I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 214 - Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake

Chapter 214 - Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake


Chapter 214: Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake

Kill the Diablo?

Zhou Xuanji looked quite confused and asked, “Are you sure he’s your father?”

Xian Xianghua coldly harrumphed, “What kind of father was he? Tanhua Sect is so savage and unruly all because of him. I had at least 100 brothers and sisters, and he forced us to fight and kill each other. Now, I’m the only one left.”

“The Tanhua Sect’s Three Demon Chiefs and the various elders still worship the Diablo and hope that he will return. Only after the Diablo’s soul dissipates will the Tanhua Sect be able to go through change.

“If you want the Tanhua Sec to become a benevolent and kind sect, you have to completely destroy the Diablo.” The killing intent in her eyes made Zhou Xuanji feel quite speechless.

He asked, “Is it only you and I who know about this, or…?”

Then, he glanced over at Jiang Han.

Hearing this, Jiang Han’s face paled and she hurriedly said, “I definitely won’t tell anyone! Definitely! I swear!”

Xian Xianghua rolled her eyes at Zhou Xuanji and said, “She’s the grandma of your little lover. If she tells anyone else about this and you die, how will your little lover keep living? Plus, if she dares to tell anyone else, I have countless ways to make her wish for death.”

After saying this, she looked at Jiang Han and laughed lightly as she asked, “Have you heard of the 18 levels of hell? I know how to use the punishments for each level.”

Jiang Han was so afraid that her entire body trembled and she hurriedly said, “I swear that I will be completely loyal to the Sect Lord and definitely won’t betray the Sect Lord!”

Zhou Xuanji felt quite amazed—wasn’t this crazy old woman incredibly arrogant? Why was she acting like a dog in front of Xian Xianghua?

It seemed that to Xian Xianghua, Jiang Han would not dare to object to his marriage with Jiang Xue.

Thinking about it, he felt a bit better.

Zhou Xuanji did not say anymore and started to focus on cultivating.

Even though he did not like Xian Xianghua wilfully slaughtering the innocent, he could tell that she had sincere feelings towards him, and she most likely would not harm him.

A while later, Xian Xianghua called out to him out of curiosity, “What kind of energy technique are you using?

She could sense that the amount of spirit qi that Zhou Xuanji needed was massive; it was possible that it was even more profound than the energy technique she used.

Could it be…

Her eyes sparkled, and her gaze seemed like a flood that wanted to inundate the young man in front of her.

Zhou Xuanji harrumphed, “None of your business!”

Hearing this, Xian Xianghua glared at him and looked as if she was going to hit him. However, he did not open his eyes, and she could only lightly harrumph.

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji suddenly sensed that the spirit qi around him was becoming incredibly dense.

He opened his eyes and looked to his side as he asked, “Did you do this?”

“Don’t feel too touched,” Xian Xianghua replied dispassionately; it was evident that she was still angry.

“Oh.” Zhou Xuanji once again closed his eyes, and Xian Xianghua angrily glared at him.

She was truly impressed.

Was it really impossible to move this boy?

She did not know that Zhou Xuanji was inwardly feeling quite pleased.

Just like this, he would impress her again and again, making her completely devoted to him.

He would never be harassed by her again and would be confident in her devotion towards him!

Zhou Xuanji decided to use the pull method to the end.

Half a day later, they were still going.

Zhou Xuanji felt somewhat bored, and he opened his eyes as he asked, “Come to think of it, why are you interested in me?”

Not too far away, Jiang Han rolled her eyes; again?

Xian Xianghua closed her eyes as she replied, “At first, I thought that you were a Ten Thousand Year Prince, so I started to pay attention to you and wanted to rope you in. I then found that you’re quite an interesting person and you’re different from the others. Other people look terrified as soon as they see me or they don’t even dare to look at me.

“You’re evidently very weak but you always look at me so resentfully. As such, I started to follow you and observe you, and gradually fell for you. The stories you tell your little lover are quite interesting and I like them; you need to tell them to me in the future.”

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes widened as he asked angrily, “You’ve been following me?”

After realizing this, he felt somewhat afraid!

Had she heard all the bad things he had said about her as well?

Things like old demonic woman, old fart, whether or not she was ugly under her veil, why she couldn’t get married in 10,000 years…

Xian Xianghua looked at him and gave a smile that did not seem like a smile as she said, “I’ll change those wrong perceptions of me.”

The two of them chatted as if there was no one else around, which made Jiang Han feel quite awkward. Keeping her head down the entire time was quite tiring.

“That’s right, what did you mean by Ten Thousand Years Prince?” Zhou Xuanji asked. He had such a status?

“A Ten Thousand Year Prince is a Child of Destiny that comes once every 10,000 years. If he does not die a premature death, he will definitely become a great Emperor. Once he is born, his cultivation will soar without any hindrances and he will not experience any bottlenecks in cultivation. Doesn’t that describe you?” Xian Xianghua replied as she looked at Zhou Xuanji with a gaze filled with expectation.

“My future husband, you need to defeat Yang Di and help your wife re-take the throne of the number one in the world.”

Zhou Xuanji directly ignored that last sentence.

He raised his eyebrows; he knew clearly why his cultivation had increased so quickly.

Apart from his own talent, the Supreme Legendary Sword System was extremely important.

Without the legendary swords, would he be able to overcome all obstacles in his way and kill enemies to seize treasures, allowing him to become who he was today?

In other words, it was possible that there was a real Ten Thousand Year Prince out there somewhere!


He did not feel afraid and instead felt quite excited.

The two of them continued to cultivate while they asked each other questions and got to know each other better

Three days later, the demonic qi dissipated and the three people landed on the ground.

They were greeted with a world of ice and snow. Looking around, they could only see snow covering the sky, and the icy wind was bone-chillingly cold. There were icebergs all around them, and there was a 10,000-meter wide frozen lake 1,000 meters ahead. There was a mountain range surrounding it, which was faintly discernible amidst the snow.

“Could this be the Tanhua Sect’s sanctum, the Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake?” Jiang Han excitedly called out. She had evidently heard of this place and was in anticipation of heading here.

Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake!

Zhou Xuanji had heard Daoya Old Man mention it before. Legends said that a long time ago, an immortal had fallen here. After falling, that immortal’s magic energy had been released, freezing the heavens and earth, and creating the Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake.

Because of the immortal energy around the Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake, it was impossible for ordinary people to find their way here.

“Follow me. If you lose your way, you’ll die,” Xian Xianghua said indifferently as she walked ahead of them.

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes and wanted to stay here, but a wave of demonic qi brought him to Xian Xianghua’s side.

Xian Xianghua grasped his right shoulder and smiled as she said, “Don’t try to escape; I’m watching you. Don’t even think about running away unless I’m dead.”

Zhou Xuanji sighed and could only accept his fate for now.

Jiang Han closely followed behind them, worried that she would get lost.

Soon, they stepped onto the Fallen Immortal Heavenly Lake.

“The Tanhua Sect is at the bottom. The ice is mystic and hundreds of feet thick. Even a cultivator at the Great Realization stage will have great difficulty passing through it,” Xian Xianghua explained as she walked.

Zhou Xuanji looked pensive; it seemed that the location of a sect was quite important.

He wondered if Skyfall also had a mystical place like this.

After walking for a while, Xian Xianghua suddenly stopped.

A wave of demonic qi leaked out from beneath her feet, wrapping around Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Han.

Following this, Zhou Xuanji felt a sensation of weightlessness.

Being wrapped up by the demonic qi, he could not see around him clearly.

After landing, the demonic qi dissipated.

Zhou Xuanji looked around and found that this was an underground region. There was lava running down the walls, and a fiery light lit up the underground region. In front of them were majestic palaces.

There were two terrifying demon statues that were 100 feet tall next to them, looking incredibly savage and terrifying.