I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 211 - Sword God Zhou Battled the Evil Lord

Chapter 211 - Sword God Zhou Battled the Evil Lord


“Which means to say that, you are the only one.”

Zhou Xuanji squinted and was truly shocked. This guy’s murderous aura was really horrifying.

It was much more intense than Lin Guanyu’s.

A formidable evil cultivator indeed!

Without hesitation, Zhou Xuanji attacked first. Stepping onto the Windcutter Sword that appeared under his feet, he came to the Evil Lord’s back with the Eight-step Sword Lunge and hacked horizontally with his two swords.

A wave of blood Qi exploded from the Evil Lord’s back, rushing against him like a wall of blood.

In an instant, Zhou Xuanji used the Soul-eater Slash.


The black sword Qi and blood Qi exploded in the air above the forest, which swayed the woods violently like green ocean waves.

At the same time, the 300 demonic cultivators charged toward Daoya Old Man, Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, and the others.


Chongming Demon Monarch roared furiously. His horns pointed toward the sky, and his body grew tall and muscular. An exaggeratedly massive saber appeared in his hand and a black armor covered his clothing.

The others took out their enchanted weapons, stood together back-to-back, and fought together.

Ah Big and Small Er soared in the sky swiftly. As they flapped their wings, numerous bolts of lightning struck the demonic cultivators.

The battle between Zhou Xuanji and the Evil Lord was beginning to intensify as well. They flew up and down as they fought and their moves caused massive destruction.


The Evil Lord pressed Zhou Xuanji down and smashed into the forest. Numerous trees fell, and a dust storm was swept up.

“You really can fight someone higher stage than you, but you are still not powerful enough! Take out your Sky Extinguishing Sword now!”

The Evil Lord grinned coldly. He swung his right arm and flung Zhou Xuanji out straightaway.

In an instant, Zhou Xuanji entered into the Dual Sword Will mode.

Sky Dominating Divine Sword!

Soul-eater Slash!

With the white dragon coiled around it, the God-Emperor jerked its arms. The air blasted by the jerk gave Zhou Xuanji counter-force to stabilize his body.

With a fierce look, Zhou Xuanji came above the Evil Lord’s head by stepping on the Dog Culling Sword using his Eight-step Sword Lunge.

He rotated his body with both legendary swords and slashed toward the Evil Lord like a tornado.

The Evil Lord smiled in disdain. He clawed at the air, and a gigantic, crimson claw appeared and grasped Zhou Xuanji, forcefully tossing him toward the ground.

The ground shook, and dust flew, as though there was a bombardment.

“Zhou Xuanji? Is that all you can do? You are so much weaker than Lin Guanyu; how did you kill him? Don’t tell me it’s just a rumor!”

The Evil Lord flew high up into the sky and laughed wildly. His blood Qi formed into nine crimson dragons that twined around him and roared.

A powerful aura pressurized the heavens and the earth and struck fear in all things.

Daoya Old Man fought as he looked up at him with a solemn expression.

The others were very nervous too.

The little black snake and red Qilin hid behind everyone, shivering in fear.

Xiao Jinghong’s twin swords slew numerous demonic cultivators, but he was frightened when he glanced at the Evil Lord.

How powerful is this guy really?

The dust storm was shredded by Zhou Xuanji’s sword Qi. Zhou Xuanji shook his head and let go of the two legendary swords in hand. He stared at the Evil Lord, who was high above and said, “If so, then I shall let you taste horror.”

The Evil Lord had always worried about his Sky Extinguishing Sword, so he did not dare to be reckless, in case he might follow Lin Guanyu’s footsteps.

The Sky Extinguishing Sword appeared in Zhou Xuanji’s palm, and he took hold of it.

The God-Emperor and the white dragon disappeared immediately, and a horrifying aura exploded from his body. The ground underneath his feet cracked straightaway.

His Ruyi Purple Cloud Robe flapped loudly, and his hair danced wildly in the powerful wind.

The Evil Lord squinted his eyes and looked fixedly at the Sky Extinguishing Sword, shocked in his heart.

Such an intimidating legendary sword! Where did this brat get it from?

*  Could it be the inheritance from Ancient Sword Emperors?*

In an instant, these thoughts flooded his mind.

Zhou Xuanji soared into the sky with his sword. His other legendary swords appeared around him one after another and dashed along with him swiftly.

The Falling Petal, Soft Velvety Sword, Divine Crane Sword, Phantom Sword, Phoenix Emperor Sword, Hegemon Jiu, Dream Sword, Wicked Song Sword, Dog Culling Sword, Ten-thousand Firewood Sword, Great Timber Sword, Baiyu King Sword, Sky Extinguishing Sword, Truth Sword, Holy Light Redemption Sword, Snakeskin Sword, Frost King Sword, Heaven’s Wrath Sword, Greedy Ghost Sword, Stoking Sword…

A few dozen legendary swords escorted Zhou Xuanji, and it looked extremely impressive.

The demonic cultivators who were in battle opened their eyes wide.

They have often heard rumors about Zhou Xuanji, but they could only feel awestruck when they witnessed him personally.

Numerous legendary swords flew together, and each had its own vision. The scene excited those who saw it.

With the Sky Extinguishing Sword in one hand, Zhou Xuanji’s speed increased exponentially.

In an instant, he came up to the Evil Lord.

Numerous legendary swords enveloped by the dragon-shaped sword Qi hacked at the Evil Lord, who blocked with his blood Qi as he stared fixedly at the Sky Extinguishing Sword.

That was the sword that posed the most threat to him!

“Slash at me!”

The Evil Lord provoked intentionally. He had information that Zhou Xuanji would deplete all his spirit energy with one slash. If not for Zong Kuiming’s appearance, Zhou Xuanji would not have been able to leave Great Zhou.

Now, he was waiting for Zhou Xuanji to slash with that sword!

Zhou Xuanji looked at him. This old guy is really arrogant!

Do you think that the Sky Extinguishing Sword slays its enemies by squandering its sword Qi?

He entered into the Sky Dominating Divine Sword’s sword will mode, and a white flame burned brightly surrounding his body.


Zhou Xuanji slashed at the Evil Lord, and the latter instinctively blocked with his blood-sucking sword. The Evil Lord’s sword broke straightaway.

The Evil Lord was aghast. He began to back off instinctively, but his chest was still sliced by the blades. Blood splattered.

Such horrifying strength!

The Evil Lord immediately backed off. Zhou Xuanji turned toward the demonic cultivators of Haoqi Alliance instead, and so did his legendary swords.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

The legendary swords danced as they decapitated the demonic cultivators. This frightened them so much that they began to retreat quickly.

“You dare!”

The Evil Lord was infuriated and swiftly charged toward Zhou Xuanji swiftly.

Zhou Xuanji somersaulted backward and kicked the Chicken Slaying Sword, which propelled him toward the Evil Lord.

As the two charged toward each other like meteors, they generated a violet gale that blasted against the ground.

Just as they were about to crash into each other, Zhou Xuanji slashed.

His sword Qi blasted out!

The Evil Lord’s expression changed slightly and suddenly created two duplicates which attacked Zhou Xuanji from the sides.

The Evil Lord at the center was cut into half by the sword Qi straightaway.

The two duplicates clawed at Zhou Xuanji. Their claws were sharp and looked hideous with blood-stained nails.

Instantly, Zhou Xuanji cast the Six-path Sword Shadow and surrounded the Evil Lord’s duplicates before he thrust his sword with the Tri-source Vein Severing Sword.

His shoulders were pierced by the Evil Lord’s sharp claws, and just when the claws were about to reach his throat, sword Qi exploded and shredded the two duplicates into dust.

Blood spilled across the vast sky!

Zhou Xuanji depleted all his spirit energy and fell straight down. The legendary swords flew over to him and formed into a net of swords that caught him.

Everyone stopped the fight. They turned around, extremely nervous.

The Evil Lord was dead?

They could only see strands of blood Qi gathered together, forming into the Evil Lord.

He covered his chest with his extremely pale face. He could not hold it in and vomited a mouthful of blood.

He looked at Zhou Xuanji with bitterness in his eyes.

This brat had switched his sword techniques too quickly and caught him off-guard.