I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 206 - Sword God in the Human World, Unprecedented Genius!

Chapter 206 - Sword God in the Human World, Unprecedented Genius!


“Sect Lord is awesome indeed. You knew that he was the Ten Thousand Year Prince the moment you met him?”

Zong Kuiming looked down and sighed in amazement and admiration.

Back then, when Zhou Xuanji challenged the Sword Monarch, although he was powerful, there were a handful of people like him.

He was challenging the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou, after all. If the Sword Monarch were to use his full force, Zhou Xuanji would not be able to leave at all.

At that time, Xian Xianghua had already confirmed that Zhou Xuanji was the Ten Thousand Year Prince. She even reserved the Vice Sect Lord’s position to Zhou Xuanji. Her boldness really impressed Zong Kuiming.

Xian Xianghua smiled but did not speak.

She thought in her heart instead. If you have seen how this guy obtained the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s inheritance, you will think so too!

“Your identity is exposed, so your next mission is to find out what Jiang Wudi is searching for. As for Zhou Xuanji, I have other plans.”

Xian Xianghua said. The Tianxia Map was already in Zhou Xuanji’s hands, what else could excite Jiang Wudi that much?

She was not sure, so she wanted to find out.

Zong Kuiming nodded.

“I’m preparing for the revival of the Ancient Diablo. Once he revives, Tanhua Sect will rise again.”

Xian Xianghua said intently. Having heard her words, Zong Kuiming shuddered but did not respond.

After that, Xian Xianghua told him to leave.

She turned and walked to the cliffside. Looking at the bright sun at the end of the cloud sea, she muttered, “Your generation has passed, but I need your power.”

Seven days later.

Zhou Xuanji and his companions left Great Zhou and found Ah Big and Small Er.

The two big guys had hidden in the forest and did not encounter any danger.

The group stayed in the forest and discussed about the Crazy Old Woman.

“Once people find out about this, we will offend the Jiang Clan. If so, Jiang Wudi will surely kill you to remove future troubles.”

Daoya Old Man looked at Zhou Xuanji and reminded him.

Although Jiang Wudi looked really amiable, it was merely because there were no conflicts with their interests.

If they became enemies, Jiang Wudi would not spare Zhou Xuanji, knowing his potential.

Even though Zhou Xuanji had defeated Lin Guanyu, he was still far from being able to defeat Jiang Wudi.

Zhou Xuanji said, “Back then, even when Jiang Xue’s grandma made such a huge mistake, Jiang Wudi did not kill her. Now, I don’t think he will kill her for some treasure. We don’t have to bring the Crazy Old Woman along but mainly to see if she’s safe. At that time, we will ask the Crazy Old Woman to hand over the treasure and then we will settle her at someplace safe.”

Back then, the Crazy Old Woman left Jiang Xue without saying anything and owed a huge debt. Her debt might not have been a lot; it was just that it grew because of the interest, but it was enough to leave a bad impression in Zhou Xuanji’s heart.

Jiang Xue nodded, “She only nurtured me for a few years; we don’t have to put our lives at stake for her.”

She was not cold-blooded. She did not want to risk everyone for her personal matters.

Daoya Old Man prophesied with his fingers and closed his eyes.

“What kind of treasure is worth the time of someone as great as Jiang Wudi?” Chongming Demon Monarch muttered.

Could it be the Tianxia Map?

Words about Tianxia Map being taken were not spread after all.

Xiao Jinghong said with a frown, “The greatest trouble now is that Great Zhou is so big, how can we find the Crazy Old Woman?”

They might utilize Great Zhou’s resources to find her, but compared to the Jiang Clan, Great Zhou was still too weak.

Jiang Wudi could obliterate the entire Great Zhou alone.

“I found her.”

At this moment, Daoya Old Man opened his eyes and said.

Everyone turned their eyes toward him. These few days, he prophesied about the Crazy Old Woman every day but to no avail. How could it be that he was successful today?

“The empire is enveloped by its serendipity, which makes it difficult to prophesy. It took me a long time to search for Zhou Xuanji as well. Just now, I found out that the Crazy Old Woman has already left Great Zhou and is headed South.”

Daoya Old Man replied proudly.


*  You have to rely on me!*

“Let’s not waste time and leave now.”

Zhou Xuanji said with determination. After that, he grabbed Jiang Xue by her waist and leaped onto Ah Big’s back.

The red Qilin followed Chongming Demon Monarch instead. The group flew out of the forest and followed Daoya Old Man’s lead.

At the same time, news about Zhou Xuanji killing Lin Guanyu spread all across the Northern Wilderness Region.

Great Zhou’s situation was subverted!

Everything that happened during the Day of Ascension was dug out and talked about over meals.

Zhou Xuanji’s name shook the world again but some difference. This time, he replaced Lin Guanyu and was ranked into the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred!

He was the youngest person to be ranked on the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred in all of history!

At the same time, he was number one on Northern Wilderness Genius Ranking. Ranked top on two rankings, he was unmatched in his impressiveness.

Xinhao Sect and Haoqi Alliance could sit still no longer. With the fall of Lin Guanyu, would they be the next?

After the two parties received the news, they contacted each other promptly and prepared to get rid of Zhou Xuanji together.

Canghai Ziggurat honored Zhou Xuanji by distributing the new ranking of Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred.

Ranked 93rd in the world, Zhou Xuanji. Sword God In Human World, Unprecedented Genius!

Zhou Xuanji’s name swept across the world like a hurricane.

Great Zhou

Amidst the mountains, an older man sat on a giant boulder. A few dozen children were practicing sword techniques in front of him.

The older children were about 14-15 years old, while the younger ones were as young as five and even had difficulty swinging their swords.

The old man was Qiu Baili, the elder of Hidden Sword Sect.

Looking at these children, he smiled amiably as he stroke his long beard.

A young boy, who looked just over 10, stopped and walked up to him. “Elder Qiu, back then, Sword God Zhou reached Great Accomplishment in Sword’s Way at six years old. Is that true?” He asked.

With this, the other children also stopped and gathered around him curiously.

Ever since Zhou Xuanji became famous, Great Zhou was hit with a fever for the sword.

Not long ago, Sword God Zhou killed the Beiba Blademaster and dominated the Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch, so he became a legendary person straightaway.

For children like them, they were born with legends about Zhou Xuanji.

Qiu Baili smiled and said, “Not only so. Zhou Xuanji practiced the sword since he was two years old. He could master a sword will every year. His talent can be compared to that of a deity and ordinary people cannot be compared with him.”

He sighed in his heart as he mentioned Zhou Xuanji.

Back then, outside the Southern Snow Kingdom, when he first met Zhou Xuanji, this little kid was still on the run with little Jiang Xue. 20 years had passed, his fame spread across the world and he became much more powerful than he expected.

In his eyes, Zhou Xuanji became someone more powerful than even Emperor Yan of Zhou. He could be considered one of the most powerful people in the world.

It’s a pity that I will most likely never meet that guy again.

Qiu Baili sighed in his heart. Although it was a pity, he was happy for Zhou Xuanji.

“Elder Qiu, how do you know?”

A girl opened her bright eyes and asked curiously.

It was their first time hearing this.

They sensed that Qiu Baili seemed to know a lot about Zhou Xuanji.

They could always hear things from Qiu Baili that others didn’t know.

“Because I’ve lived longer than all of you.”

Qiu Baili smiled mysteriously. He did not speak about his past with Zhou Xuanji so that he could stay clear of trouble.

Of course, he knew that even if he spoke, no one would believe him.