I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 213 - Accept If You Want To, Accept Even If You Don’t Want To

Chapter 213 - Accept If You Want To, Accept Even If You Don’t Want To


Completely focused on the sword!

What kind of rubbish excuse was this?

Zong Kuiming and Daoya Old Man rolled their eyes; they were completely amazed by the nonsense Zhou Xuanji could spout.

Huang Lianxin held Jiang Xue’s hand and gave a strange smile.

Beixiao Wangjian, Han Shenbo, Chongming Demon Monarch, and the little black snake all sighed.

They could all tell Xian Xianghua’s intentions.

Facing the feelings of such a powerful and peerlessly beautiful woman, which man could refuse?

Xiao Jinghong and Zhao Congjian felt immense respect.

This was a true hero of the Way of the Sword!

He was indeed completely focused on the sword!

Beauties, demons, and monsters—get behind me!

Xian Xianghua looked at Zhou Xuanji as she said, “I can let you be the Sect Master. In the future, whether the Tanhua Sect will be righteous or evil, will be up to you. The entire sect will follow your orders.

“If you want the sect to do good, then that will be a blessing to the world.”

Zhou Xuanji sighed. Now that you’ve said such a thing, if I reject you, wouldn’t I be letting down the whole world?

He looked at Xian Xianghua and said seriously, “I already have a fiancée.”

Xian Xianghua shrugged and said, “Isn’t it very normal for men to have many wives and concubines?”

Hearing this, Jiang Xue glared at her and said, “Are you willing to be a concubine?”

After she said this, her beautiful face became bright red.

Jiang Han looked at them with a strange expression.

If Xian Xianghua married Zhou Xuanji, wouldn’t she be Xian Xianghua’s grandmother in terms of status?

That thought made her feel quite pleased.

Xian Xianghua did not care and replied, “I’m fine with being a concubine, but you have to make me submit cheerfully.”

In other words, you have to be more powerful than me!

The atmosphere between the two women became somewhat strange.

Seeing things progress like this, Zhou Xuanji hurriedly said, “Don’t even think about it; it’s impossible between us. However, if the Tanhua Sect is in trouble in the future, I will help.”

In the Northern Wilderness, the strong reigned supreme, and it was normal for men to have a few wives and concubines.

As long as one was strong enough, women could also have male pets. Of course, they would only be denounced.

Xian Xianghua frowned and asked, “Why do you dislike me so much? I saved you so many times and stood up for you even when I was heavily injured. I treat others cruelly but I’ve never hurt you or cursed at you, or humiliated you. I don’t have any deep enmity with you either. I’ve treated you incredibly well!”

Everyone started to feel nervous; was this demonic woman going to be humiliated into anger?

Zhou Xuanji frowned and replied, “You’ve indeed shown me kindness, but I don’t have any feelings for you. I promise you that I’ll definitely repay you in the future and won’t become enemies with the Tanhua Sect.”

Xian Xianghua wilfully slaughtered the innocent and acted incredibly unreasonably and domineeringly.

She had killed people right in front of him for no reason before.

Perhaps she had feelings for him now, but who could guarantee this would last?

If she changed her mind one day and forced him to do all kinds of evil things, what would he do?

He searched his heart—even though he was not someone filled with righteousness, he had his principles.

Since he had been given another life, he would live cheerfully.

How could he go against what he wanted?

“Are you really this heartless?” Xian Xianghua’s gaze was icy as she walked in front of Zhou Xuanji, looking at him as she spoke coldly.

A terrifying killing intent filled the region, and even Zong Kuiming could not help but tremble with fear.

Jiang Xue walked over and took out the Flaming Fan and said in a low voice, “What do you want?”

A great man can submit or stand tall as required.

Should I endure it?

Zhou Xuanji hesitated before resolutely making a decision.


If he gave in now, even if he married this old demonic woman, she would bully him in the future!

In terms of relationships, whoever lowered their head first would be the submissive one forever!

This was even more so the case given that the other person was a demonic woman. Who knew if she would treat him like a dog or pig in the future?

“It’s not that I’m heartless, but that you can’t force feelings!”

Zhou Xuanji said resolutely. He had recovered more than half of his spirit energy now; if push came to shove, he would go down fighting.

“Since it’s like that, don’t blame me for being discourteous!” Xian Xianghua said coldly. Following this, a wave of demonic qi sent Jiang Xue and the others flying.

Zhou Xuanji wanted to resist but he felt his chest being tapped a few times, after which he found that he could not circulate spirit energy. Following this, he was swept away by a wave of demonic qi.

“Hmph! In one year, I’ll hold my wedding at the Tanhua Sect. If you can come to the Tanhua Sect, you can all come as guests!” Xian Xianghua’s wild laughter sounded throughout the sky.

Jiang Xue hurriedly got up from the ground and wanted to give chase, but Xian Xianghua, Zhou Xuanji, Zong Kuiming, and Jiang Han were gone.

Huang Lianxin held her back, and everyone else angrily got up.

“Xuanji…” Jiang Xue was so worried that tears streamed down her face, at a loss as to what to do.

Daoya Old Man sighed, saying, “What an ill-fated relationship. Young Xuanji is just like his mother, having looks that brought harm to them.”

Xiao Jinghong glared at him and said, “Don’t say such cynical things; we need to go and rescue Revered Teacher!”

Daoya Old Man swept his gaze across everyone and said, “Recover from your injuries first. Otherwise, won’t you just be going to your death?”

After saying this, he walked over to Jiang Xue and waved his hand, indicating for Huang Lianxin to go away for now.

After Huang Lianxin left, he comforted Jiang Xue in a soft voice, “Don’t worry, he’s not dead and has only been captured. Given Xian Xianghua’s feelings for him, she won’t harm him.

“Don’t worry about Xuanji being snatched away by her; there’s still one year.”

Jiang Xue felt a bit better and rubbed her reddened eyes as she choked, “Will Xuanji be forced to dual cultivate with her?”

Daoya Old Man’s expression stiffened; why hadn’t he thought of this?

Within the demonic qi, Zhou Xuanji looked at Xian Xianghua furiously and spat out, “Do you want to take me by force?”

She had sealed his acupoints, making it such that he could not circulate spirit energy and could only speak.

Xian Xianghua walked over to him and squatted down as she looked at him with her

bewitching eyes.

She stretched out a hand and lifted up his chin; he could feel how icy cold her hand was.

“So what if I want to take you by force?” She asked coldly, making Zhou Xuanji feel infuriated.

Zong Kuiming and Jiang Han stood by the side, not daring to say anything.

This was especially so for Zong Kuiming, who looked at Zhou Xuanji in admiration.

If he was in Zhou Xuanji’s position, he would have died of happiness.

To have such a beautiful woman become his wife, as well as obtain a legendary energy technique, and receive the number one demonic sect as dowry—damn, this world wasn’t fair!

Zhou Xuanji and Xian Xianghua stared at each other, neither person backing down.

A while later, Xian Xianghua unsealed Zhou Xuanji’s acupoints and said, “Don’t try to go against me and just focus on cultivating. As for the position of the Tanhua Sect’s Sect Lord, you’ll accept if you want to, and accept it even if you don’t want to. In one year, you’ll obediently marry me. After you’ve completed learning the Tanhua Sect’s legendary energy technique, I’ll have you become the Sect Lord.”

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath in, trying to calm his emotions.

Now that things had come to this, he could only do his best to cultivate.

As long as he could reach the Third Level of the World Buddha Art, no matter if it was Jiang Wudi or Xian Xianghua, they would be nothing to him!

In one year, he would definitely be much stronger!

“You need to bring them as well, or I’ll end myself!” Zhou Xuanji said in a low voice. Xiao Jinghong and the others were outside; if they were attacked by the Xinhao Sect or Haoqi Alliance, things would not turn out well.

Xian Xianghua rolled her eyes at him and ordered, “Zong Kuiming, go and bring them to Tanhua Sect.”

Zong Kuiming nodded and immediately left.

Zhou Xuanji closed his eyes and started to cultivate.

Xian Xianghua sat beside him and said softly, “During this year, I will revive the Ancient Diablo. When that time comes, the entire Tanhua Sect will definitely worship him. Before that happens, you and I will get rid of him. Afterward, I’ll announce that the Diablo’s soul has dissipated and make you the new Sect Lord.”