you looked like.”

Given how beautiful her eyes were, her face would definitely be quite stunning.

Of course, it was possible that she was just a veiled catfish.

He had seen many women like this before in his past life.

Sunglasses catfish, mask catfish, figure-from-behind-catfish…

“I was afraid that I’d scare you, so I never showed you my face.” Xian Xianghua’s gaze looked quite aggrieved as she spoke softly.

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows, inwardly rejoicing; so, she was actually ugly!

He had finally found this old demonic woman’s weakness!


If she’s ugly, and I have to marry her, doesn’t that mean I will be the loser?

Zhou Xuanji’s face immediately became green.

Seeing this, Xian Xianghua giggled.

Following this, she tore away her purple veil.

Zhou Xuanji looked over, and his eyes widened.

She had an incredibly delicate and peerlessly beautiful face. Her skin was white and smooth, and her face was not chubby nor skinny. She had a jade-like nose and red lips, looking like the most beautiful creation in the world.

It was the first time he had seen such a beautiful woman; even Lady Zhaoxuan could not compare to her.

This was especially so in conjunction with her bewitching eyes; she could attract any man’s heart.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji become dazed, Xian Xianghua could not help but laugh. The sight of her laughter was like a snow lotus blossoming on a tall mountain, or like a resplendent meteor streaking through the quiet night sky.

She raised her hand and pulled, and a suction force dragged Zhou Xuanji towards her.

He stumbled, and fell into her embrace, feeling incredibly weak and strengthless.

His face became red and he hurriedly stood up.

Xian Xianghua quickly grabbed the edges of his clothes and held him there. The two of their faces were less than 10 centimeters away, and they stared at each other. It was as if everything around them had disappeared.

“Am I beautiful?” She asked as she laughed softly, and an unbelievable fragrance wafted to his face.

Zhou Xuanji desperately wanted to retreat, but he was not as strong as her, and could not break free.

He hurriedly said, “Yes, happy now? Hurry up and let me go!”

Just as he spoke, Xian Xianghua pulled, and Zhou Xuanji fell forwards.

His eyes widened as his lips planted on Xian Xianghua’s lips.


His brain immediately crashed.

Before he could feel much, Xian Xianghua pushed him away.

He stumbled back three steps before he was able to steady himself.

“Hehehe.” Xian Xianghua looked at him flirtatiously as she smiled and asked, “How do I taste?”

Zhou Xuanji felt both angry and awkward, not knowing what to say.

He quickly moved backward until he was against the massive bronze doors, maintaining his distance from her.

Seeing this, Xian Xianghua laughed as beautifully as blossoms swaying in the breeze. She could not stop laughing, and yet still looked incredibly seductive.

Zhou Xuanji felt as if he had been mocked and he furiously said in a low voice, “Hurry up and let me out!”

Now that the Ancient Diablo had been killed, they had to leave!

If this went on, he would be worried about his chastity!

“Don’t be in such a hurry; aren’t you aroused at all? There are only the two of us here; don’t you want to do something?”

Xian Xianghua’s eyes narrowed as she asked in an incredibly enticing voice.

Zhou Xuanji’s heart rate sped up, but as soon as he thought of Jiang Xue, he calmed down.

His expression was dark as he said, “We’re not even married, so don’t act recklessly. I’m a noble person!”

Hearing this, Xian Xianghua laughed even harder.

Her laughter cut into his heart like sharp blades, making him want to find a crack in the ground to squeeze into.


Why does she always have the upper hand?

Zhou Xuanji despised his reactions from before; he had been so teased so easily!

After laughing for a while, Xian Xianghua put on her veil again and slowly got up as she walked towards Zhou Xuanji.

“Every person who has seen my true appearance has died; you’re the only person still alive.”

She walked over to Zhou Xuanji and raised his chin as she smiled and said, “My little husband, I’ll treat you well in the future. Just wait to enjoy yourself.”

“Oh, also, in exchange, you need to tell me stories regularly, such as the Cowherd and Weaving Maid and Legend of the White Snake.”

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes widened. Back when he had told Jiang Xue and the others these two stories, there had been a long time in between. Just how long had this old demonic woman been following him?

Following this, she grabbed his shoulder and the two of them left the Ancestral Palace.

Outside, the two of them appeared out of thin air, and the Three Demon Chiefs who were sitting down and cultivating immediately got up.

“Sect Lord, what’s the situation like?”

“Where’s the Diablo?”

“What happened just then?”

The Three Demon Chiefs hurriedly asked, looking incredibly expectant.

Xian Xianghua replied calmly, “The Diablo’s soul has dissipated and has reincarnated. However, before his soul dissipated, he helped treat my injuries. Now, I have completely recovered and have become even more powerful than I was at my peak. Now, we will be able to survive this crisis. Unless Yang Di descends, otherwise Chief Monk Xuanhe and the others can only dream about stepping into the Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake!”

The Three Demon Chiefs stared and immediately understood what Xian Xianghua meant.

She had absorbed the Diablo’s power!

They felt chills in their heart, but did not dare to show it, and could only congratulate Xian Xianghua.

Seeing how timid they seemed, Zhou Xuanji felt like laughing. He asked, “Can I go and see my companions?”

“Mm, you can go. Ask around and there will be disciples to lead you there,” Xian Xianghua said as she nodded, and Zhou Xuanji immediately left.

Only after he was in the distance did Xian Xianghua look at the Three Demon Chiefs.

“Where have those factions gone?” She asked, a sinister look in her eyes.

As for the matter with the Diablo, she did not bother bringing it up. The Three Demon Chiefs were tactful and would know how to tell the rest of the Tanhua Sect about this matter.

“Chief Monk Xuanhe and the Four Great Generals will most likely arrive in two months. As for when they will act, we’re not sure. They will most likely wait for the other factions,” Zong Kuiming replied, not daring to look at Xian Xianghua.

It was difficult to imagine how powerful Xian Xianghua would become after devouring the Diablo’s cultivation.

However, he was sure that the Tanhua Sect would be able to once again rise up!

Back when Xian Xianghua had been powerful, the Tanhua Sect had been incredibly mighty!

Moreover, the sect had gained a once in 10,000-year genius. Tanhua Sect would soon welcome in an age of prosperity never seen before!

“Mm, be on your guard at all times. Send some Elders to dry land and ambush around the Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake,” Xian Xianghua nodded and ordered. Afterward, she gave orders about a few other things before letting the Three Demon Chiefs go.

Elsewhere, Zhou Xuanji walked to the Tanhua Sect’s headquarters street. Seeing him, the demonic cultivators around him all looked excited.

He chose a decent-looking female demonic cultivator and asked, “Where are the group of people that Zong Kuiming brought in?”

Hearing this, the female demonic cultivator asked cautiously, “Are you Lord Zhou Xuanji?”

Zhou Xuanji nodded slightly, and the female demonic cultivator stared at him with wide eyes.

The other demonic cultivators became incredibly excited, looking wildly passionate.