I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 216 - Tanhua Sect's Disaster

Chapter 216 - Tanhua Sect's Disaster


“Nurturing him will be up to me. Tell me how many factions are preparing to invade the Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake,” Xian Xianghua said indifferently as she facepalmed.

Everyone in the Tanhua Sect quickly came back to their senses from the delight.

The Fury Wave Demon Chief cupped his fists and said, “Chief Monk Xuanhe and the Hunyuan Empire’s Four Great Generals are on the way. The Merciful Melody Cliff, Hegemon Sword Sect and Xinhao Sect are all becoming restless as well. If we don’t hurry and revive the Ancient Diablo, we might not be able to defend against them.”

The others all looked incredibly worried.

Xian Xianghua was injured and her strength was much weaker than before. They might not have been able to defend against the attack from such a powerful group with just their strength.

“Chief Monk Xuanhe, that little monk is hopelessly muddled!”

Xian Xianghua’s eyes flashed as she said coldly.

She never would have thought that such a plain, ordinary, little monk would become the number one monk in the Northern Wilderness.

“Also, the Huangquan Drake King and the sovereign Lord of the demon race seem to have intentions to invade the main continent. They might be our true enemies,” the Blood Wing Demon Chief said. When he mentioned those two experts, the other demonic cultivators could not help but react in apprehension.

The fifth in the world!

The second in the world!

“In other words, they might try to take advantage of our weakness after this battle?” Xian Xianghua said as she pondered. If it was a one on one battle, she would not be afraid.

However, those fellows would be incredibly terrifying if they joined forces.

The Fury Wave Demon Chief gripped his fists and said in a low voice, “Hmph, these devious scum. Back when they were facing our Tanhua Sect, they acted so lowly and servilely!”

The others also felt quite furious.

Xian Xianghua waved her hand and said, “Alright, you all gather the disciples and wait for my orders. Also, continue monitoring Yang Di’s movements. Even though that boy stands aloof from worldly affairs, as the first in the world, there aren’t many things he can pursue anymore, and we need to be on our guard against him.”

The two Demon Chiefs nodded, following which Xian Xianghua turned into a ball of demonic qi and disappeared.

Following this, the demonic cultivators started to talk about Zhou Xuanji.

“Heheh, I never thought that the Sect Lord would marry one day.”

“Only a genius like this would be good enough for the Sect Lord.”

“It’s said that Zhou Xuanji doesn’t even want to be the Vice Sect Lord; the Sect Lord kidnapped him.”

“Hahaha, that’s our Sect Lord—domineering!”

“Have you seen him? What does he look like?”

“Of course, he looks talented and handsome. Those looks and that aura, very few men in the world can compare to him.”

Within the palace, Zhou Xuanji focused on cultivating while the Three-eyed Drought Rodent stood next to the pool and absorbed spirit qi as well.

The little fellow had not grown, but as it absorbed spirit qi, its lifespan became longer.

Xian Xianghua suddenly appeared within the palace, and she walked over to the pool and sat down to cultivate as well.

Zhou Xuanji did not open his eyes and neither of them disturbed the other.

Time passed just like that.

Seven days later, Xian Xianghua got up and left, while Zhou Xuanji continued to cultivate.

During these days, he did not get up, nor did he need to eat or drink or go to the toilet. He was completely focused on cultivating.

An hour later, Xian Xianghua returned. She did not disturb him and he did not open his eyes either.

Another 10 days passed.

Xian Xianghua finally spoke, “Your companions have arrived at the Tanhua Sect. I’ve had people settle them down, so you don’t have to worry.”

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and said, “I want to see them.”

Xian Xianghua waved her right hand and an orb of water rose up over the spirit pool. Within the orb of water was an image of Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, and the others.

They were walking through a mansion that had many courtyards which could accommodate over 100 people.

Zong Kuiming stood at the door and smiled as he said, “During this period of time you’ll all be staying here. I will send people to attend to your needs.”

After saying this, he disappeared.

Jiang Xue nervously looked around and asked Daoya Old Man, “Can you use divination to find where Xuanji is?”

Daoya Old Man shook his head, “I can’t, but on the way, we all heard those demonic cultivators talking. Xian Xianghua most likely will not mistreat him.”

The others were also observing the Tanhua Sect, and they felt that their eyes had been opened.

Chongming Demon Monarch said in amazement, “In actuality, the Tanhua Sect is not bad. We can change it into the Sword Sect.”

The little black snake glared at him and cursed, “The hell do you know? Don’t you understand a man’s pride?”

“You’re a snake demon, you don’t count as a man!” Chongming Demon Monarch felt furious and the two of them started to squabble.

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji’s voice suddenly sounded out, “Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m cultivating in Xian Xianghua’s spirit pool right now, and the spirit qi here is quite dense. All of you can be at ease and cultivate; I’ll come and find you all later.

“Don’t be afraid, Jiang Xue, I won’t abandon you.” The final sentence made Jiang Xue feel both moved and worried, and she held back her tears as she nodded.

Now that things were like this, it was useless for her to cry or throw a tantrum.

Only by doing her best to become powerful could she have a chance at snatching Zhou Xuanji back from Xian Xianghua’s hands.

Within the palace, Xian Xianghua asked in curiosity, “Why do you like this girl so much?”

Zhou Xuanji did not hide anything and told Xian Xianghua about his past with Jiang Xue.

After listening, Xian Xianghua fell silent.

He could not help but ask, “Do you feel touched? Can you bear to separate us?”

Xian Xianghua harrumphed, “When did I say I was going to separate you? I don’t oppose you marrying her; it’s normal for a man to have many wives and concubines. After all, you’re someone who’s going to become the Sect Lord.”

Zhou Xuanji felt utterly defeated and could only sigh before continuing to cultivate.

Xian Xianghua looked at his face, her gaze looking somewhat bitter and sad.

Within the spacious palace, both of them were completely silent.

One month later, Zhou Xuanji broke through to Astral Projection Level Three.

He now had a deep understanding of World Internalisation. This divine art was incredibly deep and profound, and would take a long time to comprehend.

This was especially so because the trajectory of the circulation of qi required was incredibly complicated, and an ordinary person would be completely confused.

“Boy, just what kind of energy technique are you cultivating? Did the abnormal signs appear because of you?” Sensing the spirit qi ripples from Zhou Xuanji, Xian Xianghua asked out of curiosity.

“Is it a divine art from the Tianxia Map?”

In response, Zhou Xuanji hesitated for a moment before nodding.

However, he did not say what energy technique it was.

Xian Xianghua suddenly came to a realization and said in amazement, “With your talent and the Tianxia Map, I don’t even dare to imagine the heights you’ll reach.”

She blinked as she looked at Zhou Xuanji’s handsome face, a pleased look in her eyes.

After a while, she continued to speak.

“I will revive the Diablo in three months. When the time comes, we will fight him together. I want you to attack him first, and when he’s caught off-guard, I will absorb his cultivation so I can return to the peak of my strength, if not become even stronger.

“Once I succeed, whatever crises follow will not amount to much. I will let you become the man with the most authority in the world. Whatever you want, I will help you obtain.”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and looked at this woman with the heart and organs of a snake and scorpion.

No matter how hard his heart is, he could not help but feel touched when hearing this.

He did not say anything and nodded.

Three months was not a long time when spent in cultivation.

Xian Xianghua came in and out, while Zhou Xuanji did not step out of the spirit pool.

Three months later, he broke through to Astral Projection Level Four!