I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 217 - After 10,000 Years, The Diablo Is Revived

Chapter 217 - After 10,000 Years, The Diablo Is Revived


Zhou Xuanji adjusted the spirit energy within his body and the Tianxia Map in his hand flickered in and out of existence.

Despite breaking through to Astral Projection Level Four, he was not excited and frowned instead.

The World Buddha Art was simply too difficult to cultivate!

And this was only the first level!

How heaven-defying would the next two levels be?

Now, Zhou Xuanji could not help but wonder if the experts who had obtained the Tianxia Map went mad because of how difficult the World Buddha Art was to cultivate.

Next to him, Xian Xianghua opened her eyes and said, “Since you’ve broken through, we should start acting.”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and slowly got up.

After stepping out of the spirit pool, a wave of heat from Zhou Xuanji’s body caused the remaining water on his body to evaporate. He put on the Ruyi Purple Cloud Robe and the Three-eyed Drought Rodent jumped onto his shoulder.

Xian Xianghua got up and walked to his side, wanting to straighten out his clothes. Zhou Xuanji instinctively retreated, but he was not as fast as her.

She grabbed onto his shoulder and clicked her tongue in amazement as she said, “Why do I like your looks more the more I look at you? So handsome!”

Zhou Xuanji felt goosebumps rise over his body; was this old demonic woman a pervert?

The more passionate she was, the more uncomfortable he felt.

After all, he still could not accept her feelings.

The 10,000-year age gap was simply too big!

A while later, the two of them walked out of the palace and the Three Demon Chiefs were waiting for them outside.

“We greet the Sect Lord!” the three of them knelt as they cupped their fists and called out, looking incredibly excited.

Xian Xianghua nodded as she said, “Let’s go to the Ancestral Palace.”

After saying this, she waved her right hand and demonic qi rose up and carried everyone away.

After the demonic qi dissipated, a set of massive bronze doors that were 100 feet tall appeared in front of Zhou Xuanji.

Pictures of Green Flame and Black Wrath were engraved on the massive doors, and around the doors were massive cave walls.

“All of you wait outside. The Diablo can go on a rampage easily, so I will go in with him,” Xian Xianghua said, stunning the Three Demon Chiefs.

She did not want them to go in, but wanted to take Zhou Xuanji in?

The Blood Wing Demon Chief asked, “Sect Lord, Brother Zhou is our Tanhua Sect’s hope; why have him take this risk?”

Even though they worshipped the Diablo, they knew how dangerous this matter was.

Zong Kuiming nodded, saying, “If the three of us go in, if the Diablo goes berserk, we can help subdue him.”

Even though the Fury Wave Demon Chief did not say anything, he lowered his head towards Zhou Xuanji good-naturedly.

Right now, the entire sect felt great expectation towards Zhou Xuanji.

Xian Xianghua replied calmly, “You’re all demons and the Diablo will absorb your spirit energy. However, he does not need to worry about this as he possesses righteous qi that suppresses demons. Do you understand?”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes; even he almost believed her.

Hearing this, the Three Demon Chiefs could only accept Xian Xianghua’s reasoning.

Xian Xianghua’s grabbed Zhou Xuanji’s shoulder with his right hand as they passed through the massive bronze doors.

The Fury Wave Demon Chief scratched his head as he said, “Why do I feel that something is off?”

Zong Kuiming glared at him and said, “Whatever the Sect Lord says, goes. Don’t forget that it was the Sect Lord who suggested reviving the Diablo and her who brought back the Soul Nurturing Bead. What are you all so worried about?”

The Blood Wing Demon Chief nodded. Xian Xianghua had led the Tanhua Sect to prosperity before, but there were simply too many legends about the Diablo. He had fought with legendary figures and had become deified in their hearts. They could not help but feel that Xian Xianghua could not compare to the Diablo.

Now, in the time of the Tanhua Sect’s crisis, they could only place their hopes on the Ancient Diablo.

At the same time, within the massive bronze doors.

Zhou Xuanji landed on the ground and looked at Xian Xianghua in shock as he asked, “What kind of magic is this?

They had entered without opening the doors, and had done so completely silently. This kind of spatial magic was quite amazing.

This old demonic woman had definitely snuck through many doors in the past!

Xian Xianghua did not reply and looked ahead of her.

In front was an ancient altar that was surrounded by fire stands, causing a fiery light to fill the cave.

A black bead was floating on the altar, which was aa big as a fist. Traces of black qi circled around it.

Xian Xianghua waved her right hand and a man, who was wearing grey robes and a white cloth wrapped around his face, appeared on the altar, causing Zhou Xuanji to frown.


Did this old demonic woman bring the corpse around with her?

Zhou Xuanji looked quite disgusted and unconsciously moved away from her.

“He’s not completely dead; I just kept him suspended in an independent space. Don’t worry, this person has committed all kinds of evil and even if he dies, it will be getting rid of a scourge for the world,” Xian Xianghua coldly harrumphed as she glanced at him.

After saying this, she raised her hands and started performing a technique.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Waves of spirit qi came out of the walls of the cave and entered the Soul Nurturing Bead and that man’s body, while Zhou Xuanji waited quietly by the side.

A faintly discernible killing intent started to spread, causing the temperature in the Ancestral Palace to gradually fall.

Xian Xianghua raised her arms and the entire altar started to tremble.

“Tanhua in the human world, Asura in Hades! Life is suffering, death is inescapable…”

She started to chant lightly, her voice becoming incredibly mesmerizing.

“Ascend and be deified, descend, and be diabolized. Ask the Original Heart to discern the mind of the deity and devil…”

“If one gives up on cultivation, there would be nothing to fear. If one slaughters the world, there would be no responsibility to bear…”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji felt a headache; wasn’t this the scripture that Jiang Han and the other demonic cultivators had been chanting? It was some kind of incantation?

Boundless black qi came out of the Soul Nurturing Bead and flowed into the man’s body below.

“Mmmf.” The man violently struggled, trying to say something, but the white cloth was wrapped around his face and blocked his mouth.

Seeing that he was in great pain, Zhou Xuanji frowned.

The pain of being possessed was something ordinary people could not have even imagined.

Back then, he had nearly been possessed by the evil demon in the Tianxia Map, making Zhou Xuanji feel quite contemptuous for this.

Of course, he did not offend Xian Xianghua because of this, as this person was unrelated to him.

“Hahaha!” A wave of wild laughter sounded out from within the Soul Nurturing Bead. Following this, the bead suddenly descended and opened up the man’s chest, entering his body.

The man violently trembled and his moaning became louder; it was evident that things were becoming even more painful for him.

“Get ready. Attack as soon as he stands up.” Xian Xianghua’s voice sounded in Zhou Xuanji’s mind; it was a telepathic technique.

He did not immediately take out his swords and instead peacefully waited for the right timing.

Time gradually passed.

The man’s aura became more and more powerful, and soon Zhou Xuanji’s hairs stood on their ends.

Zhou Xuanji inwardly felt quite startled; just how powerful was the Ancient Diablo?

He had such an aura after just being revived; he did not dare to imagine what the Diablo was like at his peak.

One hour later, the man’s body straightened and he sat up on the altar.

He turned his neck about and a hoarse voice sounded out from under the white cloth, “Ahh… such intoxicating spirit qi… Hua’Er, father was not wrong about you!”

The Ancient Diablo had been revived!

Xian Xianghua smiled as she replied, “Lord father has finally been revived; your daughter has spent 10,000 years waiting for this moment.” A look of excitement appeared in her eyes, and seeing this, Zhou Xuanji inwardly sighed in amazement.

This was such a convincing performance.

You really are a fantastic actress.

“10,000 years? How is the Tanhua Sect? Who is the strongest in this age?” The Ancient Diablo asked in surprise. As for Zhou Xuanji, he completely ignored him as he thought that he was a lowly disciple who was here to do menial tasks.

“The Tanhua Sect is currently in a crisis, and the current number one is a person called Yang Di,” Xian Xianghua answered truthfully.

Hearing this, the Ancient Diablo pushed off against the ground with his palms and slowly stood up.

The Sky Extinguishing Sword ferociously shot out, stabbing into the Ancient Diablo’s chest. Blood flew out and the terrifying power sent the Ancient Diablo flying and he slammed into the cave wall. The blade of the sword pierced through his chest and stabbed into the rocks behind him, pinning him to the wall.