I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 205 - Ten Thousand Year Prince

Chapter 205 - Ten Thousand Year Prince


“Who are you?”

Xiao Jinghong raised his sword and asked gravely.

The blue-robed man was apparently not ordinary. His eyes seemed to see through everyone, and the aura that emanated with his demeanor made him look like someone who had been highly ranked for a very long time.

Zong Kuiming’s expression changed slightly and said, “Jiang Wudi, what are you here for?”

Jiang Wudi!

Ranked Third in the world currently!

Everyone was shocked. Jiang Wudi was currently ranked even higher than Xian Xianghua. No matter how powerful Zhou Xuanji was now, he could still not overpower Xian Xianghua yet.

Jiang Xue’s expression seemed a bit conflicted, as well.

Jiang Wudi ignored Zhou Xuanji and looked at Zhou Xuanji. “I saw everything at Great Zhou’s Royal Capital just now. You are definitely a rare prodigy, one that only appears every 10,000 years. Join the Jiang Clan and I will give you the best resources. Whatever you want, I will give you. I don’t expect you to contribute in any way; I only want to build up a good relationship with you. If the Jiang Clan were to be in peril, you just need to help as much as you can. How about that?”

He said it with sincerity and with a smile of admiration on his face.

He heard Zhou Xuanji’s words just now.

That statement left him with an especially deep impression.

There would be no more Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way, but only Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji!

Such dominating words!

To his liking!

Zhou Xuanji answered calmly, “What if I reject?”

He had no good feelings for the Jiang Clan because of Jiang Xue.

Jiang Wudi shook his head while smiling, “What kind of person do you think I am? If you reject it, then that’s it. Do you think I will be angry with you? I just want to be your friend and nurture a good future for the Jiang Clan.”

Zong Kuiming clamored unpleasantly, “Jiang Wudi, don’t even think about it. He’s the Sect Lord of our Tanhua Sect. He will not choose your Jiang Clan.”

Tanhua Sect?

Jiang Wudi smiled in disdain and did not care to pay him any attention.

Zhou Xuanji got up slowly, “I’m fine with being friends for sure, but I have a question to ask.”

Jiang Xue’s grandma was her only family in this world. He had to do something about it.

“You want to ask about her grandmother?”

Jiang Wudi pointed at Jiang Xue and asked Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji heard him and asked with a raised brow, “You know about it?”

Jiang Wudi nodded. He glanced at Jiang Xue but didn’t show excitement or any fake expression. He looked very calm.

“The blood of Jiang Clan flows in her veins. Naturally, I can sense it. I’m in Great Zhou for matters involving her grandmother.”

“Back then, I arranged a marriage for her grandmother, and she agreed. Everything was settled, but she was found to be pregnant just a few days before the wedding. How can the Jiang Clan allow such a scandal to be known?”

“After that, I could only send her away and I declared that she betrayed the clan.”

Jiang Wudi frowned. He was ashamed each time he mentioned this.

Zhou Xuanji, Xiao Jinghong, and the others frowned too when they heard him.

So, the Jiang Clan did nothing wrong and even protected Jiang Xue’s grandmother?

Jiang Xue bit her lips slightly and looked down.

Zhou Xuanji wrapped his hand over hers before he continued to ask, “So, why are you looking for her grandmother again now?”

Jiang Wudi saw their hands, and his knitted brow relaxed.

“She obtained something, and now, someone is after her life. No matter what, she’s a member of the Jiang Clan, how can I do nothing about it? I’m after her to escort her back to her clan.”

Jiang Wudi replied, and he looked at Zhou Xuanji again.

The more he looked at Zhou Xuanji, the more he was satisfied with him.

When had the Jiang Clan produced such fine a young man?

“Bullsh*t. You sound so nice, but actually, you are just after that thing that she has.”

“Or else, why don’t you tell us what is that?”

Zong Kuiming snorted coldly, and Jiang Wudi’s face turned black.

“Okay, let’s stop here,” Zhou Xuanji said, “Next time, I will bring Jiang Xue to your Jiang Clan to take a look. At that time, please show your hospitality to us.”

Jiang Wudi heard him and smiled immediately. “Of course,” he promised.

Although he was ranked third in the world, he did not look down on Zhou Xuanji.

Because he believed that the young man before him would be the top cultivator in the future!

Becoming the top cultivator in the world was a goal that he could not reach in all his life.

“If so, Jiang Clan Chief, please continue with what you are busy with. We shall continue resting.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and invited him to leave.

Jiang Wudi smiled and left after taking a glance at Jiang Xue.

Soon, he disappeared into the deep forest.

Zong Kuiming snorted in disdain, “This old guy came out personally. Could it be that the Jiang Clan member has the Tianxia Map with her?”

Everyone’s expression was awkward, but none of them said anything.

“You can leave now. Pay respect to Xian Xianghua for me,” Zhou Xuanji said, staring at him.

Zong Kuiming became anxious immediately. How could he give up on Zhou Xuanji?

At this moment, his expression changed suddenly. He cupped his fist at Zhou Xuanji and left immediately.

Everyone was stunned.

His attitude changed so fast!

“Could Xian Xianghua be around?” Chongming Demon Monarch said.

With this, Zhou Xuanji’s expression changed slightly.

That old demonic woman is here again?

Go, let’s leave this place immediately,” He said.

No one had objections, and they left urgently.

Zhou Xuanji flew on his sword while Jiang Xue wrapped her arms around his waist as usual. She leaned her face on his shoulder and did not speak a word.

“Don’t think so much. We will search for your grandmother later.”

He comforted her softly. If Jiang Xue was not happy, he would feel down as well.

She was the one who could make him happy, after all.


Jiang Xue replied softly and did not speak further. Apparently, she missed her grandma.

Jiang Wudi’s words today confused her.

It was such a shameful thing for a girl to lose her virginity before the marriage.

She did not know how to think of her grandma.

Above the sea of clouds, a pinnacle emerged.

Xian Xianghua, who wore a purple gown and a veil on her face, stood at the cliffside. Her hands hang naturally as she looked afar.

Zong Kuiming suddenly appeared behind her and knelt down on one knee with a cupped fist, “Sect Lord!”

He did not dare to look up at her and was apparently in fear.

“Weren’t you impressive just now?”

Xian Xianghua spoke. Her words frightened Zong Kuiming so much that he immediately kowtowed. His head smashed into the ground, leaving a crack.

“I just wanted to stir his interest… Those were not my real thoughts…”

He replied fearfully. If Zhou Xuanji and the others were to see this, they would surely be speechless.

So, you were just pretending.

Xian Xianghua asked, “Zhou Xuanji must be looped into Tanhua Sect. He can revive our Tanhua Sect. You have already witnessed his talent. Now you know what to do right?”

When she spoke about Zhou Xuanji, she squinted with a smile like two crescents.


*  Brat!*

*  Don’t even think about escaping from my grasp!*

“Yes, Sect Lord!”

Zhou Xuanji replied immediately. “Sect Lord, could Zhou Xuanji be the Ten Thousand Year Prince who the Ancient Diablo mentioned?” He asked carefully.

Xian Xianghua turned around slowly and looked at him. “He should be. Ten Thousand Year Prince has unmatched talent and can hardly be found every 10,000 years. Once that person appears, his cultivation will continuously surge without any bottlenecks. Zhou Xuanji reached Astral Projection at a little more than 20 years old. If I say that he is not the Ten Thousand Year Prince, would you believe me?”