I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 207 - Fallen Into The Evil Way

Chapter 207 - Fallen Into The Evil Way


When Great Zhou’s people sang praises about Zhou Xuanji, he was still journeying around the border of Great Zhou.

Sitting on Ah Big’s back, he cultivated quietly.

The battle half a month ago allowed him to build up more synergy with the Tianxia Map. The map could now absorb spiritual Qi and provide spirit energy for him more quickly.

Of course, one could only have breakthroughs when pushed to the maximum.

Zhou Xuanji felt rather pleasant. He began to appreciate the ingenious functions of the Tianxia Map.

Jiang Xue, who sat in front of him, turned her head and asked, “Xuanji, if you create a Sword Sanctum in the future, where will you set it up?”

In such a vast world where mountains and rivers ran across, choosing a place with good Fengshui required a significant amount of time and insight.

The Great Zhou Royal Capital was surrounded by mountains, and spiritual Qi gathered toward it from all directions, like a myriad of stars surrounding the moon.

The other empires had the same considerations.

Zhou Xuanji thought about it and replied shortly, “If it was me, I would set it up at the highest place so that I can look down upon the world.”

Not far away, Beixiao Wangjian heard him and immediately turned his head. “I agree with this!” He exclaimed excitedly, “When people see it, they will have reverence for it.”

The others joined the discussion as well.

“Back then, the Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain were formed with countless tall mountains with an immense aura. Even the Hegemon Sword Emperor went to the Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain to learn.”

“Why don’t we go to Huangchu Divine Mountain? I heard that it’s 30,000 meters tall.”

“Gangyuan World is even better, situated on the sea of clouds.”

“Tsk tsk, planning about this already?”

“Will our Sword Sect allow demons to join? We have many demons who love to practice the sword.”

Zhou Xuanji smiled at the exciting discussion.

He said, “A sword sect is not just about practicing the sword. The sword is primary, but you can teach them some other things.”

His disciples in the future should at least have had some other capabilities, if not masters-of-all-trades.

Daoya Old Man chuckled, “Creating a sect is not that easy. Of course, it’s not difficult to just occupy a mountain and rule over it.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “After this is over, we will find a place to settle down. Let’s cultivate for a few decades until all of your cultivations are high enough, then we will create a sect and turn it into a Sanctum. After thousands of years, we shall ascend together!”

The group laughed heartily. Even Jiang Xue was smiling.

The girl looked depressed for half a month. Finally, she began to feel better.

“I’ve sensed the Crazy Old Woman’s aura. We should reach her in half a day.”

Daoya Old Man spoke and changed the topic.

“Is Jiang Wudi beside her?” Huang Lianxin asked.

“No,” Daoya Old Man shook his head and said, “But…”

He had a strange expression and stopped speaking, even though he wanted to say something.

“Just say it!” Chongming Demon Monarch stared at him.

The others felt anxious too.

Could something terrible happen to the Crazy Old Woman?

“There’s a demonic aura beside her.”

Daoya Old Man said solemnly, and everyone was shocked.

Could it be that she fell in the hands of evil cultivators?

“Let’s move faster!”

Zhou Xuanji ordered, and everyone sped up immediately.

Six hours later.

The group came to a wasteland. Vegetation was sparse on the undulating mountainous terrain in front of them. Under the sunlight of dusk, everything looked crimson.

Zhou Xuanji said to everyone, “All of you hide here first. I will go and take a look. Wait for instructions.”

Behind him, at the horizon, the demonic Qi was surging toward the sky. It looked like a demonic nest, and the bone-chilling wind was sweeping across the ground.

The group had no objections. Zhou Xuanji was the most powerful person in the group, after all, so they could trust him.

Jiang Xue held onto Zhou Xuanji’s hand and said, “You must be careful. If the situation is special, come back on your own first.”

“Don’t worry. If I want to leave, who can stop me?” Zhou Xuanji said confidently.

After that, he dashed toward the place of surging demonic Qi with the Eight-step Sword Lunge.

He did not fly on the sword, in case he alerted the enemy.

Daoya Old Man said to the group, “Cultivate now. I will guard you guys. See how powerful Zhou Xuanji is now, you cannot become his burden.”

Everyone agreed and sat down in cultivation.

The red Qilin laid on the ground. It looked at the direction of Zhou Xuanji’s departure and wagged its tail non-stop.

On the other side, with the Qi Obscuring Incantation, Zhou Xuanji came to a small mountain. He leaned on the mountain wall and popped out his head to take a look.

In front of him was empty ground with mountains on three sides. A fire illuminated the mountain walls.

Hundreds of demonic cultivators gathered here and cultivated around a campfire as they chanted the same incantation in unison.

“Tanhua in the Human World, Asura in Hades. Life is suffering, death is inescapable…”

“Ascend and be deified, descend, and be diabolized. Ask the Original Heart to discern the mind of deity and devil…”

“If one gives up on cultivation, there will be nothing to fear. If one slaughters the world, there will be no responsibility to bear…”

Zhou Xuanji frowned. Tanhua Sect again!

*  Why does this evil sect follow me everywhere?*

He scanned through the place and saw an old woman amidst the hundreds of demonic cultivators.

She was wearing an old, grey robe. Her hair was entirely white, and patterns of blood ran across her face, giving her a hideous appearance.

Could she be the Crazy Old Woman?

She joined the Tanhua Sect?

Strands of demonic Qi streamed out from the demonic cultivators and formed into a giant head at the center of the three mountains. The head swayed with the wind, which made it difficult to discern whose face is that.

“The highest cultivation was merely Astral Projection Level Two. There was nothing to fear.”

Zhou Xuanji said to himself. After that, he took out the Dog Culling Sword and swiftly came to the old woman with the Eight-step Sword Lunge.

“Enemy attack!” The old woman was frightened and cried out.

The demonic cultivators jumped at him and surrounded Zhou Xuanji with their enchanted artifacts.

Zhou Xuanji stared at the old woman and said, “I’m here for you on behalf of Jiang Xue. Don’t you want to see her?”

Having heard that, the old woman frowned. Her face looked even more horrifying.

“Brat, who are you? Do you want to die?”

A muscular man roared furiously. He had a broad, blood-stained ax in his hand.

Zhou Xuanji ignored him. They were mere ants.

“You don’t want to see your granddaughter?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a frown as his eyes turned increasingly hostile, looking at the old woman.

Leaving her grandchild to join the evil sect. Where was her conscience!

“How are you related to Jiang Xue?”

A voice came from Zhou Xuanji’s back, and he looked back.

A beautiful lady dressed in a black robe walked over. Her charming face looked a little more than 30 years old. Along with her fascinating figure, she emanated a seductive aura of maturity.

“None of your business!”

Zhou Xuanji said unpleasantly. He was in a bad mood.

“I’m Jiang Xue’s grandmother.”

The black-robed woman replied with a complicated expression.


Zhou Xuanji was stunned. His mind was blank for a moment.

“Everyone put down your enchanted artifacts. This person’s cultivation is extremely high, we cannot fight with him head-on.”

The black-robed woman waved her hands and said. The demonic cultivators listened to her and kept their weapons.

“Who are you? Why are you here for Ah Man?”

She stared at Zhou Xuanji and continued to ask.

Ah Man was the name of the old woman, who was also looking at Zhou Xuanji in confusion.

Zhou Xuanji smiled awkwardly and explained to the black-robed woman, “I’m here for you. I’m here to help Jiang Xue find her grandmother.”

What about being a Crazy Old Woman?

Why was she so beautiful?

He looked at the black-robed lady carefully. Somehow, her eyes and brows were really similar to Jiang Xue’s.