I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 204 - A Godly Sect That Will Be Worshipped By All Empires

Chapter 204 - A Godly Sect That Will Be Worshipped By All Empires


After they left Great Zhou’s Royal Capital, the group entered a forest.

Zhou Xuanji sat down to adjust his Qi flow once he landed.

“You are really willing to give up your throne? Daoya Old Man praised him.

For most men, who would be willing to cast aside their throne?

If Zhou Xuanji was willing, the officials in Great Zhou would surely push him up the throne.

Moreover, Zhou Xuanji had with him the Monarchial Violet Qi.

He was born to be an Emperor!

The others looked toward Zhou Xuanji to see what he would say.

“Managing an empire would require at least how many years?”

Zhou Xuanji said without opening his eyes.

“Emperor Yan of Zhou took 2,000 years to make Great Zhou prosper. Once you take over, you only have to protect the borders of the empires.”

Although Great Zhou was not the most powerful empire, it was not weak either.

“I’m 22 years old now, and I’m already ranked in the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred. In 100 years, do you think I can become the top in the world? If I use that time to manage the empire, how long would it take for me to climb to be the top in the world?”

Zhou Xuanji continued to ask. Based on his understanding, human empires were merely puppets of the Eight Sanctums.

Even Emperor Yan of Zhou had to call Lu Longlin his big brother.

“Are you sure that the empire won’t just become your burden?”

Daoya Old Man said unpleasantly, “Although you are powerful, it’s not good to always wander around?”

The current top 10 cultivators of the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred were all in control over some form of an extraordinarily powerful organization.

Even someone as powerful as Xian Xianghua had to hold Tanhua Sect in her hands.

He worried that Zhou Xuanji tried to split hairs, thinking that as long as he was powerful enough, nothing would be a problem to him.

But not knowing that in this world, no matter how powerful a person became, he would not be better than the human hearts.

Tanhua Sect was an example…

The others were thinking deeply about this issue.

Zong Kuiming smiled pridefully, “It’s much better to become the Tanhua Sect Lord than some Emperor.”

But everyone ignored him.

“Currently in the Northern Wilderness Region, are the empires more powerful or the Sanctums more powerful?”

Zhou Xuanji continued to ask and still did not open his eyes.

Daoya Old Man was a little stunned before answering with squinting eyes, “The Sanctums, of course. Empires and Sects are alike in essence. They both centralize resources, but empires prioritize population while the sects prioritize inheritance. Empires take over each other to rule over time, but only the Sanctums withstand the test of time.”

Could it be that Zhou Xuanji wants to create a Sanctum?

Such ambition!

That would be much more difficult to succeed the throne.

“The sects prioritize cultivation over management, while empires emphasize management at the cost of cultivation.”

“So, join Tanhua Sect. There have been more than 10 powerful cultivators who ascended since the creation of Tanhua Sect. It also dominated the world and was even more imposing than the Sanctums.”

Zong Kuiming interjected excitedly.

Zhou Xuanji’s talent was the best he had ever seen. Even Xian Xianghua could not be compared with him.

At this moment, he suddenly admired Xian Xianghua.

She was the Sect Lord indeed!

It was such a wise decision to recruit Zhou Xuanji as the Vice Sect Lord straightaway.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes slowly and looked at Daoya Old Man. “Who said that the Monarchial Qi must be used in empires?” He said, “I don’t want to become an Emperor, not because I’m afraid but because I despise the position.”

“Eventually, I will become the Sword Emperor. I will make everyone think of me when they mention the Sword Emperor.”

“Many years from now, the Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way will be gone in this world. Only I, Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji, will exist!”

“I will create a sect or Sanctum that belongs to the sword and bring all of you to ascend together. We shall adventure across the world and live a carefree life!”

His words were sonorous and convincing, which made Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin’s eyes shine colorfully.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, Han Shenbo, and Chongming Demon Monarch were all in admiration.

The little black snake sighed in amazement, “Oh my, my blood is boiling with excitement.”

Zong Kuiming was also shocked by Zhou Xuanji’s bold claims.

There would be no more Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way, but only Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji!

How ambitious must one have been to say something like this?

“All the Great Emperors in ancient times had the Monarchial Qi, but that was 10,000 years ago. Ever since the Hegemon Sword Emperor ascended, there have been no more Great Emperors. In our world today, only Yang Di was qualified to walk in the footsteps of the Great Emperor. If you want to do it as well, you will surely fight him.”

“Just like there cannot be two people with the Monarchial Violet Qi in an empire, in one generation, there cannot be two Great Emperors.”

Daoya Old Man said praisingly. This was the Zhou Xuanji he knew, who always aimed further than everyone else.

“Then, I shall squash him under my foot. Simple.” Zhou Xuanji said calmly.

Who didn’t know how to bluff?

He also had the confidence to do so!

If he could not become the top cultivator in the world, even with the Supreme Legendary Sword System and the Tianxia Map, then he would be shamed to death.

“Then, we shall wait for my Revered Teacher to create your own sect. At that time, we will surely make you proud!”

Xiao Jinghong grinned. Creating a sword sect was definitely good news for a sword lover like him.

“I want to be an elder!” Zhao Congjian nodded and said.

He felt excited just by the thought of it.

“I want it too!”

Beixiao Wangjian also shouted but attracted the little black snake’s despise.

“You can only be a sweeper.”

“Say again?”


Recently, these two guys always insulted each other, as though they were in love with one another.

“Hmm, then I shall set this as my goal. I shall create a godly sect that will be worshipped by all empires.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded with a smile. Everyone’s eyes lit at his words.

Worshipped by all empires!

What kind of Sanctum would that be?

“Okay, okay, stop bluffing.”

Daoya Old Man quickly stopped Zhou Xuanji. This guy was good at everything, just that once he started bluff, it was like a forest wildfire that could hardly be stopped.

Zhou Xuanji looked to Zhou Xuanji and said, “You can go back. I will not join the Tanhua Sect. Ask Xian Xianghua to give up.”

His spirit energy was almost fully recovered, so he was not afraid to fight Zong Kuiming head-on.

“Are you sure? Starting from scratch is very difficult.”

“How about, I’ll let you become the Sect Lord? I can recommend you to take over as the Sect Lord!”

Zong Kuiming asked, unwilling to give up. With these words, everyone looked at him with a strange expression.

Become the Sect Lord?

Aren’t you scared that Xian Xianghua will slaughter you?

Zong Kuiming knew their thoughts and said disdainfully, “That old demonic woman is already severely injured. Moreover, with Yang Di dominating the world, she can hardly return to her glory days as the world’s top cultivator. But you are different, your potential is simply too great!”

At this moment, he looked exhilarated.

It was as if Zhou Xuanji was the rarest treasure.

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes. “Let’s talk about it again when Tanhua Sect is no longer this pathetic.” He said.

Tanhua Sect was powerful, indeed, but he did not like such a feminine name.

“Wait until our sect’s Ancient Diab…”

Zong Kuiming continued to convince, but before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by a voice.

“What is the Tanhua Sect! Join us, the Jiang Clan. We stand at the peak of all humans and control both the upright and evil sects!”

The voice was majestic and intimidating, and everyone turned around to see who it was.

They saw a middle-aged man dressed in a blue robe walking over from the deep regions of the forest with a majestic gait and an imposing aura.